What are the Most Common Reasons to Move

July 15, 2021Moving Tips
Gemma Collins

Gemma is an NJ local that has explored all the US states, making her the perfect person to write about moving.

Deciding to relocate may take a long time unless you have valid reasons to move. However, just wanting a change and not having any specific reasons to move out also counts, and you should follow your gut if it’s telling you to move and make changes. We’ve put together a list of reasons people move and their benefits.

What are three reasons that a person of today might move? While there aren’t only three, the most common ones are housing, budget, and work. Some folks have the luxury of wanting to relocate because they think it’s worth owning an RV and driving their home on wheels across the most famous routes in the USA while living like a nomad. We feel there’s nothing wrong with this solution, and it may satisfy the hungry travel bug, but others who prefer to live in one place may not find this to be a simple solution for change.

The Most Common Reasons to Move Are House-Related

The housing market is ever-changing and with that come the changes in home maintenance, utility cost, and neighborhood demographics, too. These are all potential arguments for anyone to consider moving somewhere else, and the ones people mention the most. In addition to the sizes of homes, many of us want to relocate because of steep bills, utilities, and a rent increase. In case you want to transfer your utilities, it may just be easier to leave the house.

You Might Want to Move Out Because Your Home Is Too Small

People who plan on expanding their families or have already expanded while living in a smaller residence may look to buy a bigger house for everyone to fit in. As we mentioned earlier, housing costs fluctuate all the time, so upsizing may take a while to achieve, but it’s a very valid reason to relocate. Our relocation tips are to determine a relocation budget and know what kind of home you’d like to reside in before settling on a specific place.

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You Can Also Consider Moving Because the House Is Too Big

Most of us find comfort in having more space in the house, but there are many benefits to living in a smaller space. The biggest benefit of them all is, of course, reduced cost because your utility bills will suddenly get sliced in half if you move into a house that’s realistically sized for your needs. Apart from being economical and budget-friendly, smaller homes are easier to clean. We all know how annoying chores are, so this may be a sign for you to move and downsize. In addition, you can find creative storage ideas to help you manage and organize items around your home.

Some Homes Simply Don’t Have Everything You Want

Maybe you’ve been living in a space that doesn’t have an additional bathroom for guests or a room for you to relax alone, away from the rest of the family. Getting a house with a better layout can sometimes be the same as getting a bigger one, but it isn’t necessarily like that. Looking for a home with all the amenities you wish for is a perfectly good reason to relocate. Then you can have a game room all to yourself and try out the best car racing games without interruption.

parents sitting near a window and reading about USA auto transport companies, and a child on the sofa playing
You can customize the residence where you’d like to live and get the perfect space

Changing the Neighborhood and Wanting to Meet New People Are Other Great Causes for Relocation

Many folks who live in their old hometowns feel like they’re in the best surroundings until memories of some bad experiences that happened there pop up, or they simply realize they’re in a rut. If you ask many people the question, “Why do you want to relocate,” the best answer, of course, doesn’t exist, but many of them would say they wish to leave their hometowns because of the innate desire for change. We agree that this is a great reason to relocate and start a new life in a different home.

Feel Free to Move If You Dislike the Neighbors and the Neighborhood

Whoever says “love thy neighbor” and means it hasn’t met your neighbors. Or at least we’re guessing that’s how you feel if you’re reconsidering moving from your current space. Staying in a toxic neighborhood can cause your mental health to worsen and more conflict than necessary. Picking fights over anything and everything with the people next to you is bound to make life miserable at that place. Lots of families had moved before because of this particular cause and lived a better life because of it.

Making Friends Is One of the Best Reasons to Move to a New City

Simply leaving everything behind to make new friends may sound silly, but for individuals that have been stuck in the same place their entire lives, this is a fantastic opportunity for a change. They rejoice in going to a new state, becoming independent, and making friends in a new city more than anyone else. If you desire the same experience but aren’t sure where and how to start looking for a new place, you can do the where should I move quiz to help you decide.

a few young men and women eating at a restaurant and smiling
Picking the company you spend your days with matters more than you can imagine

Moving from Home So Driving and Commuting Could Be Easier Is a Legitimate Cause for Relocation

Some of the answers to the question “Why do people move” are reasons that may not always seem logical or good enough, but the entire idea of moving is there so everyone could find what’s suitable for them. This is also why so many relocation companies exist out there and offer car shipping with open trailer transport as well as enclosed auto transport.

