The Ultimate List of the Best Packing Materials for Moving

June 15, 2021Moving Tips
Anastasia Hill

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If you’re planning to relocate soon, you better start collecting the necessary packing materials for moving ASAP. Regardless of the location, you have chosen for your new home, you will have to gather the supplies that will preserve your belongings in transport and storage. Moves always require way more than just picking up a few boxes. However, once you read this article, you will be in the clear regarding absolutely every material you might need.

person taping cardboards
When you plan a relocation, you will have to make a full list of tools and materials that will help you during the process

Besides collecting the necessary tools, materials, and equipment, you should contact a reliable moving and car shipping company that will help you relocate successfully. Once you have it all covered, you can start to sort your household goods and get packed.

Why Is Getting the Right Packing Supplies for Moving Crucial?

The short answer is – obtaining the right amount of packing material for moving will make your life (and your relocation process) substantially easier. But that’s not all. Firstly, searching for these important items in the right places will cut some of the costs and will have a positive effect on your relocation budget. How so? First of all – you might already have some inside your household. Secondly, packaging everything correctly will reduce the amount of space your stuff will take, ease the whole process, and if you’ve been decluttering priorly, your costs will drop.

Pro tip: When you dedicate your time to reducing the clutter, consider donating unwanted belongings to the Red Cross. Additionally, you might sell some of the unused possessions that are in good shape.

Now, apart from the cost-effective aspect, there’s an equally significant portion of the deal you must take into account. That’s right – we’re talking about safety precautions. Even when you hire the most reputable movers and the best auto transport company, you should additionally insure your possessions. High-quality materials and a few relocation hacks that will help you package everything rightly will do the trick. That way, you will minimize the odds of any damage, and you will easily have an efficient move.

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Get You Packing and Moving Supplies on Time

Getting adequate materials isn’t that difficult if you start on time and know exactly what you are looking for. That means you must be familiar with the sizes and quantity of both the items you intend to get packed and the proper containers for them.

The basic relocation tips suggest that you should start to plan your move approximately two months in advance. Once you decide where you should move, there are more important assignments to fulfill.

You should pay a quick visit to your local store at least three weeks prior to your move. If it turns out that you didn’t obtain enough of the boxes and packing supplies, you can ask your movers for help. They can provide more of the materials for you. On the other hand, if you have some leftovers and unused stuff, you can always give them to a friend or sibling, or you could donate them.

person holding a cardboard box
Start getting supplied at least three weeks in advance

The Most Popular Packing Materials for Moving

Some of the equipment is too obvious to skip, while other tools and materials are quite handy, and yet many people won’t consider using them. Starting from the top to bottom, here’s what you must have:

  • Strong, cardboard boxes of various sizes,
  • Plastic and bubble wrap for furniture and electronics,
  • Packing paper for fragile and delicate belongings,
  • Pads and blankets,
  • High-quality tape,
  • Ziplock bags,
  • Labeling markers,
  • Ropes, straps, hand trucks, and dollies.

In addition to all these essential things, you should also get some rubber gloves to save your hands from injuries. They will also be needed for the after the move period. Before unpacking and going out to make friends in a new city, you must clean the new residence meticulously. That’s when the rubber gloves become part of the essentials again.
And now, let’s see what you ought to know about each supply from the list.

materials for getting packed for move
Every supply from this list has its purpose and it will ease your move substantially

Small, Large, and Medium Boxes

As we all know, cardboard packages are the most practical and cost-friendly choice to get packed and transport things when relocating. Getting several clean, durable, and strong cardboard crates of different sizes to preserve your goods in the storage and while transporting them is unavoidable:

  • Small – To avoid one of the most common relocation mistakes, never place your heavy belongings into large cardboards. Small ones should be ready for your miniature yet weighty possessions like tools, books, and similar things.
  • Medium – You should store gadgets, garments, electronic devices, and small appliances in these cases. Medium-sized cardboards with dividers are handy for keeping your breakables secured during transport.
  • Large – You should pack your bedding, curtains, and other large but less weighty stuff in a large carton.

According to analytics, the medium number of boxes needed to package the content of one household is around 60. You can define your needs more accurately when you think about the number of rooms and the square footage of your home, the number of people who will relocate, and your personal style and choices.

Special Boxes for Valuable and Breakable Possessions

If you have some extra breakable or treasured possessions you want to move, getting these crates is the best idea. They are made especially to keep your valuable and delicate objects secure and shielded through transport. You can use them to protect your:

  • Pictures and large mirrors,
  • Clothes that you must protect from dust, grime, and moisture,
  • Dishes and other kitchen breakables.

Lastly, you can utilize them to keep your important documents safe. According to stats, the necessary paperwork is on the list of things people forget when relocating. If you don’t hire a company to ship your car cross country, you will want to keep all of the documents close at all times. And while you’re at it, make sure to review the list of things to keep in your car when discussing terminal-to-terminal car shipping or door-to-door auto transport with your service provider.

