Moving to Another State Alone and How to Make a Best of It

March 27, 2021Moving Tips
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Deciding to leave the location where you have spent all your life and moving to another state alone is one of the most stressful and delicate decisions to make. Leaving behind your family and friends, a hometown where you’ve grown, and all the memories you have there can make this moment even more difficult.

Yet, don’t forget that relocation to an entirely different environment can get the best out of you. Remember that this is an ideal opportunity to prove yourself, find a new job, meet new people, and become a part of their community. Meaning you’re about to start the next chapter in your life. So, stay tuned cause we are about to answer one of the most frequently asked questions – is it hard to move to a new city alone – and present you with the best strategy on how to move to another state by yourself.

How to Move Out of State Alone?

Moving to a new state alone requires in detail research, preparations, and a timeline that will follow your plan. You’ll need to cover every single detail. From budgeting your costs and calculating whether to live in the suburbs and buy a house or rent an apartment to discovering how car shipping works. When those big questions are resolved, you can turn to packing books and removing the chandelier, to name some.

Not to mention if you are planning to accept a job offer and try to list all the things to consider when relocating for a job. Trying to keep all these details in your mind without a plan is a certain sign you’re about to forget something. This is the reason why you have to make a thorough research and prepare mentally and emotionally for all life changes that relocation is about to bring. Don’t procrastinate and start to explore the best ways to organize your change of residence.

Research and Plan Your Relocation

Before you decide where should you move to, make sure you’ll research the candidates thoroughly. Here some topics you should definitely not want to miss before you move to another area:

  • What are the living conditions and costs,
  • If you have yet to look for a job, check what employment opportunities are,
  • What are the weather conditions of that area,
  • What are cultural peculiarities and social life in the specific area,
  • When is the best time to relocate,
  • What time will you need to set up everything for relocation,
  • What would be the average cost of interstate moving
  • Figure out transportation options, keep in mind that driving in Seattle might not be the same as driving in Chicago. Knowing the area will lower your driving anxiety.

After you revise all these questions, it is time to start planning car transport from state to state and organizing other parts of your relocation.

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Prepare Mentally and Expect an Emotional Rollercoaster

Mental and emotional preparations imply knowing how to say bye to your friends before you move, and how to stay in contact with them. Being alone in a new city, not having any friends or family by your side, and trying to feel like you’re at home might be very challenging and make you feel sensitive, anxious, and nostalgic. For this reason, it would be of tremendous help if you don’t neglect your emotions and try to learn how to cope with relocating away from your friends.

Although you will be miles away from each other, it doesn’t mean you have to end the valuable friendships you were building for years. When you feel lonely, insecure, or you simply need to hear a familiar voice, do not hesitate to call them or invite them to come for a weekend to explore the city together and enjoy the fun.

Planner and a pen
Before moving to another state alone, research every detail that can possibly affect your lifestyle

Find a Place You’ll Call Home When Moving to Another State Alone

Once you decide which city is the most suitable for you to live in, it is the right time to check the housing market. Consider whether you’ll buy or rent your residential property, explore and compare prices both of apartments and houses, and check other important details such as:

  • The safety and living standards of the neighborhood, because you don’t want to move to an unsafe area and then wonder what to do when your car gets stolen.
  • Location and micro-location – how far it is from your working place or city center,
  • The property’s general condition – is it ready to use, or you’ll have to undertake some renovations.

Renting an Apartment

Since you’re relocating alone, renting an apartment would be a better option in the beginning. It still requires a strategy and timeline because the search should start at least a month before deciding which one to rent. Also, you should be aware that you will need some extra time to set the whole place up. It would be a good idea to prepare a checklist of things you might need for your first apartment in order to create a cozy atmosphere at your newish home.

Co-living Spaces

Another option to observe is co-living, especially if you’re about to move from a small town to a big city. Co-living is a considerable solution for all those who are not entirely ready to live alone, feel more comfortable to be surrounded by people, or have a limited budget.

In most cases, co-living spaces consist of a separated studio apartment with a bathroom and small kitchen, while all residents share the living room area and fully equipped kitchen. Co-living spaces offer a lot of fun and opportunities to meet people and friends easily. The mission of co-living spaces is to group communities such as families or young professionals, so try not to choose the wrong one.

Buying a Home

Take into account that you will have to take some time to adjust to your new environment and living conditions. Committing to buying a house is a serious step. However, if you feel ready for it, try to explore how purchasing the property could be a good investment as well. Consulting a real estate agent who will narrow your search according to your needs will certainly help you experience the whole process less stressful.

Making a cozy home atmosphere will definitely help you adjust to the new environment

Take Your Time to Organize the Relocation to a New City

Organizing the relocation itself is a demanding process that requires proper planning and schedules. Not only will you have to sort the things you will take with you, but you will also have to choose wisely on hiring the relocation company that will take care of your belongings in a way you expect.