Maybe you’ve been residing and driving in Los Angeles, and you’re sick and tired of commuting for hours on end. Perhaps you’ve been driving in New York City and keep having trouble finding a parking spot. Both situations are bound to cause anyone to lose their mind and give up driving for good. Looking for cities where traffic is lighter and easier to handle can be one of the more unusual but still super common arguments for relocation. Maybe finding a place with better traffic could help you overcome driving anxiety.

You Can Try Going Carless, Too

You can easily find a place in the USA that promotes going carless completely. For example, Portland in the northwest puts a lot of emphasis on bicycle transit, and it’s one of the best towns to go around without a car. They even have a bridge that only pedestrians and cyclists can use. So if you’ve looking for a place that could let you focus on health and make an environmental impact, you won’t be low on choices, and you may even reduce almost every life-related cost.

cars in a traffic jam during the nighttime
Commuting and traffic can deteriorate mental health and cause lots of stress

Moving for Love and Family Makes Life Better

Many of us decide to take the leap of faith and move in with someone we love for the first time. Anytime someone chooses to move for love is great because it’s one of the most common and beautiful causes for relocating and making significant changes. A reason for moving out of an apartment where you lived alone and into a couples’ nest may freak you out at first, but you won’t regret it. Going through the relocation process together is one of the ways to move efficiently and create memories.

Finding a Family-Friendly City Isn’t So Difficult

Moving your family closer to parks and playgrounds will turn out to be an amazing solution for your small children. Places with lots of families are usually suburban, but you can find urban surroundings that provide amenities for people with children, too. Kids will socialize with others and have more friends in the neighborhood, which will benefit you, too. In case you have pets (and they are a part of your family, too,) you’ll need to live near a place where running and letting off steam is possible for them.

Relocating to a Place That Promotes Education Is a Good Way to Think Ahead

Whether your kids are still in kindergarten or preschool, deciding to live in an area with great schools is good planning in advance and a supreme relocation hack. It’ll later be easier for you and the children because if their school is closer, that means less commuting and more opportunities to spend with your kids. Check out the video below if you’re looking for a family-friendly city or state to move to.

YouTube video

One of the Most Important Causes for Anyone to Move Is Work

Besides changing our place of residence because it got too small or expensive, most of us relocate because of job opportunities. Some folks are forced to relocate for work while others leave unemployed to start a career or find a job at a different place. Whatever the reason for relocating, it’s valid to look for work elsewhere and try to pick yourself up.

If your boss has offered you a job opportunity in a different state, think hard if you’re ready for it. We feel it’s a good idea to take it up and see how you’ll manage somewhere else. The company could cover each cost of living if they insist on you working elsewhere, and that’s a bonus in this case. Of course, if it doesn’t work out, you can always come back to everything you know. However, if it does work out, you won’t regret the decision you’ve made and will be thriving at your job.

Workers in an office with laptops, with two of them shaking hands
Receiving a job opportunity is one of the most common causes for relocating

Finding Places to Work on Your Health Makes Moving Worth It

It’s in human nature to wish to live longer and be healthy for as long as possible. In fact, more and more individuals and families alike are seeking out places that support a healthy lifestyle with lots of parks, trails, and adventure spots. So, if you’re sick and tired of residing in smog among gray buildings and parking lots, search for the best places for a healthy lifestyle in the US and plan your move there.

Other benefits of settling in a state with lots of natural amenities and parks include more chances for families to bond and travel together, discovering hobbies and interests outside of your residence, and significant stress reduction. What more do you need to convince you? Gather some packing materials for relocation and create a green and healthy lifestyle. Your body and mind will thank you.

Father and child on a hiking trail
Relocating for health purposes is more and more acceptable in the world

Hire Professional Movers to Help You Relocate and Start Over

If you’ve finally made the call to move, we suggest calling a long-distance relocation company to help you transport your belongings. We understand there’s fear of potential relocation scams, but getting assistance from a professional moving and auto transport company will prove to you that there’s nothing to worry about. In addition, relocation experts provide excellent packing services and supplies. You’d only be concerned about packing an essentials box and some more valuable items.

A relocation company can help you move your car to another state if you want to reside somewhere with better traffic but don’t want to sell or buy a car. Every professional car shipping company offers two delivery types – door-to-door auto transport and terminal to terminal car shipping. The first option is more expensive, but movers will deliver your car directly to the driveway. In contrast, the latter option entails pickup and delivery at one of the company’s parking lots.

Whichever one you choose, in addition to shipping your car, all you need now is to learn how to protect your stuff in storage before leaving it there. That leaves you to take the chance to settle into another, better home and jumpstart your lifestyle, fresh from distractions and tailored to your every need.

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