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Open and Enclosed Auto Transport – which one is safer?

Are you moving to another destination? You are thrilled about living in a new home, and you cannot wait to sit in your car and drive around your neighborhood and explore the city. However, before you can do that, you need to transport your vehicle to another state, and this can be challenging. You have to find a reliable car shipping company, and we understand that you cannot just give your car to some strangers no matter how reliable they may seem. When people need to move their vehicles, they are usually worried that their car may get damaged during transport. While this is often an irrational fear, sometimes accidents do occur and it may be your car that gets damaged. USA Auto Transport wants your car to be safe during transport, and we will consider several car shipping options based on their safety.

Choose the right car shipping service

Choosing the right car shipping services can make the world of a difference. So before you hire a company to ship your vehicle, you should learn more about open and enclosed auto carriers, and decide which one to pick for your car.

Numerous car shipping companies operate in the USA. However, a vast majority of those companies are similar, and therefore they offer similar car shipping services. You need to know which ones you can select to keep your vehicle safe. The primary choice boils down to open auto transport and enclosed auto transport. What are the differences? How can I know which one is better?

Both options have their advantages

The fact is that both options are great in their own way. You have to consider what you need, what kind of a car you own, and what you expect from the car shipping company you choose. Both open and enclosed auto transport are safe selections.

Open auto transport

The open auto transport is the most popular choice because it is more affordable than its counterpart. The reason for the lower price is that the open trailers do not shield your car against the weather conditions. But open carriers can be equally safe as the enclosed ones if you are transporting your vehicle during the summer. Leaving your car exposed in the sun cannot damage your vehicle, and in that case, you don’t need an enclosed trailer.

Enclosed auto transport

However, during the fall or winter, you might want to consider using an enclosed trailer. This type of a trailer will protect your car from the road debris as well. Moreover, you should go for an enclosed trailer if you are transporting a luxury car, a vintage model, or a vehicle that will be sold in auctions. That way, you reduce the risk of something happening to your vehicle.

Car insurance

No matter which of these two services you choose, you will be offered insurance by the car shipping company. In case something does happen to your vehicle, the insurance will cover it. Despite the precautionary measures taken by the company and the client, some people are still skeptical about all this. Luckily, car companies do not prohibit that you seek insurance from a third party if you want extra safety.

Hopefully, USA Auto Transport clarified the differences between open and enclosed auto carriers. With this knowledge in mind, choose wisely, and if you are still looking for a car shipping company, we are here for you!