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January 5, 2021Moving Tips
Hannah Michaelson

Hannah is a freelance relocation writer from NYC that has become an expert on packing and unpacking.

Have you been trying to figure out where you want to live, but you’re still not sure? Then it’s time for a good old where should I move quiz. Answering the question of what US city should I live in is very important because the place you reside in has a huge impact on your mental and physical health and wellbeing. We can help you learn which state is the perfect one for you based on your preferences.

Personality quizzes might seem like they aren’t the right way to decide something this important, but that could be wrong. Each state and community have their own climate, vibe, activities, political views, crime level, and so much more that immensely impacts where you can feel good about your surroundings. If the place you’re in right now bores you, or you feel like you don’t fit in, it’s time to see what’s the answer to the tough question called where should I live.

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Things to Know Before Taking the Where Should I Move Quiz

Thousands of Americans move each year, and there are so many reasons for that. Those who are changing their job or moving in with someone already know where they’re headed. However, there are also so many people that wish to change the cities they call home, but they still don’t know which option could be the best one. Before you pack your suitcases and go on one of the famous routes in the USA, make sure you have a budget big enough for a cross country move. Even though you won’t be driving in the president’s limo, these relocations are expensive, so try to save as much money as you can. If you also plan on shipping your car cross country, check all the car shipping advice, learn how to transport cars from state to state, and prepare the car for shipping.

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Start making a moving budget as soon as you decide to relocate

Don’t Guess the State You’ll Live in – Choose the One That Matches Your Preferences

Of course, you can just put the finger on the map with your eyes closed and move there if you’re up for an adventure. If your time or budget isn’t limited, you can “go on a date” with any of the states or cities you like. Whichever place you choose, make sure you visit it before relocating. That way, you’ll be completely sure that you’ve made the right choice.

Our Quick Test to See in Which New City You Would Prefer to Live Covers All the Crucial Factors

The most important thing you should pay attention to when thinking about where you should live is the livability of the city. This term covers all the crucial indicators that the place will give you a good quality of life and lots of opportunities of all kinds. It also includes diversity, unemployment rate, walkability, cost of living, and much more. There are a lot of places in the country with high livability – let’s see which is the one for you.

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Are You Wondering “What US City Should I Live In?” Find Out Now

There are many quizzes online to answer the dilemma of “where should I live.” Some are more or less useful, but the main thing is to be completely honest with yourself when solving the quiz, so you don’t waste your time and money on relocating and renting or buying a property there.

Start the Where Should I Move Quiz

Answer the following questions with how much you agree or disagree with the statement. That way, you can figure out what is your priority and what you just can’t adapt to.

  • The weather impacts my mood and health.

Agree – Weather is one of the main factors that have a huge effect on our mood, mental health, and everyday activities. If you have weather-related mood swings or migraines, you should avoid states and cities with all four seasons or gloomy skies. Knowing how driving in Seattle works will be useless, as well as driving in New York City. Places like South California, Arizona, Nevada, or Florida could be a good pick if you love warm weather and sunshine.

Disagree – You find all four seasons beautiful, and you don’t mind rainy days and grey skies. If you also love snow and cold, then states and cities close to or on the East Coast are perfect for you. You might want to check out what it’s like driving in Chicago because this vibrant city can be the one for you.

  • Affordability is a major factor for me.

Agree – In case your budget is limited, you should avoid the most expensive cities in the country, such as NYC, San Francisco, and Boston. Texas might be a good option since there you can find affordable housing and moderate prices of groceries.

Disagree – If you saved a lot of money and you have a well-paid job, you can relocate wherever you want, including the most expensive states in the US such as New York and California. You can find amazing places there as well as a good salary. Another suggestion is a state that offers you fantastic quality of life for a high living cost – Hawaii.

  • I love being active and spending time outside.

Agree – Residents of states with lots of sunny days are outdoorsy, and they are usually very active. Many of them swim and surf all year round, or they go hiking, biking, or running frequently. One of the best cities for being physically active outdoors is Denver, Colorado.

Disagree – If you care about your physical health, but you don’t mind being in the gym instead of working out in the park, you can choose some of the places with the most gyms per capita. Cities with many fitness centers close by are New York and Washington DC.

