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Things to Keep in Your Car

People are different, and while some choose to empty their car trunks, others prefer to keep a bunch of stuff in the back of their vehicle. You have to know that there are things that should always be kept in the car, either for emergency reasons or simply have them ready. When you call USA Auto Transport to move your car, it is recommended that it is emptied. But on every other occasion, here is the list of things you should keep in the car.

You have to know how to maintain your car, in case of any emergency
You have to know how to maintain your car, in case of any emergency

Car Repair and Maintenance

Sometimes, the car can break down suddenly, and you will be forced to park it at the side of the road. To avoid hours of waiting until the help arrives, there are things that can be done even if you are not a handyman. However, you do need to have some things in the trunk to get you going again. First of all, you do not want to start a road trip without a spare tire. Even a spare tire can prove useless if there is no tire jack and tire iron to replace the flat one. We advise on learning how to change a tire because it can be beneficial, and it is not rocket science. You will get hands dirty, but the job will be completed, and you will head back to the road as if nothing happened.

Another typical breakdown is related to batteries, which is why you need to have jumper cables. Fixing the battery is easier than you think, and there is no way anyone can do it wrong. If you are not sure, always raise a hand and stop a Good Samaritan to help you out. Keep in mind that it wouldn’t be possible without the jumper cables out in the back.

The next necessary thing is car repair information. If you are a member of AAA, keep their number in the glove-box compartment, but you also need a number of an auto repair shop. While you can keep these numbers saved on a phone, it is advisable to make a hard copy as well, because the phone may be dead and you might need to stop somebody and use their phone. Also, the car insurance claim forms might come in handy, and they are best to be kept in the vehicle.

Changing a tire can sometimes save both life and time
Changing a tire can sometimes save both life and time

Reflective Vest and Fire Extinguisher

It is mandatory to wear a vest and put it on at the same time you get out of the car due to car issues or an accident. The other drivers will see you once you step out of the vehicle. Thus an accident is being avoided. Of course: keep it always at hand – never in the trunk – but do not place it on the back of the seat. As for the fire extinguisher, this item must be within reach of your hand or near someone who travels along. In the event of a fire, this item comes in very handy, so make sure this device is always stored in the car.

fire extinguisher

First Aid Kit

The following items should be found in the first aid kit: disposable gloves, bandages, strips, tweezers, scissors, alcohol, iodine, a thermal blanket, instant cold solution, and rubber to make a tourniquet (if necessary). Of course, it is obligatory to know the first aid steps. Otherwise, all the items on the list are useless. Each of the items should be in its bag and, if possible, sterilized. Do not forget that these things have their expiration date, so check the car kit from time to time and replace them. This is definitely the item everyone should always keep in a car.

Useful Telephone Numbers and Chargers

This is something no one considers, but it can always be useful. If you have your parent’s number, friends’ or partner’s phone number on the cell phone, why don’t you store the emergency number, the insurance company’s number or the car club phone? For additional security, write down all the essential numbers on a sheet and paste it on the lid of the glove compartment. Also, the mobile phone is of no use if it is not charged. Make sure you have a charger in the car. Some charges can be used while driving, or use an external battery.

useful phone numbers


Aren’t you tired of forgetting the driver’s license and registration all the time? Then just keep these items in the car always, and you won’t have any problems.

  • Driver’s Licence
  • Proof of Registration
  • Vehicle Manual.
  • Pen and Paper, you never know when you will need these.
  • Vehicle Insurance
drivers licence

Tool Box

It is advisable to have tools when you travel. God forbid, but one can never know when a car might stop. So, we made a list of the necessary toolbox items that should be found in everyone’s car. Bring flashlight. No need to mention the reasons why this is necessary, especially when you have to check up on the engine at night. The second item is a lubricant for the car. All the drivers know that the grease is the essential item for a car engine, so make sure you always carry a container with the one recommended by the manufacturer. That way you save the life of the engine, and thus the car.
Hammer is a tool that can be used to smash glass if necessary, in the case of an accident. You can find today some hammers that include a cutter, which is a very useful tool to use in order to cut the seat belt if it has been stuck. In case of falling into the water while there are passengers in the car, this will be the only element that might be able to get them out of the vehicle.

There should always be a space for a toolbox in your trunk


Last, but not least important, are coins. No matter how silly this may sound, but if you find a free parking space, the fastest way to pay for it is coins. The most practical thing is that drivers carry a small purse in the car where they can store all the coins. But it is not recommended to leave the bag in plain sight. You can leave it in the glove compartment. Also, when paying for the toll, you don’t want to search in all pockets to see if there is some change left. Collecting coins can be very handy, so be ready and save some time.

We hope that the list we made is going to be your “must-do” before you go somewhere. Either way, USA Auto Transport is here to help you always when you are on the road. Have a safe trip!

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