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Worst US Cities for Driving

You are moving to a new city, and you have decided to bring your car with you! Even for experienced drivers, some cities are just a nightmare, and you don’t want to drive your vehicle on a daily basis in such places. There is a high chance that you will develop road rage, which is not surprising, since there are too many factors you need to pay attention to. Joking aside, the cities listed below are indeed the worst US cities for driving and if you are moving here, arm yourself with patience and tolerance.

Worst US Cities for Driving

Los Angeles, California

Contrary to popular belief, Los Angeles  is not the worst city in the US for driving, but it is definitely among top ten. Even though there is an extensive network of interstates and highways, congestion occurs on a daily basis due to high population and flow to and from the city. Los Angeles attracts people in the neighboring areas, and a lot of people come to the City of Angels to work, so it is no wonder that jams occur on a daily basis. Even though people spend a lot of time in the gridlock, accidents in Los Angeles are not as common as many are led to believe.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Even though Philadelphia  is served by Interstates 95, 76, 676 and many other highways and expressways, driving in Philly can be catastrophic. In fact, if you ask any of the numerous visitors as well as the residents of Philadelphia, they will tell you that the drivers here are awful.

Worst US Cities for Driving

Honolulu, Hawaii

Hawaii is a tropical paradise, but only if you avoid driving in Honolulu , its capital. The city is a major US port, and an important military city, and everyone who comes here loves various aspects of Honolulu. There are two major Interstates – H-1 and H-201 and several highways that link the capital with the other parts of Oahu.

Boston, Massachusetts

If you can avoid driving in Boston , do it for your own sake, but if you need to drive a car, we suggest you be careful. Boston is tied for the worst city in highest accident likelihood, but to make matters worse, the city has the fewest auto repair shops and car washes per capita. The roads may be well-maintained, but you need to watch out for other drivers.

Washington D.C.

When you arrive in Washington D.C. , there is a high chance to you will get stuck in traffic and not move an inch for a long time. No matter how marvelous the capital is, driving here will annoy you, plus the parking is costly. You will have a hard time finding an affordable parking spot in the city, so you better prepare yourself for conditions such as these.

San Francisco, California

The title of the worst US city for driving belongs to San Francisco . The city’s hilly terrain is partly to blame, and you will have a feeling that your vehicle is about to flip over. Moreover, going from one place to another in San Francisco is stressful because there is a lot of activity in the streets, so you may suffer from sensory overload. It will take you a lot of time to get used to driving here and finding a parking space will be a problem you are bound to face over and over again.
Hopefully, the information provided by USA Auto Transport will help you prepare for driving in case you are moving to one of these cities. Give us a call, and we will transport your car to any place in the US!