Best Custom Car Shops in the USA

When cars roll out of the factory, and they hit the market, usually, they are sold in different trims. The upper trims are what people seek because they have the additional technology, more upscale features, and sometimes more power. But that comes at a price. Range-toppers are more expensive than base trims, but even a range-topping car is not the end of the line. You can improve your vehicle with aftermarket parts, and USA Auto Transport presents the best custom car shops in the USA! Boost your vehicle and make the beast out of it in these shops.
Best Custom Car Shops in the USA
Whether you want to add a few spoilers to your car just to spice things up, or you want to change your car to be hardly recognized, the team at Monster Customs does it all. They are situated in Atlanta, Georgia, and they specialize in domestic cars, SUVs, and exotic vehicles. Even though they focus on these four-wheelers, their skills are unlimited, and you can definitely trust this crew!
If you don’t know anything about West Coast Customs, we need to get you a new TV. These guys are one of the leaders in the tuning business, and they can do a lot of extreme stuff! And when we say a lot, we really mean it. West Coast Customs is located in Corona, California and no wonder they have customized vehicles for numerous celebrities who live in Los Angeles. They proved their worth multiple times, and they especially love to customize muscle and luxury cars, SUVs and vintage truck. So, if you have tons of money and you want your vehicle to be one-of-a-kind, call these guys.
Another custom car shop from Los Angeles is Platinum Motorsport, and it is a common stop for actors, musicians or athletes who live in Los Angeles. But Platinum Motorsport attracts other celebrities as well, and some of the names who customized their rides are Carmelo Anthony, Lil Wayne, Kim Kardashian, etc. While they may be known for their luxury and supercar clients, they provide all kinds of services to people from all socioeconomic brackets.
Action Tire is one of the best custom shops in entire North America. If going to Los Angeles is too far from you, perhaps visiting Lodi, New Jersey to get your car customized is easier. Just like the other custom car shops on this list, Action Tire can do it all from enhanced audio systems to exhaust, suspension, etc. Although they can customize all types of cars, these guys are the best when working on SUVs, Luxury cars, and trucks.
BLVD Customs is another custom car shop that is famous for his prestigious clientele. One of the biggest names who visited this shop in St. Petersburg, Florida is Tiger Woods, but there have been many more. While their specialties are SUVs, luxury, and exotic cars, BLVD Customs can also enhance your boat!
Hopefully, USA Auto Transport helped you find the right custom car shop. Once you get your car customized, you can always ship it with USA Auto Transport. For additional information, give us a call!