Labeling Is an Important Step – Get the Permanent Markers

Creating different labels is paramount on many levels. It will help you track your possessions with ease regardless of whether you intend to move to a new state or just around the corner. In addition to it, it will help movers understand the content of each box and packing supplies they will handle in any way. And whether you rent a unit or choose to go after your own creative storage ideas to keep your stuff organized and secure, labeling everything rightly will help.
Go buy several permanent markers and mark every piece of cardboard you fill with stuff. For the best results, you should utilize different colors and put labels on three sides.

markers for labeling
Label everything you pack so that you don't get lost when you arrive at your destination

Seal Every Box With Quality Tape

Whether you want to pack your car and relocate by yourself or contact professional movers and acquire their service, your belongings must be carefully placed into fitting boxes, suitcases, and containers. And those containers must be sealed tightly. Make sure to purchase the best tape for your move – and lots of it. If you struggle with taking off residual glue afterward – don’t worry. Here’s a video for you that will help you get rid of the stains that might remain:

YouTube video

Plastic and Bubble Wrap for Massive Objects

Picking reliable movers and avoiding moving scams is the most significant step you must take prior to the relocation. However, choosing suitable materials to get properly packed is also more than important.

Plastic wrap is very helpful when it comes to protecting your furniture and other bulky or oddly shaped pieces. Having your sofa and chairs wrapped carefully will protect them from moisture, dust, and dirt. This material grants you another efficient hack to save time and get packed quickly. You won’t have to empty your cabinets and drawers if you decide to cover them with it.
Before you start to get your electronics packed for a safe move, you should get some anti-static bubble wrap. This special type of wrapping will secure them completely.

Pro tip: Never use newspapers for packaging your screens and monitors. They could get scratched or damaged by paint.

Pack Your Furniture Correctly With Pads and Blankets

You can utilize pads and blankets to shield your furniture and other more massive parts throughout your move. These supplies are sizeable and compact yet soft. They will preserve your belongings from cuts and lumps that can harm them during transport. Don’t forget to strengthen your blankets with tape and stop them from shifting. You can also take your worn beach towels and similar materials for this purpose.

Use Ziplock Bags

These bags will help you stay organized. Whether you plan to relocate to another state alone or with family, or move locally, you must disassemble your furniture into smaller bits to ease the sliding, shifting, and loading onto a moving truck. This means that you will have a lot of loose pieces, such as screws, that can get misplaced quickly. If you ziplock them, your chances of losing them decrease. More importantly, you can label each bag and know exactly where your small parts are (and where they should go after the arrival at your new place).

Don’t Be Cheap on Bubble Wrap – You’ll Need it for the Fragile Items

Although there are other alternatives to protect your delicate and breakable objects, like glasses, dishes, or mugs, using bubble wrap is always recommended. If you want to add the extra layer of protection, the first step you should take is to set a cushion base inside of the box by lining its bottom with this material or packing peanuts. Then, utilize it again to package every item separately. The popular alternatives include newspapers or towels. When placing one item at a time, you should remember that the heaviest ones go on the bottom and the lightest at the top of the container. Ultimately, you should avoid leaving any empty space between fragile objects. Use more paper to fill the voids and keep them from shifting around.

A frame being wrapped
Getting every belonging extra safe is easy when you use the right material

Get Your Free (or Cheap) Materials – In Stores and From Your Home!

Every move raises a lot of financial questions. How much does it cost to ship a car? How much should you tip your movers? If you’re looking for ways to save up and reduce some relocation costs, getting free or inexpensive materials is the right way to do it. Stores aren’t the only places you should visit and canvass. You can get creative and use some of the materials you already have in your home. Bags and suitcases are some of the most commonly used allies for this part of the process. But you can also utilize old shirts, towels, linens, and even socks.
Here’s what else you can do:

  • Rent or borrow instead of buying some of the materials,
  • Find some sturdy garbage bags inside your household,
  • Get rid of unnecessary stuff to reduce the need for getting more materials (and lower relocation costs),
  • Stockpile old cardboards before you start to calculate your necessities and get packed,
  • Find crayons and anything that can replace permanent markers if you don’t want to buy them.

Buying a family car is rarely a proper time to strive to save a few bucks. However, gathering (most of) the necessary materials to get packed for a move is your perfect opportunity to spare some dimes.

couple holding a piggy bank
Reduce your costs by learning how to get some free or cheap materials

Get Ready to Pack and Move!

Once you decide to change your location and jumpstart a new life, you should collect all of the useful pieces of advice on all relevant topics. Whether it’s the best car shipping advice or actionable tips on decluttering your basement, you should rely on the pros and their insights. And picking the right materials to get packed is one of the subjects you must grasp fully.

Ultimately, you should look for a viable way to avoid driving stress. You can do that and reach your destination well-rested and tension-free once you hire a professional crew to transport your vehicle in an open or enclosed trailer. Although both car shipping options work excellently, many people choose an open trailer since it represents the most cost-effective option. Take your time to gather the information, necessary materials, and explore your alternatives.

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