How Much Are You Supposed to Tip Movers? Here’s the Answer

September 2, 2019Moving Tips
Steven Rogers

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Are you in the middle of moving from one home to another? This process is usually filled with numerous annoying questions and uncertainties. One of them definitely is: Are you supposed to tip movers and how much? Here we offer answers to at least some of your concerns and dilemmas.

Should You Tip Movers at All

The inevitable fact is that without a relocating crew, you cannot move quickly and effectively. They can handle everything – from packing all your possessions into boxes to safely transporting the items from one point to another, or across the country. That’s why you need to hire a professional company. You want to be sure that your belongings won’t be damaged and that every single thing will safely reach its final destination. Knowing these facts, it’s easy to conclude that moving is a service that includes a lot of hard work. And in most services, it’s customary to offer a financial reward as a sign of appreciation and satisfaction with the work that has been done.

Professional movers will work hard to complete your moving and auto transport without a hitch

Leave a Tip as a Sign of Appreciation and Satisfaction

Maybe one of the main questions is why should you tip the workers since they already have a salary in their moving company. This is a very interesting subject, for sure. Can you remember how great you felt having dinner in a restaurant where the waiter had flawless manners? Or when your hairstylist was so inspired to make such a beautiful haircut that everyone talked about it a few weeks after? You were so delighted and happy that you instinctively gave them extra money. The fact is that they deserved it since they did their job like real experts. Well, the same goes for workers helping with your relocation. Their effort and skills will make this process easier and less stressful for you. The extra money is just a result of your satisfaction.

How Much Are You Supposed to Tip Movers?

The answer to this question depends on the type of relocation since some moves are essentially more difficult than others.

Tip for Tipping

For a simple, short-distance move where everything is packed and ready to go, every crew member should receive about $20 extra for loading, transporting and unloading your belongings.

If your transport requires full-service crews or you are transporting your items cross-country, the tips should be a little higher – $30 – $50 per worker.

You should also consider situations in which workers have to put some extra effort to complete the job, such as carrying heavy pieces of furniture up and down the stairs. In these cases, adding a bit extra on your tips is the right thing to do.

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When to Leave Movers Without Tips?

If you are happy with how the company and its workers handled the job, you will for sure give them a bonus. Just make sure that each worker receives a bonus separately to prevent the possibility of the foreman taking everything to himself. But what if you are not pleased with their work? In some cases, when their incompetence is so apparent, you have every right not to give them any tips.

A team of movers working and smiling at the camera
Why would you leave movers without a tip?

Signs That You’re Dealing with Unprofessional Movers

You can easily recognize the manners of an incompetent crew and some of them are:

Not showing up at the scheduled time, without a valid explanation or excuse
Being rude or impolite
Not caring about belongings and damaging them
Deliberately extending the delivery time

You can avoid this scenario if you hire a professional and reputable moving company. The best option is to do thorough research first and choose a high-ranked company with positive reviews and testimonials.

What’s the Right Thing to Do with Two Sets of Movers

If you are faced with a long-distance move, you will be dealing with two groups of transport workers:

Laborers whose duty is to load the truck at your present home
Movers who will drive the truck across the country to your new home and unload all your stuff

This option is suitable for people who would rather not take on the responsibility of moving or those who cannot handle this task on their own. Full-service movers can manage all the requirements associated with your move. And you can sit, relax and make sure everything is done properly.

Consult the Moving Company if You Have Any Doubts About Tipping

To avoid additional surprises, the best solution is to contact the moving company and to find out whether there would be one or two crews. Sometimes, it happens that only one professional crew can complete the two-stage distance move, so you won’t be tipping double.

Other Signs of Appreciation Besides Tipping

Have in mind that professional transport depends on a group of people who will feel tired, thirsty and hungry after a few hours of hard, physical labor. Sometimes, tipping is not the only way to show your gratitude. They would be very grateful if you offered them cold water and food while taking a break. It’s not the same if the transfer is done during the heat or freezing day. For this process, enough energy is necessary to complete the job successfully.

Your goal is to finish the relocation as soon as possible. The truth is that the company’s workers think probably the same. To improve productivity and to make everyone happy, you should:

  • provide a meal throughout their working day
  • bring hot tea or chocolate, sodas, snacks or coffee
  • leave a helpful review for the mover online or, even better, praise the guys who did a top-notch job
  • simply say “thank you”

If you are in the middle of relocating to another part of the country, you should choose the right moving company. If you are planning to move long-distance, you should consider a convenient and comprehensive transport solutionGet in touch with us to learn more about our long-distance auto shipping services, get a quote and find out how we can make life easier for you.



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