  • Politics really matter to me, I couldn’t live somewhere where I don’t like the political atmosphere.

Agree – Regardless if you’re red or blue, you should pick a state that agrees with your political views. The most liberal cities are on the coasts, both East and West, such as Berkley, California. Conservative cities are mostly in the Southern states, such as Colorado and Texas.

Disagree – If you can fit well wherever and you’re ambivalent about the political situation, move to one of the states where the politics are moderate. Quizzes can’t help a lot with this situation – your options are unlimited.

  • I wish to be somewhere where the employment rate is high so that I can change careers or advance in my field of interest.

Agree – If you’re passionate about your career, metropolises are the best choice for you. Pick a city depending on your field of work. If you’re into tech, you should move to Washington DC, NYC, Seattle, San Francisco, or Dallas. If you work in healthcare, you can go to Houston, Philadelphia, or Pittsburgh. Artists can find their luck in NYC, SF, LA, or Atlanta.

Having your business can be tricky because relocating can change your success. Make sure you check how the market looks in the state you like before relocating your job there. This is especially true for small businesses. For example, if you have your own grocery store, the best city for you could be Portland or some other farm-to-table community.

Disagree – In case you have a job, you don’t want to change it, and the relocation can’t impact it, you have no worries. You can just focus on cities with lots of fun stuff to do when you’re free. Miami, Florida, is one of the cities that never sleep, and there’s always something exciting to do.

  • I prefer walking or using public transportation instead of driving.

Agree – Are you going to say yes to walking or catching a bus instead of getting one of the best cars for city driving or some of the popular import cars? Then you should move to one of the most walkable communities in the nation, such as Seattle, Boston, or Long Beach, California. As for public transportation, your top picks should be Washington DC, San Francisco, or Chicago.

Disagree – Maybe you’d still prefer to know how to pack a car for moving because you want to have your own four-wheeler available anytime. If that’s the case, you’d have to avoid cities where commuting lasts for hours regardless of the time you choose for driving. Communities with the least driving anxiety are Charlotte, North Carolina, Fort Worth, Texas, and Chicago.

  • Sports are important to me, and I love cheering for the local teams.

Agree – Boston, Philadelphia, San Francisco Bay Area, Chicago, and Minneapolis are the perfect communities for you if you love having successful local sports teams that you can support and watch with your friends and family. All of these places also have amazing beer that goes perfectly with a good game.

Disagree – If you’re not a sports fanatic and you couldn’t care less about a game on the TV, move to some of the locations where other things occupy people’s attention. It could be music or film, or maybe some festival such as Comic-Con in San Diego. Austin, TX, is also one of the big metro areas without major-league sports teams.

  • I’m looking for a safe community with a low level of crime.

Agree – Are you relocating alone or with kids? In either case, you should choose a community where you can feel safe day and night. Some of the safest areas in the country are Virginia Beach, Virginia, Broadview Heights, Ohio, Salem, Oregon, and Plano, Texas.

Disagree – In case you don’t care about the safety level in the town you’re living in, and you find other things more relevant, such as nightlife, we have a lot of suggestions. This list can’t go without Las Vegas, Miami Beach, NYC, and Atlanta.

Times Square, NYC
Pick the destination that fits perfectly with your personality

Do You Plan on Driving to Your New Destination or Getting Car Shipping Services?

Once you figure out your moving budget, see if it’s a better option for you to drive to the home you chose or to hire a car shipping company with professional auto transport services. You’ll get to choose between door to door auto transport and terminal to terminal car shipping, whichever you find more convenient. The auto transport company will offer you their open trailer, which is the cheapest way to ship a car to another state. You can also opt for the enclosed auto transport if you wish to move the car to another state, but this option is a more expensive one. It’s mostly used by owners of some of the most expensive cars in the world that you can see on the best car shows.

However, if you’re thinking about driving to the location you chose, make sure you know all about your vehicle so that you can avoid all possible inconveniences. If you don’t know already, learn how to change a flat tire, but also how to start a car without jumper cables and how to tell if the water pump is bad. Get the best car insurance for young drivers if you’re a newbie on the road, and learn how to register your car in a new state because you will need new documents once you relocate.

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