What Are the 5 Best Electric Cars to Buy in 2022?

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When thinking about the future of the automobile industry, some of you probably imagine flying vehicles or something more extreme. We will have to wait a bit more for a significant change like that, but in the meanwhile, things are already changing. Some of the best electric cars are slowly establishing a new path that opens the door to many innovative and creative solutions that will transform not only the way we drive but how we perceive vehicles as well.

Purchasing a vehicle is always an investment that requires you to carefully consider several factors. Whether you’re buying a used car or a brand new one, you should get familiar with its specifications and gear because vehicles change and improve so fast. If you love watching TV shows about cars and you follow the latest news, you probably got intrigued by the novel EVs (electric vehicles.) It seems like everybody is talking about them. But what’s the catch? There’s no need for driving anxiety, our guide will tell you everything you should know about some of the best electric vehicles, plus we will give some recommendations for those of you who want to buy themselves an EV.

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What Are EVs and How Do They Work? Was Tesla the First One?

First, we need to tackle a few misconceptions and frequent questions that pop up about these vehicles. It has been a while since, in 2008, Tesla presented their first EV. In the meantime, many other companies have released their EVs, but somehow Tesla became the synonym for an EV. Still, the first vehicle of this kind was made back in 1830. Rechargeable batteries were introduced in 1859, and at the World Fair in Chicago in 1893, William Morisson’s electric carriage was a complete sensation. Still, it has been a long road to come to what we now know as an EV. Over the years, many innovators tried to patent their own EVs, including the one called Electrobat, by Pedro Salom and Henry G. Morris.

How EVs Work?

In order to work, these vehicles need to be regularly charged at a charging point, from where they take the electricity and store it in rechargeable batteries. Batteries power the electric motor, which then turns the wheels, and so it goes. Besides being super eco-friendly, one of the main advantages is that these vehicles accelerate faster, and overall they are easier to drive. Since they don’t run on fuel, they do not emit any exhaust gases but also don’t come with a fuel tank, line, and pump. So there are a few different things, but nothing that should give you driving stress. It is not like you’ll be driving the president’s limo. You just won’t have to worry about putting the wrong gas in your car or figuring out how to get gas out of the car.

Different Types of EVs

Wondering what fully electric cars are on the market? Did you even know that not all of them run solely on electricity? There are two different types of EVs, so let’s introduce you to some of their features and essential things you should know:

  • AEVs – All-electric vehicles (AEVs) have two subtypes that are the battery (BEVs) and fuel cell (FCEVs) electric vehicles. These vehicles are powered by electricity, and on average, their range is from 80 to 100 miles. Some more luxury models can go up to 250 miles. A depleted battery can need anything from 30 minutes to 24 hours to be fully charged, depending on the type.
  • PHEVs – A plug-in hybrid electric vehicle is a solution that seems to offer the best of both worlds. It also runs on electricity but has a much shorter range, usually no more than 40 miles. After that, you can switch it to its internal combustion engine that runs on gasoline. They are also known as extended-range vehicles (EREVs.)
Have you ever forgotten to put down your handbrake? Make sure you learn from your mistakes.
Some EVs are real head turners in the most positive way

What Electric Cars Are Coming in 2021? Keeping Up With the Latest Trends

If you’re looking to treat yourself with one of the latest models, there’s a lot to look forward to. More and more car brands are joining the wagon and presenting their EVs, so if you want to find the right car for city driving, you should definitely pay attention to novelties in the world of EVs. Here is a brief list of top electric vehicles debuting this year:

  • Mustang Mach-E,
  • GMC Hummer EV SUT,
  • Audi e-tron GT,
  • Mercedes-Benz EQC,
  • Volvo XC40 Recharge,
  • Tesla Cybertruck,
  • BMW iNext.
EV charging point
In the future, we're expecting more and more public charging points to pop up across the country

What Is the Best Electric Car for 2021?

Although these vehicles are not yet so popular in car racing games, they are becoming more and more popular on the streets, and you can also spot them on some of the most famous routes in the United States. Many are hesitant due to overall higher prices, but these are not exactly the most expensive cars in the world. Plus, they are more affordable in the long run than vehicles using gas. So if you’re ready to make this investment, here are some of our suggestions. These models have been on the market for a while, and they gathered some pretty good reviews, which is why they have made it to our top electric cars list.

