7 Tips You Must Know in 2022 When Moving Out of State

July 16, 2021Moving Tips
Gemma Collins

Gemma is an NJ local that has explored all the US states, making her the perfect person to write about moving.

According to research, around 31 million Americans move yearly, and a small percentage decides on moving out of state. If you’re a part of the small percentage that wants to learn how to move out of state, you must learn some tips and tricks for that purpose, and we have seven major tips for a successful interstate relocation.

#1 Before Moving Out of State, Visit Your New City and Get to Know It

It’s great to dream about all the places you could settle in and have a home, but you need to get to know them first. Relocating on a whim can happen, especially if it’s a last-minute move. However, before moving to a new state, you should definitely research it, especially if you have a family with small children. There should be good schools in the area, increased safety and family-friendly places to spend time on the weekends. If you’re relocating alone, make sure the new area reflects the life you want so things could be easier when you settle in.

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Check the Living Costs and Your Budget

Another important thing to consider is the cost of living at your destination. Budgeting plays a significant role in deciding where to live, so you need to be realistic about your desires and expectations. Determining a realistic but flexible relocation budget means that you’ll keep a leveled head when picking out a place to live, and you’ll be fully aware of the possibilities it provides. If you’re unsure about where to live, you can do a fun where should I move quiz to help you decide and learn more about other cities and states.

A big part of the cost comes from driving, too. Suppose you have a car and want to travel with it. If you plan on driving to your next residence and don’t have a car yet, you need to research the best cars for city driving so life could be easier. In that case, other things to look out for are how to move your car to other states, how to potentially pack your car for relocating, whether there’s a lot of road rage in the city, and, if you have a lease, if it’s possible to register your leased car in another state.

small models of various types of houses and two hands holding a little house cutout
As long as you have realistic expectations, the move will go without issues

#2 Find a Job Before Moving to Another State

When reading or hearing about how to move to another state, the conversation usually starts with the advice to find a job in another place and then decide on relocating. This is good for a few reasons – firstly, if you have no idea how to tell your friends and family, it’s a valid excuse to move out. Secondly, you have security and stability right off the bat and don’t have to worry about fitting in or even making friends in a new city because you’ll have colleagues to help you manage and socialize whenever you want.

If you’re not sure how and where to start looking for a job in a different city, you can ask friends, family, colleagues, and maybe even acquaintances to connect you with someone looking for employees at your place of destination. If you prefer to manage alone, you can also follow the instructions from the video below.

YouTube video

#3 Tell the People You Love About the Plan to Move Out

The hardest part about relocating is telling friends and family that you plan on doing it. There are many things people forget to do when they move, and having a conversation with their loved ones about the decision to move is definitely one of them. We’re here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be dramatic or hard to tell your decision to others. The most important thing to speak about is the very reason for leaving. If you know precisely why you want to start life in another city, your inner circle will most likely support the decision.

Your Closest Friends Will Help You Move if You Ask Them

You can plan to tell people one by one, or throw a going away party and celebrate the last few days at the old home with everyone you love. This mostly depends on how you feel each person would react to the news and if you have the mental strength to inform people about the situation in one way or another. Talk to your parents first. Do not forget this step because you can also ask them to be involved in the move by helping you pack, driving you to pick up packing materials, or be involved in any way possible.

father and son leaning on a fence and talking about USA auto transport
Don’t wait for a long time to tell your parents about relocation

#4 Create a Moving Out of State Checklist

Another one of the vital moving tips is to create a checklist where you’ll have insight into all of the items you want to pack for relocating. Aside from packing, there are other things you need to put on the list, such as the criteria for your new house, taking care of recurring bills, and decluttering. Using the checklist as a guide for your move can be of assistance during the process, as it can significantly reduce stress and help you ensure nothing’s left behind and forgotten.

Put House-Hunting on the List

Who says that the list has to start when you start packing? The checklist begins to become relevant as soon as you decide to move, and house hunting is one more thing to add to it. Listing the amenities you want your next home to have and sticking to those wishes is a safe way to pick out a place that suits your needs and possibilities. Next time you ask how much money should you save to move out of state, refer to your checklist to find that out. Of course, adapting your budget to the destination is more than recommended, as homes in California don’t cost the same as the homes in Georgia, for example. Being realistic helps, too.

