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    Relocating to a different city can be an incredible experience, but it’s also quite a complex process and requires lots of energy. If you’re planning on relocating in or out of Maryland’s largest city, be sure to call our Baltimore movers to help you organize a successful relocation to a new home.

    Are You Planning to Transport Your Vehicle? Be Sure to Call Our Long Distance Movers in Baltimore

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    Most Americans can’t imagine not having a car, and they find it such an important part of their life. This is why people often choose to transport their car when they are long-distance moving. Our company has spent years figuring out how to issue customers with an optimal car shipping service. We moderate our services according to our customer’s needs and preferences, and we always try to surpass their expectations.

    Because we know how complicated relocations can be, we try to offer you the finest assistance and take the best care of your belongings. USA Auto Transport, one of the leading companies in the industry, will handle your vehicle by providing you with the greatest services possible. Our drivers are highly professional and experienced and are well trained to accomplish safe transportation no matter the distance.

    Our customers are always completely satisfied with our assistance, which can easily be told from our spectacular reviews. So if you are looking for an optimal way of transporting your vehicle, don’t hesitate to call our customer service. You will be able to choose between a few options and figure out which one is right for you.

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    Choose Which Trailer You Want for Transporting Your Car

    We always try to give our customers all the information they need and explain what our services include. This also goes out for shipping your car. There are two types of transportation options available in our company, and both are highly recommended for their quality and performance. So what are those options, and how to choose which one is right for you and your vehicle?

    • Open car shipping is a great option for people who want safe transportation for an affordable price. This type of shipping consists of open carriers that do not have sidewall protections, and they are open to the outside elements during the ride. However, this does not make them unsafe, and your car will reach the desired location safely and on the scheduled time.
    • Enclosed auto transport offers a safe and prompt shipment of your vehicle to the desired location. It is super convenient, and your car will be provided with complete protection since enclosed trailers are fully protected from the outside elements and outdoor conditions. It is a bit more expensive since it provides maximum protection.
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    There Are Two Types of Delivery Options You Can Choose From

    Because each person has their own preferences, we try to offer each client a few options to choose from. When it comes to delivering your vehicle, we try to adjust to your plans and timing. That is why we offer door-to-door and terminal-to-terminal car shipping options.

    Door-to-door auto transport means you will have your car picked up from a specific location and have it delivered to your desired destination. This option is great for people that are running on a tight schedule and want everything to be done on a specific timetable.

    If you are trying to save up some money and don’t have a flexible budget, you can choose the terminal-to-terminal option. This is a good option for customers who are more flexible with their time and are willing to make an effort and pick up their car from the nearest designated location.

    If you have any trouble choosing which option is appropriate for you and your car, and you are not sure how to make the decision, be free to contact our customer service team. It usually depends on the distance, model of the vehicle, time of the year, and other factors. They will explain everything you need to know and offer you the optimal combination of services according to your needs.

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    Whichever Transportation Option You Choose, Our Movers in Baltimore, MD, Will Offer You Car Insurance

    Whatever option you choose to invest in, our company will provide you with the best car insurance. For open carriers, your vehicle will be insured for the coverage of $100,000. If you want maximum protection for your vehicle and choose the enclosed trailer, we will ensure your car for coverage of up to $500,000. Your car will probably not go through any kind of damage, but we will make sure you’re covered with our top-notch insurance protocol even if it does.

    Our Car Shipping Company Will Provide You With Top Quality Moving Services for a Smooth Relocation

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    Long-distance moving on your own isn’t impossible, but it is much easier to call yourself professional workers to assist you. Our USA Auto Transport company has the most experienced, reliable, knowledgeable, and hardworking professional movers in Baltimore, Maryland. Our employees know how to properly relocate you to your new house so that everything runs smoothly and without any problems.

    If you are skeptical about trusting your belongings with other people, you can look through the reviews on our website. Feedback left by our satisfied customers will surely change your mind about moving with professionals. Our company makes sure to supply every client with all the necessary services for a stressless relocation. More importantly, we always try to moderate the services according to customers’ needs and preferences.

    The best part is that our prices are transparent and affordable, and you shouldn’t worry about any additional fees and hidden expenses. If you are interested in getting a quote, just contact us, and we will offer you one at no extra cost. The general quote is based on the distance from the destination and how big your home inventory list is. You can update your inventory list as many times as you need – just make sure it’s not later than one business day before the date.

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    Our Movers Will Offer You the Best Packing Services

    The standard packing that we offer our clients is included in the initial quote, which means it’s basically out of cost. With our standard packing, our Baltimore, MD, movers will be packing up all the appliances and furniture on your list and making sure everything is safe and protected.

