10 Best Cars for Families – The 2022 Edition

June 9, 2020Car Driving Tips
Madison Rogers

Born and raised in Houston Madison is a content writer who loves traveling. She has lived in different states and is always eager to share her knowledge with others.

Do you know what qualities the best cars for families should have? When buying one, go over the standard criteria like affordability, the number of seats, comfort, extra features, cargo versatility, and safety. If you need a word of advice, check out the list of vehicles that stood out with their family-friendly characteristics, and make an educated decision about your next four-wheeler.

1# Looking for a Practical Hybrid: Toyota Corolla Is the Answer

Did you know that Toyota is one of the most popular import cars? And if you are looking for a practical hybrid, the Japanese carmaker’s famous Corolla might be the answer. It is a very efficient car that comes with a lot of standard safety features. Corolla is great for new drivers because it comes with a manual gearbox and Apple CarPlay, where drivers can get useful apps. It is also saddled with a two-liter four-cylinder power plant and CVT automatic transmission.

Buying a Toyota will show you why this is one of the most popular four-wheelers out there. 

#2 Hyundai Ioniq Plug-In Hybrid Is One of the Best Cars for Families

Do you know what makes Hyundai Ioniq one of the greatest choices? It is the first vehicle that comes with three powertrain options available. Depending on your preferences, you can get:

  • Hybrid
  • Plug-in
  • Pure electric

With a new Pod Point charger, your car will be ready in less than three hours. Ioniq is a four-wheeler that works well no matter if it is exploding petrol in its cylinders or not. Also, it has wide-opening doors so that you can fit child seats.

car on the road
Charge your hybrid car and enjoy the ride.

#3 A Great Choice for All Types of Weather: Subaru Legacy

Do you live in a place with regular bad weather and a lot of slippery roads? If so, Subaru Legacy should be one of the top choices for a safe family ride. Its all-wheel-drive gives it traction in rain and snow, making the drive as secure as it gets. The car comes with advanced traits like reverse automatic braking, auto-locking, and tire pressure monitoring, enhancing protection during bad weather. Legacy sports a turbocharged engine that allows for good acceleration and generous gas mileage.

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Think About Car Seat Compatibility

Subaru Legacy is a model that accommodates a variety of needs large groups of people have. That’s why if you want to put three kids in the back of the car, and one of them needs a rear-facing seat, you can easily install it in the center position.

No matter the weather, you will be able to drive anywhere.

#4 Big Families Will Love Honda Odyssey

Honda Odyssey has three rows of seats, making it perfect for those relatives who love to travel together. There are four complete sets of LATCH connectors for child safety seats. Know that there are nearly 39 cubic feet of cargo space, which is plenty of storage for a large family headed into a new adventure.

How the Car Drives

Honda Odyssey comes with the V-6 280-horsepower engine, which enables it to achieve a speed of 60 mph in less than seven seconds. It’s a standout among other minivans because of its quick accelerations.

Honda Odyssey
You can gather all your relatives and go camping in your Honda Odyssey.

#5 Look Forward to a Smooth Ride With Chevrolet Equinox

Are you looking for a smooth ride that will help you overcome driving stress? With Chevrolet Equinox, you get just that. Its fuel economy ratings, solid handling, and easy-to-use infotainment system make every ride a smooth one. It can fit five people, and it comes with two full sets of LATCH connectors. The Equinox sports a six-speaker audio system, USB ports, Apple CarPlay, and many other amazing features that make the travel experience enjoyable and unforgettable.

smooth ride
Chevrolet is an American car that promises a smooth ride.

#6 Buy Kia Sedona and Save Some Money

Are you looking for a vehicle with the best value? Kia Sedona has a starting price of almost five grand less than other similar minivans. Less money doesn’t mean that the car is any less impressive. It steers easily, so you can park it in tight parking lots or navigate around constricted spaces. It also has an eight-speed transmission and four or five seats, depending on the model.

Fun Extras Are What Make Sedona One of the Best Cars for Families

If you want to make this vehicle comfortable and entertaining so that your kids could enjoy the ride, get some touch screens on the back of the front seats. Your whole family will love traveling while watching Netflix. Check out the official Kia Website and find out what other gadgets you can put in your car.

#7 Get Ford F-150, One of the Top-Selling Cars of All Time

Did you know that more than four million vehicles of the F-series have been sold in the US since 2015? The question is – what makes Ford F-150 such a great car? For starters, the vehicle is spacious, and it can easily fit five people. It is practical, as well. Although the fuel cost might be high, you will get a sizable car ideal for any terrain.

A Short Review of the New Redesign Coming in 2021

The changes will be focused on the inside features of the car. The new Ford F-150 will have an 8.0-inch infotainment display with the latest software. The 2021 Ford will also come with a powertrain with five engines carrying over from the present model.

man driving
Almost 6,500 of these four-wheelers are sold every day.

#8 Volvo V60 Is the Car That Ticks All the Right Boxes

Are you looking for a car that offers comfort and a driving experience that is relaxing as well as engaging? Volvo V60 is the answer. If you want a car that looks like a million bucks but doesn’t actually cost that much, get this luxurious-looking vehicle. If you ever need to ship your car, its exterior design will make you question if you should use enclosed trailers instead of open carriers. It is just so nicely designed that it almost doesn’t look like your average family car. However, V60 can fit five people and still leave room to move around. It is effortless to control, and it is enjoyable whether you are driving on mountain roads or highways.

grey car
If you want access to a really cool looking ride, consider buying V60.

#9 Enjoy the Quiet Ride in Buick Envision

All of those drivers suffering from driving anxiety will love being behind the wheel of Buick Envision. The QuietTuning technology with Active Noise Cancellation results in a peaceful ride. Your family will appreciate the quietness and interior design perfect for napping during a long road trip.

There Is a Comfy Seat for Everybody

Envision is a model with enough room for five people. If you need more space, the second row of seats can slide back, creating an additional 7″ of room. The interior design of 2020 Envision is a mix of premium crafted seating and soft-touch materials, making the driving experience that much comfier and relaxed.

Car on a snowy road
One of the SUVs with great noise canceling characteristics

#10 Nissan Pathfinder Has Top-Notch Safety Tech

Protection comes first, especially when you are driving your kids around. Nissan took that as the main goal when creating the Pathfinder model with advanced blind-spot monitoring and rear parking detectors. This was the first SUV model that featured a system that honks automatically if the back doors open before the engine starts but not after arriving at the destination, ensuring that the children are not left behind in a vehicle on a hot summer day.

This three-row SUV is a good choice for those looking for a spacious, capable car with good fuel economy. Also, the Pathfinder will make it easy to bring all the outdoor toys and gadgets when going on a trip.

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