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    The best way to move your home inventory and transport your car is with the help of some experienced Jersey City movers – and we have the best people for the job. Let us tell you a bit about how we can help you relocate in the easiest and most efficient way. Keep reading to find out more.

    Hire a Company That Specializes in Car Shipping Services and Ensure Safe Travel for You and Your Vehicle

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    Driving your car across the state in the middle of a move isn’t the optimal choice, that is certain. Statistics show that distracted driving seems to be the main cause of accidents, even when compared to the number of instances of drunk or reckless driving.

    The safest way to get your vehicle to your future home is by hiring a car shipping company, and we’ll tell you just what you can get by hiring our USA auto transport company. We let you tailor the shipment of your vehicle to your needs and, of course, moving expenses budget. That means that you can choose a transportation option that works best, as well as pickup and delivery locations that fit your needs. Keep reading to find out more.

    We Provide Multiple Vehicle Transportation Options to Choose From

    Tailor your transportation by choosing a trailer your vehicle will be shipped in. We provide two standard types of carriers that will work perfectly. It just depends on what you need, and how much you want to spend. Here are the crucial details about both trailers that will help you make an informed decision:

    • Open trailers – Open trailers are our most popular option due to their affordability. The types of trailers don’t have solid walls, so they do leave your car exposed to possible bad weather conditions (rain, snow, hail) as well as dirt. However, damage rarely happens, and we provide you with mandatory insurance that can cover it on the off chance that something goes wrong. It is perfect if you own more than one car because it allows you to stack multiple cars at once.
    • Enclosed trailers – If you are someone who invests money into its cars and has just obtained a brand new or luxurious car, this one will work like a charm. The enclosed auto transport trailers in question have walls and keep your car shielded from any possible damage – yet, your vehicle is still insured.

    Tailor the Pick-Up and Delivery Locations to Your Needs, Requirements, and Budget

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    Another thing we can help you customize in relation to your auto shipment is where exactly the car will be picked up and delivered once it arrives at the desired destination. A car is an investment and thus an item that should be looked after. That’s because it is so important to ensure that every part of its shipping process is just as it should be. Let us tell you a bit about where you can leave your vehicle if you decide to hire.

    Shipping cars

    Ship Your Car to a Convenient Spot in Jersey City With Terminal-to-Terminal Transport

    If your budget already has a bit of a dent in it, and you want to save money in the most optimal way, you might want to invest in our terminal-to-terminal transportation service. With this feature, you’ll have to do a tiny bit of work yourself. However, you will ensure that the option you choose is the most affordable one.

    The terminal-to-terminal option means that you will be leaving your vehicle at one of the many terminals we have across the country. And once the vehicle shipment is done, you can pick the car up at a pickup location we’ve previously agreed on. Although you’ll have to sit behind the wheel to drive a short distance, our drop-off spots are conveniently located all around, and there is a big number of them too. So, don’t think that just because you will make a bit of an effort, it will become some big obligation in your life.

    moving truck with open trailer

    Shipping Your Vehicle Is the Easiest With Our Door-to-Door Auto Car Shipping Services

    Those who want their vehicle to get shipped in the most straightforward way – from one address to another should obtain door-to-door auto transport. It means that your vehicle will be picked up in your parking lot and then delivered straight to your future address.

    Keep in mind, however, that if your street is too narrow for our truck to go through, you may have to drive your car to the nearest point we can reach. Contact our friendly customer support team to find out more about this, as well as all of the other services we provide.

    Your Vehicle Will Be Insured on Its Way to NJ With Our Car Insurance

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    As previously mentioned, whatever way you decide to ship your car with us, your vehicle will be insured. We provide a mandatory liability packet, although you shouldn’t anticipate that there will be a use for it – our movers in Jersey City, NJ, are so professional that damages rarely happen. Liability packets differ depending on which trailer you opt for. Open trailers are covered with up to $100,000, while the enclosed trailer insurance goes up to $500,000. Contact our customer service team and get a free quote to find out more about the pricing!

    We Have the Best Jersey City Movers to Help Out By Providing Moving Services as Well

    An enclosed auto transport trailer driving cars across the country

    Don’t think that just because we specialize in auto shipping, we don’t do other things related to moving because we also have the best movers and packers in Jersey City to assist with the rest of your relocation. We provide ultimate long distance relocation assistance, and we do it at an affordable price. So let us tell you a bit about how our moving company in Jersey City, NJ operates and what types of assistance our team offers with our moving service.

