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7 things to know when renting a moving truck

Renting a moving truck and moving all of your things by yourself is an excellent way to save money and be in control of the move and do things your way. To make the most of the move, however, you need to rent the correct type of moving the truck at the best possible prices. To do so, you have to be well informed and to know what to look for when renting a moving truck.

Here is our USA Auto Transport article on the 7 things to know when renting a moving truck that will help avoid setbacks and unpleasant financial surprises during the move.

Rent a moving truck with enough space

Rent a moving truck that is large enough to carry all of your things, but not so much that you end up paying for space that is going to remain unused. What size of truck will be right for you depends on the amount and type of items that are being moved.
So, when renting a moving truck, you need to estimate the approximate volume that your belongings will take up and pick a vehicle that has about fifteen percent more storage space than the estimated cubic footage of your goods.

Decide which equipment and extra services you will need

Rental companies usually offer a wide assortment of moving supplies and additional services that can make your move a lot safer and more manageable. When renting a moving truck, you can request:

  • moving labor,
  • moving boxes,
  • temporary storage,
  • wrapping,
  • padding materials,
  • moving dollies,
  • covers and bags, etc.

Customers can request these additional services and other moving equipment when making a rental truck reservation.

Read up on moving truck rental costs

Truck rental costs are generally based on the size of the truck you want to rent, and the duration and distance of the relocation. Rental companies charge a daily rate, along with a certain amount per mile traveled. Some moving companies include a set number of miles based on the distance of the move. Most national truck rental companies provide free unlimited mileage on one-way truck rentals.

Most rental companies charge higher rates during busy periods when most moves take place, and moving trucks are in high demand. Most rental companies allow you to pay with cash, debit cards, or personal checks, but some require credit cards. When preparing the moving budget, remember that there are many additional costs for renting a moving truck.

Read up on moving truck rental costs

Consider the truck return options and requirements

Before renting a moving truck, consider how you are going to return it. If you are moving cross country, you will want to rent a moving truck one way, so that the rental company can pick the truck up at their lot near your new home. To do so, you have to:

  • Find rental companies that have branches both in your current city and the one you are moving to
  • Ask what kind of fuel the truck has to be filled with and make sure that you return the truck with the same amount of gas that it had when it was picked up
  • Clean the cargo hold and cab interior and make sure that the truck is clean and in good working condition before returning it as the rental company will charge a cleaning fee if it is returned in poor condition.
  • If you return the truck ahead of schedule, you may get a refund for the days that were not used. However, if the rental company has had to provide extra days to return the truck, there will be no refund.
Reserve the rental truck as soon as possible

Reserve the rental truck as soon as possible

The earlier you reserve a moving truck, the better deal you can get and will have a greater choice of available trucks. Visit the websites of several truck rental companies in your area to see what they provide and check the companies’ legitimacy and reputation. Get some truck rental quotes from three or four trustworthy rental agencies that seem to suit your needs and preferences best. Discuss the details of your relocation, drop off and pick up locations, time-period of the move, needed space, additional moving equipment, etc.

Ask about discounts and special conditions

Compare several offers and pick a moving truck rental company that best meets your requirements. Reserve the right sized moving truck as soon as you have made the choice. Make sure that you ask about the rental company’s cancellation policy before making a reservation. If the pick-up date has to be changed, you can be based on availability, without it affecting the rate.

Get insurance

When renting a moving truck, you need to have adequate insurance, anything can happen on the road, so it is better to be on the safe side. Your house and car insurance policies may provide partial coverage for damage to the truck and the cargo, but it might not be enough. So, it is a good idea to get some supplemental insurance. Different types of moving truck insurance include:

  • Damage waivers
  • Additional liability
  • Personal accident and cargo protection
  • Auto tow protection
Get insurance

Other things to take into consideration when renting a moving truck

You might need to stop at weigh stations, and this will mostly depend on the weight of the rented truck and the laws in the states https://ops.fhwa.dot.gov/freight/policy/rpt_congress/truck_sw_laws/app_a.htm that you are traveling through. Inspect the moving truck before signing the rental agreement, check for existing damage, as well as the condition of the loading ramp, tires, windshield, and other features. Note any damage, even if it is minor,  to make sure that you will not be charged for damage that you did not cause.

Driving a large moving truck is challenging

Before you start the move, set aside some time to prepare for the long drive to your new home:

  • Find out if some of the roads on your route prohibit trucks, where the weigh stations are, etc. Remember the clearance of the truck and watch out for low bridges and detours.
  • Practice some driving maneuvers in an open parking lot while the truck is still empty.
  • Familiarize yourself with some essential tips for driving a moving truck and then make sure that the moving truck is correctly loaded.
  • Not all the extras are included in the rental quote, locks for the back of the truck, GPS units, and other accessories that can considerably increase the safety and comfort of your trip do not come standard, so budget accordingly if you want them.
Driving a large moving truck is challenging

Now that you have read our article on the 7 things to know when renting a moving truck, we hope that you can find the correct moving truck to help the relocation go smoothly. However, hiring a professional moving company such as USA Auto Transport can also help with the move. Our professional USA Auto Transport movers will carry out the relocation in a fast, safe, and efficient manner and will save you plenty of trouble and hard work. Contact our USA Auto Transport customer support staff who will help you organize the move and answer any questions you have about the relocation. Call us today and let us help you move to your new home.