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Car Shipping Essentials December 25, 2017

Auto Shipping Tips for College Students

By Isabella Robinson

USA Auto Transport has been in the business for a while. Over the years, we have been able to pick up on certain patterns when it comes to customers who demand our services. Among them, probably the most prominent one is the August rush of college students. Every year, as the peak of summer slowly approaches, more and more current and future students contact us looking for auto shipping services. Since they are one of the largest groups of our clients, we have decided to address them with some advice on car transport.

Are you a college student who is looking to ship their vehicle? If so, read on to get some great tips.

Listen To Your Parents

Yes, we are aware of how boring this sounds. But there is some truth to it. More often than not, we will see college kids who think that all that goes into shipping a car is, well, having a car. But the truth is, even with professional auto transporters, there still is some work for you to do. So when your parents start nagging and asking you if you have washed your car, checked if the tires are in good condition, and so on. Listen to them. Our car transporters will appreciate it.
Here are some of the things you should do before your car transporters arrive to pick up your vehicle:
-Wash your car thoroughly.
-Make notes of all the visible damage on your vehicle (scratches, dents, and so on); take photos of every single thing you find
-Conduct a general checkup – are there any leakages? Are the brakes working properly? Is your battery charged? Are your tires inflated properly?
-Leave your tank only ¼ full.
-Remove your personal belongings – this includes pretty much everything that can be removed and that you wouldn’t want stolen. Don’t leave any documents, jewelry, money, or other valuables in the car. Additionally, make sure your trunk is empty – smuggling household belongings in your car is not allowed.
-Secure your car – fold the mirrors, retract the antenna, and fix or remove any loose parts.

Think About the Dates

In order to avoid any inconveniences, it is important to keep in mind the date of your arrival when scheduling for the pickup and delivery. That is to say, make sure you arrive on campus before your vehicle, not afterwards. Our car transporters won’t be able to deliver your car if you are not there. So if, for example, you are scheduled to arrive on August 22, make sure you tell your auto transporters that your car shouldn’t be there before August 23. However, keep in mind that this does not mean that your car will definitely arrive on the date you specify. That is merely the beginning date of the time window for the delivery. Additionally, if you feel like you absolutely need your vehicle with you as soon as you move, you can request special delivery when you contact your car transporters. But be prepared to set aside more money for express delivery.

Get to Know the Dorm Rules

More often than not, auto carriers won’t be able to drop your car right at the doorstep of your dormitory or campus. First of all, make sure you find out if car drop offs are allowed on campus grounds. If they are not, try to locate the nearest possible location for you to pick up your car. The most convenient places for this are large parking lots. Alternatively, if you don’t want to be bothered with that, you can request terminal-to-terminal services. This means that you will have to drop off your vehicle at a terminal, and pick it up from another terminal when it arrives. But you will also save some money.

Get to Know the Public Transportation System

Since you will arrive on campus before your car, chances are that you will need to utilize the public transportation system for several days. The upside of it is that most college campuses have their own bus lines that connect the campus to the college and important locations around the city. It is also a great way to meet your fellow students.

Find the Right Auto Shipping Company

Some car shipping companies are simply better than others. Likewise, some are more oriented towards students than others. We at USA Auto Transport offer special quotes and discounts to our student customers. So make sure you let your representatives know that you are going away for college. It might save you some money.
Are you ready for school? If so, contact USA Auto Transport today and request more information about our services, such as:
– Terminal to terminal car shipping services
– Door to door car shipping services
– Long distance auto shipping
– Open auto carriers
– Enclosed auto carriers
– And many more.
We transport all kinds of vehicles, from scooters to trucks. Our representatives will provide you with the best interstate car shipping quotes in the country. Call us today and schedule your auto transport. We are looking forward to hearing from you.