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Transporting Cars from State to State – Everything You Need to Know

Cost of Transporting Cars from State to State

Are you moving from one place to another, and you want to take your vehicle with you? Don’t worry – transporting cars from state to state will be stress-free with a good and reliable auto shipping company. 

Picking between different types of carriers and delivery options and prepping your auto is all you have to do. The rest is up to auto transport experts. 

Cost of Transporting Cars from State to State

When choosing a company to transport your auto to another location, you will want to know how much money will it cost you.

The final price can vary. So, if you want to know the exact quote of your shipment, you will need to call the company and ask for one. 

Factors That Affect the Total Cost of Transport

Many factors affect auto shipping quotes:

  • Size of the vehicle – if you are transporting smaller cars, you will pay a lower fee. It is because smaller ones take less space, and companies can fit more machines on their carriers.
  • Distance – when your machine is being transported from one side of the country to the other, it will cost more. Firms take into consideration labor charges, fuel, and tolls.
  • Make and model of the auto – if you are moving a luxury vehicle and you want it to be extra safe, you will need to pay a bit extra.
  • Season – a time of the year is vital. If you choose an especially busy period for moving companies, it will cost you more.
  • Type of carrier you want – price can vary whether you choose open or enclosed hauler. 

Transporting Cars from State to State - Everything You Need to Know

The Best Time to Ship Your Vehicle 

Picking the right season for vehicle shipping can be good for your budget. The demand for moving companies is at its peak in summer, which means that the price will be higher as well.

If you choose to move your car during the winter months, you might save some money, since it is not the busiest time for movers. 

Changing States – Do I Need Car Insurance? 

Around 1 out of 20 vehicles sustain some damage during the relocation. But don’t let this deter you from moving your vehicle. Moving companies have highly trained staff and professional drivers that will take care of your car. But anyhow, get insurance, and you will be secured in the worst-case scenario.

Auto Shipping New York Transporting Cars from State to State - Everything You Need to Know

How Long Does Auto Shipping Take?

When it comes to car transport, you might want to know how long it will take to reach its destination, especially if you have a busy time table.

The duration of the relocation depends on factors like the distance, the season of the year, accessibility of the area.

If you want to ship your machine during winter, when the roads are icy, it might take longer for it to reach its final destination. The same goes for winding roads. Drivers must take additional caution in those situations. 

Tracking Your Auto Shipment 

While your car is being transported, you might want to check its progress on the road. A top-level auto shipping company will usually offer a service of tracking your shipment.

This feature will help you focus on other tasks ahead of you. You won’t have to worry where your machine is when all you have to do is check online.

How Long Does Auto Shipping Take?

Ship with an Open or Enclosed Carrier

Car shipping companies that think about you and your needs offer the possibility of open and enclosed transport.

Depending on your needs, you can pick the open carrier, which offers little protection from weather conditions but is cheaper. Or you can choose the enclosed trailer that will keep your machine entirely protected from road hazards and diverse climate conditions but at a higher price.  

Benefits of Open Transport

Open carrier service can be useful if you are looking for a more affordable way to ship your car. This is the most common way to ship a car in the transportation industry, and therefore the quotes are lower.

Benefits of Enclosed Transport

Do you have a luxury and expensive machine that you need to relocate with minimum risk of damage? Then you should go for enclosed carrier services since it is the safest method of transportation. And if you hire a good moving company with trained staff, your four-wheeler will be moved without a glitch. However, keep in mind that the special trailers used for this service will increase the final quotes.

Auto Shipping Las Vegas

Door-To-Door and Terminal-To-Terminal Delivery

Most car shipping companies offer two types of deliveries. Depending on your free time and needs, you can choose between door-to-door and terminal-to-terminal delivery services.

If you opt for the door-to-door delivery, your car will be picked up from a specific location of your choosing and shipped to the desired destination. Meanwhile, the terminal-to-terminal option is suitable to more flexible customers that are willing to make an effort of driving their cars to and from the nearest terminal. 

Benefits of Door-to-Door Delivery

If you choose door-to-door delivery for your car, you won’t waste your time picking up the machine from a designated location. Also, your stress levels will be lower, since you won’t need to organize your day to accommodate the picking up procedure. Your machine will be picked up from your old address and delivered to the new one. 

Benefits of Terminal-to-Terminal Delivery

Using terminal-to-terminal delivery lets you drop off your machine whenever you have the time to do it. It leaves you enough space to get organized. This type of delivery is excellent if you are not planning on relocating in the next week or two. You have a place that will keep your car safe until you move into your new home.

Door-To-Door and Terminal-To-Terminal Delivery

Prepare Your Car for Transport

When relocating your car, make sure that it is properly prepared for the move. If you prep it, you will lower the possibility of damage and reduce the overall costs. At the same time, you will get to know all the existing dents, scratches and bumps that your machine has. This can come in handy when your car is delivered, and you want to compare its condition. 

Tips for Preparing Your Vehicle

Before you call movers to ship your car away, the first step is to wash it. This will allow you to check the hood, paint, and see whether there are some damages that you haven’t noticed before. If there are any scratches or bumps, make sure to take pictures.

Don’t forget to clean it on the inside as well. Remove all items that are not attached and that can be tossed around. Disable alarm and any other system your car might have.

Check for leaks and the level of gas that is in your car. It should have a quarter tank full, just in case if your machine needs driving, but a full reservoir will increase the weight of your car, and therefore the transport costs.

Prepare Your Car for Transport

Qualities That a Shipping Company Should Have in 2019

Picking the right company to ship your car is essential for a stress-free process. In the day and age of big competition among transportation firms, you need to know how to find the best one.

A firm that will offer you reliable and diverse services that can fulfill all of your needs. Get in touch with a few enterprises, compare quotes, and read through reviews. In the end, you will be able to make an educated decision.