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Reasons why People Ship Cars with Auto Shipping Companies

Have you ever wondered what the most common reasons why people ship cars with auto shipping companies are? Vehicle transport services are among the most requested ones in the industry. This comes as no surprise, given that most people today drive on a daily basis. In fact, it is almost impossible to imagine what your life would be like without your four-wheeled companion.

So why do people use the services of car shipping companies? When are you most likely to become a customer of an auto transport service provider? Let’s take a look.

Reasons why People Ship Cars with Auto Shipping Companies

When You Move Long Distance

Most car shipping clients are people who are relocating. If you’re planning to move to another state, having your car shipped will surely be on your moving across the country checklist. Think about it – driving such long distances is stressful, tiring, and potentially dangerous. Instead, you can simply give your keys to an auto shipping company and catch a plane to your new state. In that case, all you will have to do is learn how to prepare your car for shipping. Let experts handle the rest.

During Vacations

Perhaps you are planning to go on vacation for a couple of weeks. You’d like to avoid having to catch a cab every time you want to leave your accommodation, or, even worse, having to rely on public transport. In that case, you can always turn to a professional car shipping company to transport your vehicle. That way, you will have a means of transport whenever and wherever you need to go. What’s more, you won’t have to stay in a single place – or even a single country – for your whole vacation. You can organize a cross-Europe road trip instead!

Some people ship their vehicle when going on vacation

When You Buy a New Car

Why would you have to be limited to your own city when buying a car? Perhaps you spotted an ad on Craigslist for the vehicle of your dreams, but it turns out that the seller is in another part of the country. This would be the perfect time to pick up the phone and contact an auto transport company. They will make sure that your new four-wheeler gets picked up safely at the seller’s location and delivered to your front door in perfect condition.
If you’re planning to buy a car online from across the state and have it shipped to you, make sure you let the seller know. They are the ones who have to be present for the pickup, and they will likely need to prepare all the necessary paperwork. Also, let the company know that the pickup and dropoff will be done by two different people, so they can inform you if there are any additional steps you should take.

You might need auto transport services when buying a new vehicle

Moving Classic Cars

Auto transport companies are often tasked with moving luxury, classic, or show models. Whenever there is a big car show, such as the Chicago Auto Show or Supercar Saturdays in Florida, the organizers and/or the participants need to find a way to transport all their models to and from the location. While not all auto transport companies handle such expensive models, the best ones do. A reliable auto transport company has the means, equipment, and expertise to safely relocate such vehicles.
It’s worth mentioning that, when it comes to expensive vehicles, such as classic and show cars, clients usually opt for an enclosed trailer. Unlike the regular open trailer, this carrier fully protects its content from outside factors such as rain, snow, road debris, hail, or dirt. In other words, once your vehicle reaches its destination, you won’t even have to think about washing it, let alone worry about any damage.

Exotic cars require special auto transport services

Inoperable Car Shipping

Perhaps you have a car that isn’t operable, whether it is old or broken down. If you want to transport it to another location, be it a new home or a scrap yard, you will need someone to do it for you. Most car transport companies offer the services of shipping inoperable vehicles. All you need to do is make sure you tell the company ahead of time that your car doesn’t run. They have to prepare additional equipment to load such a vehicle on the trailer, and they might need additional manpower.

Broken down cars can be shipped, too

Dealership Relocation

If you own a dealership, you know just how important it is to have a reliable car transporter on speed dial. Whether you need to ship a vehicle to a buyer, a repair shop, or another location of your dealership, it is crucial that the job is done right. Damaging the vehicle will only decrease its market value, and you will end up bringing in less profit.
Do you have a different reason to look for the service of an auto transporter? Whatever the case is, making sure you’ve found a reliable and professional service provider should be at the top of your list of priorities. With a trustworthy company by your side, you can rest assured your vehicle will reach its destination without any delays and in perfect condition.