Hyundai KONA

Hyundai KONA is known as one of the EVs with the longest drive range, which makes it extremely popular. The 2020 update brought us two battery options, one that would take you up to 180 miles and a more powerful one that can serve up to a stunning 278 miles. It is comfortable, quiet, the steering wheel is precise, but it’s not one of the best cars for off-road driving. On the other hand, this SUV does have a few drawbacks, such as a somewhat small cargo capacity and cramped back seats. Also, a fast-charging station with a power of 100kWh can charge it up to 80% in an hour, while at a public one, charging it to the maximum could last around 7 hours.

Nissan Leaf

Nissan Leaf can also go a long way, with a range of 239 miles in the version with the most powerful battery. The newer versions brought not only better battery longevity but also some design improvements, making it look more attractive on the road. One of its latest additions is the e-Pedal system, which reduces the need to use the brake pedal. The interior is simple, nothing too fancy, but still very practical, although it also lacks some room for legs at the back seat. This popular import car will definitely be a good choice.

Porsche Taycan

We know that with EVs, brands tend to experiment a bit more with the exterior design, which often results in weird and not so attractive models. However, with Porsche Taycan, people won’t be raising their eyebrows in odd ways. Taycan is a sleek sports sedan that stays loyal to the brands’ visual image. Porsche was never a cheap car, so even the “basic” model will be pricey. Although this is the first EVs built on an 800-volt electrical structure, the distance it can cross between two charges is not as impressive as you would expect, but 200 miles is still fairly enough. The interior is looking sleek and modern, but be aware of the 2+1 seat arrangement.

Audi e-tron

Audi stayed true to its brand identity as well and didn’t experiment too much with the exterior. E-tron comes in several different flavors, and the one with the longest range of 252 miles is the e-tron 55. It has charging points conveniently located on both sides, five seats, and it offers an option of using side cameras instead of mirrors. It has a special off-road mode, during which the air suspension goes up by around 1.4 inches. Although the e-tron is heavy, it is still easy to drive, very quiet, and comfortable.

Tesla Model 3

This list could not go without one of the most popular and probably the best electric vehicle out there – the Tesla Model 3. Highly in demand, this car offers multiple battery configurations, but what’s so great is that they all can go more than 200 miles after a single charge, which gives you more miles for your money. Besides that, this is the cheapest car you can get from this famous company, so it is a pretty good deal. Just beware that you might be on a long waiting list to get yours.

The company is constantly updating this and all other models, so it can be a bit hard to keep up with all features and changes since they don’t do it yearly as other brands. They are more unpredictable, and changes can occur every few months. Our recommendation would definitely be the Standard Range Plus Model since it offers around 250 miles of range for a reasonable price. We can’t skip mentioning the futuristic minimalistic interior, which is spacious and simple, but not everyone’s cup of tea.

What Other EVs Are Worth Considering? The Longest Range SUVs and Crossover

We gave you our top five, but there’s a lot more out there. For a lot of buyers, one of the main criteria is the longevity of the battery, so although they certainly don’t cross such a long-distance daily, people prefer to know they are safe and that their car won’t let them down in the middle of nowhere. Therefore, the range became a crucial selling point. If you would like to see a bit more and get a few more ideas on the best all-electric cars, we recommend you take a look at this video.

YouTube video

How to Prepare an EV for Car Shipping

If you want to move your car to another state or a city, you’ll have to do some moving day preparation which also includes preparation of your car for car shipping, but also do a bit of research to find the right auto transport company that will offer you reputable moving services as well. Don’t start to pack your car for moving before you check if your chosen car shipping company allows any stuff inside during transportation. Clean everything, take pictures of all existing scratches, dents, and don’t forget to disconnect the car alarm.

Should you look for the cheapest way to ship a car or opt for exotic auto transport, that is totally up to you. Make sure to take a look at all the pros and cons of open vs. enclosed auto transport. If you want maximum protection no matter the cost, then you should invest in an enclosed trailer. If the weather is good and you’re shipping a car cross country, an open trailer could do the job. You should also decide between door-to-door auto transport and terminal-to-terminal car shipping. And make sure to get some useful car shipping advice when moving.

Public charging point at a parking lot
Charging batteries in public shouldn't be a problem

Now You Know What Are the Best Electric Cars on the Market, Without Having to Watch Top Gear

We hope you found something on our list that suits your style and budget. There’s really no need to worry a lot about EVs. Driving them won’t give you road rage. They are reliable as any other car, just more eco-friendly and more affordable in the long run. In the future, you can expect that there will be more and more public charging points, which will make everything easier, whether you’re driving in New York or driving in Los Angeles. Join the change now, and see why EVs are the future.

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