The Ultimate List of the Best Racing Games Ever Made

December 3, 2018Fun Facts and Lists
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Almost 64% of the general US population are gamers, and their largest motivation is competition. Finding the best racing games will allow you to enjoy not only action-packed sequences but competitive missions you can accomplish alone or in multiplayer mode. Even though you don’t get to go through the city at full speed in real life, you have plenty of options to do it in the virtual world.

These types of games date back to the beginnings of the gaming industry, and that’s why they are available on every console there is. From PlayStation to Xbox and Nintendo, no matter what kind of device you have, there will always be some exciting rally adventure to explore. If you can’t decide what to play, take a look at our list of some of the top-rated games ever made.

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Forza Horizon 4 Is One of the Best PC Racing Games

Are you living without a car, or are you a resident of one of the worst cities in the US for driving? Do you want to embark on a stress-free road trip without actually leaving your home? No matter what current circumstances are, you can enjoy virtual driving by buying one of the best racing games of all time – Forza Horizon 4.

This rewarding, attractive, and self-renewing creation raises the open-world gaming bar once again. Forza Horizon 4 has most of what made the previous version, and it adds amazing visuals and catchy sound design. On top of it all, there is a long list of cars that can be customized in career mode.

Since every real-time week seasons in Forza Horizon change, they bring a completely different look to the outdoors, alongside with many season-specific adventures. This is one of the best car games for PC where you can experience driving at night or during the day while playing. Also, with a season change, it can feel like you are cruising around some famous routes in the USA while being surrounded by snow or clear skies.

Impressive List of Cars Makes Forza Horizon 4 One of the Best Racing Games Ever

What kind of vehicle do you have in real life? Are you the owner of one of the best family cars? Or maybe you have a top-rated vehicle for off-road driving? Even if you bought a used auto, with the help of Forza Horizon 4, you could still control some of the best four-wheelers.

With a comprehensive catalog of autos, this is one of the biggest issues in the series so far. There will be approximately 400 machines to choose from, and you will be able to almost see the evolution of cars while looking for a perfect ride. It offers something for everyone, from Aston Martins and Mustangs to classics such as Doges and Chevrolets.

Furthermore, the FH continued to grow, so there are downloadable expansions that will make the whole experience that much fun. Check them out if you want to keep up to date:

  • Fortune Island brings maps, cars, and extreme weather. Plus, you can go on a treasure hunt campaign where you can gain up to 10 million credits.
  • Lego Speed Champions transports you in a world made out of lego bricks. It also comes with a lego movie theme song Everything Is Awesome.
  • There were DLC packs released because of James Bond movies as well as the Mitsubishi Motors pack.

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Project Cars 2 Is One of the Best Racing Video Games for the Xbox One

Do you think that playing can make you become a better driver? Help you with overcoming driving anxiety? Well, when you play Project Cars 2 on Xbox One, the answer is probably yes. When it came out, the emphasis was on realistic experiences, which led to great tracks and autos. That’s why the players have more responsive vehicles at their hands. This Xbox One simulation-like issue will show you how vehicles react when the tires grip onto the dirt and pavement after you have taken a sharp turn.

Those wanting to play in career mode will have the work cut out for them because while you can skip some races if you want to unlock some deluxe objects, you need to prove yourself. Graphics add to the realism, making everything from rain puddles to sunsets believable. That’s why, while playing, you might get the feeling that you are a part of one of the best car movies there is.

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Need for Speed Heat Is One of the Best Racing Games for PlayStation

The Need for Speed series is one of the oldest and one of the best car games for PlayStation, and its Heat release won’t disappoint hardcore gamers. Once again, the gamer is in the role of a street racer that is competing in the Speedhunt Showdown. Also, gamers will have to deal with cops and rogue task forces. The game has only one developer: EA Gothenburg that created the whole series, and it describes the Need for Speed Heat as “An adrenaline-fueled, vibrant racing game where the lines of the law fade as the sun starts to set.”

When playing on PlayStation, you will race in Palm City, and there will be over 120 autos to choose from. Furthermore, the Heat brings tons of customization options. Don’t worry, this is not like some of those worst car movies, where the protagonist easily leaves the cops in the dirt and saves the day. You will actually have to drive carefully and use gaming skills to avoid being caught.

