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The 10 best all-star car shows
in the USA

Basically any weekend of the year you can find classic car shows. They are literally everywhere in the country. Everything from a handful of guys that drive old Chevys to week-long events that cover auctions, concerts, car shows, and everything in between. Thanks to the world wide web, finding car shows has become quite simple.
There are websites dedicated to finding and promoting them. In the old days, looking for a classic car show was limited to print ads and word of mouth. This still gave rise to in some of the shows being pretty big. Nevertheless, with the internet and the ability to instantly get the word out, the crowds at some of these shows have become massive in size. A few of these events are extremely successful when it comes to attendance with a few of them drawing crowds similar in size to a state fair every day.
The biggest shows include not just cars but everything you can imagine related to cars. They generally all have several hundred or even a few thousand classic cars for visitors to drool over. And some shows will add celebrity guest stars to draw in more people. These guests can include anyone from NASCAR drivers to racing icons or even television car show hosts. The strange thing is, some of these shows are held in some the most unexpected places.If you are interested in classic cars or you want something to do outside that has a lot of really cool things to look at, then why not visit these car shows. 

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Looking for a real beauty of a car show? This is one might be what you are looking for. Three days in the summer. In the small town of Iola with only a thousand and three hundred citizens. This car show brings in over a hundred and twenty thousand attendees. Over two thousand show cars and over four thousand spaces for vendors to sell at the swap meet. Started back in 1972 with twenty cars, it has grown to become one of the largest in the country. People from all over the country and not to mention the world come to visit it. The Iola car show is a nonprofit show. Over the past ten years, they have donated over two and a half million dollars to over a hundred and thirty organizations. 

The Charlotte Auto Fair in Charlotte, North Carolina

 Another huge car show. The Charlotte Auto Fair is held two times a year. Normally in April and again in September every year. Hosted at the Charlotte Motor Speedway, this four-day event generally draws a crowd which also exceeds the hundred thousand mark. Some estimates even put it near a hundred and fifty thousand. The Charlotte Auto Fair is the biggest car show in the Southeast. The crowds in autumn are a bit smaller than in the spring but not by a lot. The Spring show has so many vendor spaces, with the number usually approaching ten thousand vendors. The number of collector vehicles for sale is around of two thousand five hundred cars. Over fifty car clubs are generally participating, and there are also many displays of everything from concept cars to wild customizations. 

The Syracuse Nationals show in Syracuse, New York

For about eighteen years now, Syracuse has been home to a big classic car show. The Syracuse Nationals is held each summer at the New York State Fairgrounds. Currently boasting a classic car inventory for the show at about eight thousand cars. The show pulls in about eighty-six thousand people over the three-day event. The swap meet area is smaller than most with only four hundred vendor spaces. If you are lucky enough to get one, it can be very profitable. Four hundred vendors selling to a crowd of eighty-six thousand is good for those vendors.

The Back To The 50’s car show in St. Paul, Minnesota

Started back in 1974 with about a hundred and fifty cars, the Back To The 50s show in St. Paul is growing every year. In 2016 they were voted the Best Car Show by USA Today. Held annually in June at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds. You are going to see a lot, expect cars, celebrity appearances, seminars, concerts, and plenty of people. Crowd estimates can go as high as a hundred and fifty thousand. There are usually anywhere between ten and twelve thousand cars that show up for this event. Everything from the classic cars to rat rods and muscle cars.

The Cruisin The Coast car show in Gulfport, Mississippi

This unique show held in Mississippi is a bit particular. Held in many different locations during the week, it advertises itself as “America’s Largest Block Party.” It can certainly claim that title since it looks to be spread over an area of about twenty-nine miles on Highway 90. Each area is a show of its own with cars, food, vendors, and entertainment. Started back in 1996 with 374 cars, Cruisin The Coast has ballooned upwards. In 2016 they had nearly eight thousand cars registered. 

The Daytona Turkey Run in Daytona Beach, Florida

Two shows are held annually at the Daytona International Speedway in Dayton Beach. The Turkey Run is the South’s largest car show. Florida might not be the most popular car show venue, but in November and March, a lot of folks are running from the snow, so Florida is the ideal place to go. Started in 1974 the Turkey Run has gotten quite popular. With about six thousand cars showing and nearly two thousand five hundred vendor spaces, you are sure to find something that interests you. Some estimates put the autumn shows attendance at a hundred and fifty thousand people. The show in November is held during Thanksgiving week which helps to boost attendance since lots of folks have that time off. The second show is held the last week of March.

The Hot August Nights car show in Reno, Nevada

Declaring itself to be the “Largest Nostalgic Car Show In The World” it is hard to argue with them after you visit. This week-long event in the Reno has crowds estimated at over eight hundred thousand. There are concerts, contests, cruise-ins, seminars, shows, etc. They have a swap meet with about seven hundred vendors. This show is usually held in August.

The Carlisle Events car show in Hershey, Pennsylvania

Held twice a year. Early Fall and again in the Spring. Carlisle has a history of sizeable successful car shows and events. The shows have about two thousand cars in attendance and over eight thousand vendor spaces. In 2015, Fox News called it one the largest car shows in the world. Held at the Carlisle Fairgrounds, the show also hosts car auctions during the event. The events usually draw crowds in the neighborhood of a hundred thousand each.

The Woodward Dream Cruise car show in Detroit, Michigan

Don't even know how to describe this show as anything other than amazing Back in 1995 Nelson House and a few volunteers wanted to do an event to raise funds for a soccer field in Ferndale, Michigan. They expected the attendance to be around twenty-five thousand. Surprisingly the turnout was about ten times what they were expecting. About two hundred and fifty thousand people showed up. Fast forward 20 years and the Woodward Dream Cruise is the most significant one-day car event on the planet. About one nad a half million people turn out along with nearly forty thousand cars from all over the world. This twelve-hour car show runs the third Saturday of each August.

The AACA Fall Meet car show in Hershey Pennsylvania

Must be something about Hershey. Not only does the area host two huge events by Carlisle, but they also host the AACA Fall Meet car show. On the grounds and parking lots of the Hershey Park and The Giant Center, it is hard to believe that this show is so close in timing to the Carlisle car show. AACA Fall Meet provides nearly a thousand corral spots, about one thousand five hundred show cars, and over nine thousand vendors spaces. Attendance estimates for this event are in the area of two hundred thousand. If you have the time, we recommend visiting both Carlisle and AACA.
Classic car shows are a great source of family entertainment. The people in attendance are usually all good people sharing a passion for cars and all things automotive. Are you thinking about participating in one of these car shows? If you are, then you will need a reliable car shipping company to help you ship your car there. USA Auto Transport is just the company to help you move your car to the show or anywhere else in the country. So call us today and let us help you relocate your car.