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Best Electric Cars

The car market is always changing. Just a few years ago, electric cars were available only to the wealthy people, but today, everyone can purchase an electric vehicle. It is just a matter of time when electric cars will take over the market entirely, putting the diesel and gas engine-powered models outside of the picture.

You plan to purchase an all-electric model, but you cannot decide on which one is the best. There are several things you need to decide before you even start looking for an electric vehicle. Do you plan to drive it around the city? Or do you want to go for long drives out of town? The range of an electric vehicle is one of the most important factors, but the good thing is that the latest models and the car which will arrive in the upcoming years can cross more than 200 and 300 miles per one charge.
Moreover, having an electric car is excellent because you don’t pollute the environment and it is a lot cheaper to maintain. You will not have to go to visit gas stations anymore, and the good news is that the stations for charging electric vehicles are spreading out across the country and you will be able to go to road trips without any worry that you will get stranded in the middle of the road! You get the point – electric cars are the future – but which one should you buy? USA Auto Transport presents you a list of best electric vehicles that are on sale.

BMW i3

BMW produced the i3 – a perfect city car. It has everything you are looking for from a vehicle for the city driving, and it is powerful too. The complete output of this model is 170 horsepower whereas its body is made out of the carbon fiber, which is a lightweight material, making this car faster than anyone would expect it. The range of the i3 is between 81 miles and 114 miles per charge, depending on the choice of battery.

best electric cars

Fiat 500e

Even though there are much better electric models than Fiat 500e, this car has the range of 84 miles per charge, and it is an ideal city car. Its electric motor produces 111 horsepower, whereas the vehicle comes in various exciting colors. Inside the cabin, the 500e features a 5.0-inch screen, whereas you can give voice commands instead of tapping the screen.

Ford Focus Electric

Even Ford entered the electric car market, and the representative of the Blue Oval is the Focus Electric. If you prefer domestic manufacturers and models to the imported ones, the Focus Electric is the way to go. It is priced below $30,000 and its range per charge is 115 miles.

Volkswagen e-Golf

According to a lot of people, German carmakers produce the best cars in the world. You may agree or disagree with this, but the fact is that vehicles that roll out of the factories in Germany are excellent. One of them is an electric model coming from Volkswagen, and it is called the e-Golf. This car has a range of 125 miles, and it is a reliable vehicle to buy.

Nissan Leaf

The good thing about the Nissan Leaf is that you can drive on the highway. Nissan packed a 30-kWh battery which allows you to travel 107 miles without the need to recharge. However, the Leaf is a compact model, which makes it perfect for singles or families without too many children. The car is rather comfortable to drive, and you will love it!

Chevrolet Bolt

The Chevrolet Bolt is going to be remembered as the first inexpensive all-electric, mass-market vehicle with outstanding range. Chevy managed to launch such car even before Tesla, and the Bolt an incredible car indeed. With its fascinating range of 238 miles per charge, this five-seater can take you and your family to any destination in the country efficiently. Moreover, the technology is at a high level as well, and you will find a 10.2-inch touchscreen infotainment system with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay installed inside the cabin of the Bolt.

Hyundai Ioniq Electric

Hyundai wanted to make sure for the Ioniq to be available in every possible form. Thus, the buyers have a choice between the traditional hybrid variant an electric car and a PHEV. If you are looking for an efficient car, you will not be wrong if you select any Ioniq version. The tech is pretty impressive as the vehicle boasts a 7.0-inch touchscreen infotainment system that has Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility.

Tesla Model X

This list wouldn’t be complete without a Tesla car. It is the Tesla Model X we are talking about. This mighty midsize SUV has room for seven passengers, and state-of-the-art equipment is not a foreign term to Tesla Motors. With the Model X, you can tow up to 5,000 pounds, and the range is rated between 237 and 295 miles, depending on a battery. Impressive.

Tesla Model 3

Last but not least, Tesla Model 3 is the top-rated electric car you can find on sale nowadays. It competes against the Chevy Bolt, but with its autonomous features, the Model 3 is a real feat of car production industry! The best thing out of all is that it costs $35,000.
Electric cars are gaining popularity day after day, but if you cannot wait any longer, consider buying one vehicle from this list. Hopefully, we have provided useful details to you. In case you want to ship your new (or old) electric car to another state, USA Auto Transport is the company you can always rely on!