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    Obtain Your Free Quote in No Time With Just One Call to Our Movers

    Our customers move without stress and without their bank accounts suffering during the process. With just one phone call, you’ll be able to see this for yourself as well. Before you book one of the many Jersey City moving companies, we recommend calling us up to obtain your quote. Here is a list of just a few things that are included in the long distance relocation service, but we urge you to ask our customer support team for more information once you contact us:

    • A truck we will load and unload,
    • Packaging of your furniture and basic appliances,
    • Free use of a storage unit for up to a month,
    • A liability packet.
    Long-distance movers inside of a vehicle

    Why Struggle With Packing When You Can Leave It Up to Us?

    Another way we can assist you in relocating is by packing up your home inventory. We’ll come with our professional equipment and materials to your address and deal with anything you may need in no time. The main point of reference for the charging process is your inventory list (which can be changed around), but our customer service representatives will give you more information about it upon request. Here is how we can pack up your items:

    • Partial assistance – For us to pack up to fifteen boxes of your things and furniture, you’ll want to obtain the partial service. It is more affordable and is perfect if you want someone to pack up only the fragile items you own.
    • Full assistance – If you don’t want to deal with packing at all, you can let us take care of everything. We will pack up everything you own in the blink of an eye – it really is that easy.
    Boxes on Cart in Storage Unit

    Obtain the Free Use of a Storage Unit Up to a Month

    Movers are just one aspect that can make your long distance relocation easier – another one is a storage unit. And by purchasing our relocation pack, you’ll be entitled to free use of one of our units. They are all climate-controlled and monitored with cameras and microphones 24/7, so you won’t have to worry about anything.

    And if you decide to prolong the stay of your inventory for a longer time period in one of our storage units, that can easily be arranged too. You already know the drill – just call us up, and we’ll get everything arranged.

    a car insurance policy

    Your Things Will Be Covered in Transport With Our Mandatory Moving Insurance Packet

    Let us get one thing straight – we take meticulous care of your things, so you shouldn’t stress about anything happening to your items. Truly, we have an extremely low number of damaged items or misplaced things. However, we don’t want to leave anything to chance, so we provide our customers with a mandatory liability packet.

    The long distance relocation insurance package covers 60 cents per pound of any damaged or misplaced items. If you want to upgrade the insurance to a full value replacement one, that too can easily be arranged without going to a third-party service. Just call us up, and we’ll take care of that for you.

    Where Better to Start the New Chapter of Your Life Than in Jersey City?

    New York during the sunset

    You are looking to move to the second biggest city in the state of New Jersey, and the third-largest city in the New York Metropolitan area. Not only is JC a great place to live in, as an area that may have everything you need, but it is also fantastically located and connected to other large cities, like NY and Newark.

    Actually, Jersey City has one of the best transportation systems in the entire country, so even if you’re looking to move to it to obtain more affordable housing while working in Manhattan, the public transit system will allow you to do this without any trouble.

    A group of houses in the city's neighborhood

    Don’t Forget to Find Out About Housing and Living Costs Before Setting on a Neighborhood

    While the housing costs in Jersey City exceed the median prices of the state, they are still deemed quite affordable. The median home cost goes for about $572,300, while the average rent prices keep dropping and are currently around $2,000. While the rent prices differ depending on which part of the town you choose to live in, the average monthly costs for one person without rent go up to $1,100. So, before you decide on one neighborhood you’ll move to, consider the following areas:

    • The Downtown – The Downtown is perfect for professionals working in Manhattan because it is as close to the district as it can be. It is filled with both luxury sky-scrapers and smaller, more historical buildings. And you’ll surely enjoy walking its tree-lined streets and parks on your daily commute.
    • The Heights – If you’ve dreamt of living in Victorian or Edwardian homes, there’s no better place to do so than in the neighborhood overlooking Hoboken. It’s perfect for families, as it’s lined with larger and newer homes and even condos. It is another green area with many great small businesses and a booming art scene to enjoy.
    • Bergen-Lafayette – This is another part of town that is reminiscent of classic suburbs, with its brownstone building and Victorian homes, although it has some interesting former industrial spaces that now have a different use. It is also the home of the biggest park in the city, as well as a great bar and restaurant scene.

    With Our Services, We'll Help You Move Out of the City Easily as Well

    On the off chance that you are looking for moving companies in Jersey City to provide long distance relocation out of the city, you can still count on us. All these services and amenities we offer are available to both those coming to town and leaving it. So, don’t stress about a thing – we are here to make your move an easy and pleasurable experience. Just call us up to obtain your free quote and book the dates for your move, and you’ll be golden. Let’s get moving!

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