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August 18, 2021Moving Tips

How to Check if a Moving Company Is Legitimate – 4 Ways to Pick the Right Team

With more than 13,000 complaints and negative reports Better Business Bureau gets each year, learning how to check if a moving company is legitimate should be one of your prime concerns when relocating. Your stress levels during a move will be significantly reduced when you become confident that any kind of moving scam is not in your future – and following our tips and methods will provide you with that certainty. Let’s begin!

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August 18, 2021Moving Tips

5 Tips for Moving to a Big City From a Small Town

Moving to a big city usually means a whole world of opportunities. However, adjusting to a different lifestyle, environment, people, and home is not always easy and requires proper planning and preparation. Here are some ultimate tips on what to expect when relocating to an urban community and how to adjust to it much more easily.

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August 16, 2021Moving Tips

What to Get Rid of When Moving – Things You Don’t Need to Keep During a Move

Having a house full of belongings doesn’t automatically make you a hoarder, but you could possess hoarding-like behavior. Deciding what to get rid of when moving could make a stop to it by forcing you to look at each and every item to conclude whether it’s worth keeping. And if you are not sure where to start or what to do, don’t worry – just follow our guide.

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August 13, 2021Moving Tips

Are Movers Essential Workers During Covid-19?

We were all unprepared for the changes that arrived with the global pandemic, so it is not unusual to ask ourselves are movers essential workers nowadays, when many businesses suffer from Covid-19 shutdowns. The simple answer – yes, they are – may not be enough, so read further if you want to find additional explanations, as well as all the answers to what has changed in the relocation industry since the beginning of 2020.

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August 12, 2021Moving Tips

Tips From a Pro: How to Unpack After Moving

When you get to the unpacking part of the relocation, know that almost everything has come to its place – you should just pick your methods on how to unpack after moving to finish with one of the most stressful events of your life. As you start to unfold your boxes, you’ll soon start to unfold a new chapter of your life, so follow our simple guide and make sure everything gets unpacked promptly and adequately.

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August 11, 2021Moving Tips

What Is Adjustment Insomnia After Moving and How to Deal With It

Having difficulties with sleep is so tiring that it could disturb our daily routines, so knowing what the symptoms are and how to distinguish adjustment insomnia from other types is of utmost importance to recognize the problem and react on time. Here is the ultimate guide on how to know if you have insomnia and how to deal with it successfully.

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August 9, 2021Moving Tips

What Can You Expect When Moving to a Small Town From a Big City

The hip trend of moving to a small town has become even more popular in the last couple of years. Nearly 48% of Americans decide to move from urban cores to the periphery. And it’s no wonder that living in a small town has become so popular. Big cities have become too expensive, and working from home has enabled us to move away from economic centers. Find out how to move to a small town and adjust seamlessly.

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August 3, 2021Moving Tips

How to Fight Anxiety About Moving Out – the Best Tips for Introverts

Is it normal to be nervous about moving out? If you’re preparing for the next big move and feel anxiety about moving out, it is absolutely understandable. The uncertainty of the upcoming change, stepping out of your comfort zone, and a complete change of lifestyle all sound like pretty good reasons to feel anxious. However, there are still ways to cope with severe anxiety about moving out and make the whole relocation process easier.

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August 2, 2021Moving Tips

How to Save Money to Move With Minimum Lifestyle Changes

The relocation trend in America rises every year, especially now, during the Coronavirus pandemic. Since the move isn’t free, you might want to know how to save money to move and even put aside some cash for upcoming events. So, plan wisely your every step and don’t worry about the finances when the moving day comes.

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July 23, 2021Moving Tips

How to Keep in Touch With Friends After Long-Distance Moving

According to some studies, an adult American has about 16 friends on average, and most of the friends were made early in life. Considering this fact, it is no wonder that knowing how to keep in touch with friends is a top priority for people who are relocating. And even if moving away is hard for every friendship, there are some tips on how to keep in touch with friends from a long-distance.

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Advantages of Open Carrier Auto Transport

Carriers without cover protection are the most common and the most affordable way to move a car. This is increasing the competition among companies, leading them to offer the best possible services at lower prices. However, the price is not the only thing you should consider. That’s why by hiring USA Auto Transport, you can count on a professional, experienced and trustworthy company that will make the process of car shipping effortless.

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