    If you have some fragile items or belongings of high value, our workers will provide you with partial or full-packing services and ensure those items are protected and wrapped up thoroughly for transportation. The only difference between these two options is the number of boxes – partial packing covers up to fifteen, while the full one doesn’t have a set limit.

    In case you are planning on long-distance moving some massive pieces of furniture that are heavy or bulky, you shouldn’t be worried about packing them either. We can easily disassemble everything, secure it and protect it for transportation. After we move you to your new home, everything will be assembled again. In case you have some additional questions, easily contact our customer service and they will surely help you.

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    As Our Customer, You Will Get a Chance to Use Our Storage Service for Free

    Planning out how you’re going to decorate and arrange furniture in your new home seems fun. But, once you’re in the process and surrounded by tons of boxes and containers, it gets pretty overwhelming. The good news is that we offer our customers the ability to use our storage service, where you can place belongings and boxes you’re not planning to use immediately.

    The greatest part of this service is that you’ll get to use these storage units for free for the first 30 days. None of our customers should be worried about the safety of their belongings since our storage units are highly secured. The units are under surveillance, climate-controlled, and our workers use a barcode system, so nothing gets lost or misplaced, which makes our storage service super safe.

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    We’ll Get You a Moving Insurance on Time to Ensure You Have a Stress-Free Relocation

    Because we are aware of the fact how important your belongings are to you, we try to make relocation as safe as possible. Everyone worries whether some of their belongings are going to get damaged, and it can be very stressful. This is why we provide our customers with mandatory insurance coverage to help them achieve peace of mind while we are transporting their belongings to the new house.

    The mandatory package covers 60 cents per pound of damaged belongings. In case you are planning on moving some highly valuable possessions that you believe need extra protection, we can cover that too. We can offer you full value replacement insurance, in case you’re relocating some extremely valuable goods. However, this option can only be used on things our team packed. If you want to update your basic coverage to full replacement value insurance, call our representatives, and they will explain everything in much greater detail.

    Moving to Baltimore Can Be a Great Life Experience

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    Living in Maryland and its largest city is an opportunity you definitely wouldn’t want to miss out on. This city is rich in culture, has a long history, and you will definitely enjoy being its resident. Its diversity and countless attractions make everyone feel welcomed and ensure a good time. Many notable authors, such as Edgar Allan Poe and F. Scott Fitzgerald, were proud to call this town their home, and so will you.

    What’s Baltimore’s Cost of Living Like?

    If you are interested in moving to this town, you will surely be happy that even though it is not too cheap and affordable, the cost of living isn’t sky-high either. Still, the costs are a bit above the national average, and its tax rate is the highest. According to Zillow, the typical home price is around $200,000.

    On the other hand, the rent in the City Center for one bedroom is around $1,500 per month. For other living expenses, a single person would have to pay around $1,000 each month here, which means a family of four would have to pay around four times more.


    Choosing the Right Neighborhood

    Maryland’s largest town is known for its diversity and various neighborhoods that are uniquely beautiful, each in its own way. It is officially divided into nine regions and has around 250 different neighborhoods. However, there are a few ones that are the most attractive and that everyone knows about. Here’s a list of the best neighborhoods in the “Charm  City”:

    • Mount Washington is located in the northwest part of the city and is surrounded by open spaces, parks, and fields. It’s great for people that love enjoying nature and outdoor activities. However, it is also one of the most expensive neighborhoods.
    • Charles Village is known for its historic places and the most famous landmarks. The housing prices here are a bit above the average, but buying close to the public park is worth it.
    • Washington Village is a culturally and economically diverse It is quiet, family-friendly, and affordable for young adults and students. The housing is generally reasonably priced, and it has great restaurants and cafes.
    • Hampden is known for its finest festivals and offers plenty of fun activities. Even if you don’t choose this area for living, you should definitely visit it for the Wine Festival or Beer Festival. The Dazzling Miracle on 34th Street is an enjoyment for the whole family.
    • Fell’s point might be one of the most popular neighborhoods, and it’s an urban core for young professionals. It’s quite contemporary, fun, and has plenty of restaurants, bars, and an incredible waterfront. Definitely, a neighborhood that offers plenty of perks.

    Moving in or Out of the Charm City? Our Baltimore Movers Will Take Care of Everything in No Time

    Whether you are thinking about relocation to this great town or out of it, you can count on our firm to take care of the whole process. Relocations are quite challenging and overwhelming, and through previous paragraphs, you’ve been able to figure out that it’s much better to rely on experienced people. That’s why you shouldn’t hesitate to contact us once you start thinking about your next relocation.

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