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How Does Car Shipping Work – Everything You Need to Know

Do you want to relocate your vehicle? Then you are probably wondering: “How does car shipping work?”

Do you know what your delivery options are or what to do if you have expensive or unique cars? On top of that, you’re probably wondering how much auto shipping costs, so give your chosen company a call and ask for a quote. Transporting your four-wheeler won’t be stressful if you prep your vehicle and pick the right professional auto transport company to do it for you.

Why Should You Ship Your Auto?

When changing your address, it is essential not only to have good packing and moving services but a reliable car shipping provider as well.

You might be wondering why you should ship your machine. Isn’t it easier to drive it by yourself? Having professionals to do it for you has many benefits:

  • Risk of damage is reduced– with a professional crew comprised of drivers and movers, you get attentive and efficient service. They will use high-quality tools to transport your automobile with minimal risk of damage.
  • You won’t have to take time off work– transporting your four-wheeler all by yourself will take time, especially if you are relocating far away.
  • Lowering stress levels– driving takes a lot of concentration, especially if you are not an experienced driver. Letting professionals handle the business will keep you calm and focused on other things
  • Insurance– with trustworthy service providers, you get insurance for your car, so even if there is the damage, you will get payed
  • Saving money– having a trained crew handle your machine means you don’t have to pay for tolls, fees, and other unexpected circumstances. Remember, if you drive by yourself, you need to buy food, gas, and pay for a room to rest.

Questions About Auto Transport That You Should Know the Answer To

When you decide to give the keys of your precious four-wheeler to a professional, you might have a few questions you need answers to.

Most people want to know what a shipping quote is. That is an approximate estimate of how much it will cost to transport your machine. Since there is no fixed price, many companies offer an estimate. The final quote will depend on multiple factors:

  • Size, weight, and length of cars
  • The car’s overall condition and the ability to steer, brake and roll
  • Make and model of your machine
  • Distance between locations
  • Type of container and delivery
  • Time of the year

If you are wondering why the time of the year is one of the factors in getting a final quote, keep in mind that not all seasons are equality busy for movers. Consider moving your machine in the middle of the month, because then you will avoid periods of high demand. Also, fall and spring are the best seasons to ship, since the weather is good and there is lower demand.

If you have any more questions, know that reliable companies have excellent customer service that is at your disposal.

Ship cars, it is easier than driving it by yourself

How Does Car Shipping Work – Open and Enclosed Transport

You are thinking about your auto on the open road, and you are wondering how the company will move it? Most service providers offer two options that you can choose from – open and enclosed carriers.

If you want to save up, the open trailer service is for you. It is the cheapest and most popular option when it comes to vehicle transportation. Although the trailers are not covered and your car is exposed to the weather, drivers are trained to take care of your machine.

Do you have a rare or a brand new luxury car that needs moving? Picking an enclosed container service might be an excellent solution for you. Trailers offer protection from all weather conditions, so you don’t have to worry about your machine getting dirty or damaged by external elements. But, since these haulers can only fit up to five cars, this type of transportation is more expensive.

New and expensive cars should be moved in enclosed haulers

Door to Door and Terminal to Terminal Delivery

When you hire a service provider to handle your vehicle, check what kind of delivery options they offer. Many have door-to-door and terminal-to-terminal types of delivery. Depending on your free time, budget, and other needs, you can choose between the two.

Door-to-door delivery means that the company will pick up your automobile from a designated location and drop it off at the desired destination. Plus, you don’t have to be personally present during the delivery – just appoint somebody you trust to wait instead of you.

Terminal-to-terminal delivery means that your machine will be dropped off at one of the regional storage facilities. This type of delivery is more suitable for people who have a flexible schedule since you will have to go to the terminal to pick up your four-wheeler. But keep in mind that sometimes, terminals won’t be too close to your new home, depending on where you’re moving.

Preparing Your Vehicle for the Move – Step by Step

When you want to ship your machine to another place, it is important to prepare it in a way that minimizes damage in any way possible and reduces costs.

Using an auto transport company means that you will have a team of professionals to handle your vehicle, but you can always take precautions yourself:

  • Do a general checkup to be sure that there are no leaking fluids
  • Leave a quarter of gas in the tank and top off all other fluids
  • Wash your vehicle. This is a great way for you to spot bumps, scratches, and dents. Knowing the condition of your vehicle means it will be easier to spot damage that may occur during the move.
  • Turn off all the alarms your automobile has.
  • There are not many things you should keep in your car. Remove all personal belongings and other removable objects like radios, tags, garage openers. Also, you should get rid of bike racks. They make your car unnecessarily bulky.
  • Remember to leave windows slightly ajar to relieve pressure caused by the temperature elevation.
When you ship your automobile clean it so it looks like its new

Who Needs Insurance?

You prepped your car the best way possible, and you hired a professional service provider to handle it. But there is always a chance that something bad might happen.

Make sure that your chosen service provider has an insurance policy. You would not want to be stuck in a situation where you have to repair your machine all by yourself. Read trough policy and check what kind of damage is covered with it. Make sure that your car gets the best protection possible.