Decluttering and Garage Sales

Even though decluttering means a lot of work – sorting your belongings, donating them to charity organizations, or giving them away to your cousins – it can be very helpful in an attempt to bring with you only necessary items. Luckily there are literally hundreds of possible places where you can donate your items before you move, so this process can be easier than you expect.

And if you want to organize decluttering in a more fun way, then throwing a garage sale is the right fit for you. Furthermore, you will gain some extra cash you can use for buying the items you miss for your future place. Also if you for some reason don’t want to bring your vehicle with you this is a perfect opportunity to get rid of it without selling it through an auction or online

Remember that knowing what not to pack when relocating is as important as knowing what to bring with you. This is how the whole packing process will become much easier to bear.

Hire the Best Long Distance Moving Company

The best way to move to another state is to hire a trustworthy and reputable cross-country moving company that will securely and properly take care of all your belongings. Since long-distance moving is more complex, don’t forget to ask your cross-country movers what types of long-distance moving services they can provide. For example, if you want to move your car, ask them if they collaborate with any auto transport company or have their own auto-transport service. Besides, with the right car shipping company, you will get to pick between open carriers and great enclosed auto transport. And you might even pick delivery options such as door-to-door auto transport and terminal-to-terminal car shipping.

It is always a great solution to hire long-distance movers who can provide you with full assistance with moving services, including, of course, packing services and delivering your belongings in front of your door.

Also, remember to make a list of the most important questions to ask movers, like when they plan to do an in-home estimation, do they offer some additional services such as insurance or storage unit, and where you can check the list of served cites. Prior to confirming your relocation, ask your acquaintances for recommendations, check the reviews page on the relocation company website, and check how they rank on other unbiased websites, such as Better Business Bureau or Trustpilot.

car shipping
Hiring professionals to help you move your car and belongings is a smart decision

How Can I Move to Another State Without a Job?

How to move to another state alone when you still don’t have a job? How much does it cost to ship a car? Is it possible to do it all? This is a difficult question to answer since multiple factors affect the final outcome. Nevertheless, there are few essential pieces of advice to consider prior to deciding whether to dare to such an adventure.

Research the Job Market and Prepare Financially

When relocating to another city and area, it would be best to arrange your savings to cover your living costs for at least three months. This amount of money should cover your rent, bills, and everyday expenses, so consider whether you can afford it. Also, set up a realistic budget and try to stick to it, especially if you don’t have any financial support aside.

Researching the job market actively is a must. There are literally thousands of useful tips on how to get a job before the move, and also how you could increase your budget until you find regular employment.

How Much Money Do You Need to Move to a Different State?

The definite answer depends on a number of factors. For example, how far is a future location from the one you currently live in, and what types of relocation services you need. Also, the amount of money you will need depends on the type of living place and the average expenses, which differ from location to location. Yet, all those costs are countable if you explore them thoroughly.

Regardless of the amount of money you will need, decreasing your costs is desirable in any case. Here is what you can do about that:

  • Instead of living alone in a condo, think about living in a co-living space or find a roommate to share the expenses.
  • Instead of choosing a full-packing relocation service, take a partial one, and get the rest of the packing done by yourself. Explore the packing materials and supplies you need for relocation, and go ahead boxing them up on time.

The Video Below Offers Excellent Tips for Moving Out of State Alone

Check out the others’ experiences and find out all the pros and cons of relocating and living alone in a completely different environment.

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Make Sure to Update Your Documents When Moving to Another State

Don’t forget the legal part! The day you change your residential address, remember to make it official upon your ID documents, and:

girl holding a key
Since each institution has different regulations remember to check how to update your drivers license

Use Your Free Time to Explore the Area and Meet People When Moving to Another State Alone

After you finish the unpacking and all the obligations, start exploring the landmarks and enjoy the area’s highlights. Explore the nature and local differences, join some tourist groups, call your friends from your hometown, and embark on a stress-free road trip together.

Those small pleasures will undoubtedly help you to fight loneliness successfully and become a part of a broader community. It will also spread your horizons, help you meet people, and adjust to a current lifestyle easier.

Meet Your Neighbors

Networking is of the utmost importance when you try to fit into the new environment. Once you relocate to your chosen neighborhood, it is a good idea to meet your neighbors and explore in what way they could help you connect with community members. Throwing a yard party and barbecue in a relaxed atmosphere will be more than enough to introduce yourself and start meeting them. Don’t be nervous, there are many things you can talk about with your new neighbors. From best car shows currently on TV, and the worst movies about vehicles ever made, to the greatest racing games and pop culture.

Camping park
There are many ways you can get to know your neighbors

Should I Move to a New State Alone?

Even though moving to another state alone might seem frightening at first sight, it actually can bring you many positive changes and direct your life into a completely different course. Just imagine how all those novelty things will affect your personal growth and teach you how to be on your own.

Getting out of your comfort zone is undoubtedly hard, but growing up is something you should do sooner rather than later. Being open-minded, trying different things, and learning how to cook your favorite dish can be pretty fun! If you fixed everything regarding your finances and feel like you are ready for a crucial change in your life, there is no reason why you shouldn’t try it.

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