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Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Is One of the Top Racing Games for Nintendo

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe won’t let you drive some of the best-imported cars, nor will it let you cruise around in one of the top-rated SUVs, but its design and a variety of different tracks will make you love it nevertheless. This is by far the most popular Nintendo game, and with the Deluxe update, controls have been fine-tuned so that you can easily overtake other players even if you are new to the race. With 42 characters and 48 tracks available, some new and some old fan favorites, you can try to beat your opponents on courses such as Water Park, Twisted Mansion, and Toad’s Turnpike.

It Is One of the Best Driving Games for Multiplayer

People who like to compete with their friends, without abiding by strange driving laws, will love having Mario Kart Deluxe. Since it is available on Switch, you can split the screen and have up to four people playing together. Furthermore, if your friends have their own controllers, you can connect wirelessly and play with up to 8 people.

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V.R. Is One of the Best Car Racing Games for Sega

Virtual Racing is an arcade developed and released by Sega as a way to use a new 3D graphic platform named Model 1. Since the results were encouraging, the V.R. was made into a 3D polygonal simulation. That’s why this arcade machine was a hit when it first came out.

When choosing a car, V.R. allows gamers to pick a different type of transmission, but also a one out of four views when playing. If you are nostalgic and want to check it out, know that it comes with a home console version, not only the arcade one:

  • Sega Mega Drive/Genesis – the V.R. cartridge was released in 1994, and the tech used was very advanced for the time. It is also compatible with the Genesis 3 release from 1998.
  • 32X – this version was published under Sega Sports, and it brought new vehicles like Stock, Prototype, Highland, and Sand Park to gamers.
  • Saturn – brought users a soundtrack Red Book audio, and it introduced several courses and cars. This version is different from the rest because it features Grand Prix mode, where you can drive and collect points.

This classic will teach you patience, which will help you overcome driving stress you might be feeling while being on the road in real life.

Check Out Update Review: It Is a Spectacular Tech Landmark

V.R. is one of the most memorable and essential games in Sega’s history, but still, there was a bumpy road leading to new updates that finally lived up to the hype. A Nintendo Switch brings you not only a portable version but also a double frame rate and 1080p resolution. Furthermore, a new option for angle change brings the players a completely different experience. A three-decade-old masterpiece aged beautifully, and its minimalist presentation fits with Sega trademarks. The first release was restricted to Japan, but now you can get it anywhere in the world.

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Enjoy Some of the Best Driving Games Available on Many Platforms

The gaming industry, especially the part related to racing, has always been a fan favorite. Since online multiplayer gaming has been developing for a while, many developers and console producers allowed their systems and games to connect with others. This way, no matter if you have an Xbox, PlayStation, or PC, you will be able to enjoy your favorite race.

WRC 8 Is the Most Complete Rally Simulation Yet

The WRC 8 FIA World Rally Championship is one of the most complete, challenging, and authentic simulations up to date. With new physics and redesigned career mode, there will be a lot of options for you to review. Also, WRC 8 brings everything from dirt and dynamic weather conditions to more than 100 tracks, 14 countries, and around 50 teams. Multiplayer competitions are even harder now, so the game will give trouble to beginners.

F1 2020 Is the Franchise’s Most Playable Racing Game

When it comes to the F1 2020 edition of the popular series, you should know that developers gave every aspect a solid boost, and they even threw in some new models. Vehicles still feel powerful, and now they behave as the modern F1 machine should. It still might be too much for those gamers who are not into Grand Prix competitions, but there are plenty of tutorials that will make it easy for them as well.

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Gaming Might Inspire You to Buy a New Car

Have you played all of these games? If some of them inspired you to sit behind the wheel and go cruising around the streets, it might be the time to start thinking about buying a vehicle. You can easily upgrade and make it as fly as those machines in games.

You can learn how to remove spray paint from your vehicle and put a color you love and clean a steering wheel, giving it a shiny look. Or if you want to make it run even smoother, you can add brake fluid to it and even replace valve stems so that your machine is always ready for a long drive.

However, before you get to fixing and upgrading, make sure you hire an auto transport company that offers open trailers and also enclosed auto transport services. Professionals should also have a terminal to terminal car shipping and door to door auto transport. The type of service you pick will depend solely on your budget and free time. However, while you are waiting for a professional car shipping company to deliver your four-wheeler, relax, and play a game or two.

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