Everyone wishes house hunting was a short process, but it usually takes a while to find a place to suit every requirement. Maybe the place is beyond perfect, but way over budget, or fits the price range but doesn’t have all the necessary rooms, the neighborhood isn’t the best, it’s far from the city center, and alike. When you make a list of pros and cons for your next house, the selection process will be more tolerable, and maybe it ends up being shorter, too.

Buy or Find Packing Materials and Supplies

Some of the most important things for relocation are packaging supplies. If you want to move efficiently, you should have all kinds of packaging materials ready for relocation day, even if you hire professional movers. There will be items you’ll have to pack by yourself, so make sure to be prepared for the process. The basic packaging supplies are:

  • Cardboard boxes and other types of containers,
  • Padding and wrapping materials, like paper, newspapers, bubble and plastic wrap, and cotton household items (t-shirts, pillowcases, rags, and towels,)
  • Duct tape (preferably on a tape dispenser) and scissors,
  • Markers, pens, and labels for the final touches,

All these items should be on your relocation checklist, and they can all be found for cheap or even free, which is a great relocation hack. Paper can be purchased in bulk, while you can visit any restaurant or grocery store and ask their staff to give you their extra boxes. You may even have some around your house, since a lack of cardboard boxes doesn’t mean you couldn’t use something like baskets, plastic storage drawers and containers, and alike, as long as you pack everything necessary.

a couple holding a recycled box and a basket full of pillows
It’s okay to get creative during the packaging process

#5 Clean Out the Closet and Declutter

Many of us believe that putting every item of clothing into suitcases means relocating successfully, but that’s the opposite of success. You’ll likely end up throwing away many items you do not want to wear or simply those that do not fit you. Do this before packaging all your clothes into the suitcases, and you’ll be a relocation and packaging pro. If the question on your mind is what is the cheapest way to move out of state and we reply that it’s decluttering, it may sound funny, but it’s true.

Why does decluttering and cleaning out your closet matter? It’s simple – the fewer items you have, the lower the relocation costs will be, and you’ll save money. Plan out your outfits and pack only the most necessary things. It’s a good idea to pack an essential suitcase, too, with the clothes you intend to wear during the first week or two at the next house. You can also look up creative storage ideas to see how to pack and store your clothes when you move out, and if there’s anything you’d like to leave in storage, you can look up how to protect items in storage units.

Whatever You Don’t Pack for Moving, Sell, Donate, or Recycle

You can organize a garage sale to sell all the clothes and furniture that are still in good condition and usable, which is a nice way to add some extra cash to your relocation budget. You can also do a good deed and donate clothes that you wouldn’t wear anymore to a homeless shelter or a donation center near you. And for the unusable stuff, look for the nearest recycling center and take it to get refurbished rather than just throwing it away. These three suggestions are great ways to leave your mark on the community before leaving and downsizing and decluttering.

a man holding a box that says ‘donation’
Donate or sell the stuff you aren’t using anymore

#6 One of the Most Important Tips for Moving Out of State – Cancel Your Utilities

This is one of the most important tips because it’s often forgotten. When you sell your home and move out, you have to cancel the utilities in your name because you’ll keep getting billed. This is a nuisance, but it happens more often than you think, and we insist on reminding you to call up your utility providers and let them know about your plans to relocate, especially when it’s interstate relocation. If you are curious about how to transfer utilities, you can ask your providers if that’s possible, but most of the time, it’s not. Your safest bet is to cancel utilities at the old address and register for them again when you move.

a close-up of a paper for utility billing
You likely can’t transfer utilities, so canceling is the better option

#7 Hire Professional Movers to Help you Make the Transition

The last tip for relocating is to hire a professional relocation company and have their movers assist you with one of the biggest events of your life. A reliable company can assist you with relocation services, packaging, and car shipping all at once. If you’re worried about relocation scams, a little research on the proper websites can assure you of the quality of most relocation companies.

What is the average cost of moving to another state? Well, hiring a relocation and auto transport company can cause additional expenses, but hiring a company that offers both those services reduces the cost by a lot, and you can actually save when hiring movers and getting a professional relocation truck. A good relocation and car shipping company can transport cars between states and provide different long-distance services for all types of moves.

Car shipping typically comes in an open trailer and also in an enclosed auto transport truck. For vehicle pick up and delivery, customers get door-to-door auto transport and terminal-to-terminal car shipping. For items and boxes, you can opt for safe-keeping them in storage units for a while, too. Whichever service you choose, we hope you’ll take advantage of the tips we gave you on long-distance relocating and starting a new life.

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