A Guide to Creating Perfect Moving Budget

June 15, 2021Moving Tips
Eva Johnson

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If you’re about to relocate, you will definitely want to know how much it will cost you. Setting a moving budget in advance and creating a detailed financial plan will give you better control over expenses and help you make better decisions when it comes to choosing relocation services. Since relocations are very complex to organize and entail multiple factors that can affect the total expenses, here are all the components to include in your expenses plan and how to make a moving budget without lapsing any detail.

Woman holding money
Creating a financial plan for a relocation is the most secure way to control the costs

How Do You Budget for a Big Move? Ultimate Tips on How to Create a Budget for Moving Out

Creating a budget plan for moving out is the very first step you need to take after deciding to relocate to another place, whether it is a local or a cross-country relocation. This is essential because you will have to manage your finances properly, so you don’t get into a problem covering all the expenses. And when it comes to budgeting, it goes far beyond the cost of hiring a professional cross-country moving company. Actually, every decision you’ll make associated with organizing the relocation will influence the total cost scheme. Here are essential steps to creating a budget and a checklist of all expenses that will help you keep an eye on it.

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Using Excel Sheets Or Specially Designed Apps Can Help You Create a Moving Budget Checklist Easier

Having all expenses listed in one place will help you track them and assure you don’t spend more than is needed. Creating an excel sheet or using some specialized applications for listing all the outlays is one of the best tips to help you meet this aim. Since both excel lists and apps are completely customizable and provide you with the possibility to easily categorize your costs, update the data, and automatically count your expenses, there is no easier way to create a relocating expenses checklist. Some of the apps that can help you keeping track of relocation outlays are:

  • YouNeedBudget,
  • PocketGuardBudget,
  • GoodBudget,
  • Mint Budgeting.

How Much Should You Budget for a Move? What Additional Factors Can Impact the Total of Cost Scheme

If you want to create an accurate and detailed financial plan, considering all the potential expenses is a must-do. So, after you make all agreements and book all the services for your relocation, ensure to count 10% more for your total expenses scheme. This way, you will be completely sure how much of your funds should be set aside for your relocation, avoiding any unpleasant surprises. Here are some things you should take into account:

  • Expenses related to repairs of your old house are something that the majority of people simply forget to count into the outlay scheme, and that could be a considerable amount. Fixing the driveway, roof, or foundation, landscaping the garden, and repairing all that small damages inside the house are essential tips to follow if you want to sell your house at a better price, and also factors that can significantly increase your total expenses scheme.
  • Using babysitter or pet sitter services is indispensable since at the moment when the truck comes in front of your house you’ll not be able to take care of them. So, in case none of your family members is able to help you with the kids and pets on your relocation day, ensure to book those services in advance and include them in your expenses scheme.
  • Additional charges from relocation companies that are not included in basic quotes are usually associated with some inconvenient conditions of the property location. For example, if the street is too narrow and the moving truck can not get into it, it means movers will have to carry your belongings, and this service is charged as a shuttle fee or a long-carry fee. Also, if any of the items are too large to be carried through doors and require to be moved using a window, they can be extra charged too.
  • Insurance policies for your valuables are another element to include in your expenses scheme. The expenses for the insurance policy will depend on the number of valuables you want to ensure extra.
  • Real estate agent services are another component that many people forget to include in their outlay scheme. And it’s not exactly cheap. So, after you agree on the conditions with a realtor, don’t forget to include that into your expenses checklist.

Travel costs are another potential component for increasing your relocation expenses. However, there is a way to control them. Booking your flight as soon as possible can save you a lot of money. Also, be sure to avoid connecting flights. Besides increasing your flight price at the start, they can sometimes require an overnight stay which implies you’ll need to book a hotel too. And when you book a hotel you’ll need to get there, which means you will have to use some means of transportation. No matter if you use a cab or public transport, it will cost you, which is another reason to book a direct flight.

calculator and laptop with an opened excel sheet
Budgeting means taking care of the tiniest details so your finances are always in order

Hiring Professional Movers or a Moving Truck? What’s Better for Your Moving Out Budget

Whether you’re relocating to another state alone, or with your family, using the services of a professional relocation company is the most convenient way to relocate to a new home address, and avoid any potential relocating scams. The greatest benefit of hiring professional movers is that they will provide you with an in-home estimation, special prices in case you’re combining at least two different services, and guaranteed quotes that are the most secure way to set your relocation expenses.

Although hiring a moving truck can seem cheaper compared to hiring a relocation company, it also implies many unpredictable and unexpected expenses, such as gas or toll-related costs. If you don’t hire movers, it means that you will have to load and unload all your stuff in the truck, and in some cases, you might be required to even drive the truck. Hiring a moving truck also means that there are many things you will have to do by yourself which will take you a long time and nerves, and since you will have to combine services of a few different companies, there is a high probability that you will skip something which will cost you much more later.

usa auto transport truck
Hiring a moving truck is not always the cheapest option as it may seem

If You Want to Take Your Four-Wheeler with You, Including Car Shipping Expenses in Total Cost Scheme is Mandatory

Expenses related to auto transport are considerable. However, there is no easier and more secure way to ship a car cross-country.  So, after you decide there are reasons to ship a car,  the next essential step is to find a reliable auto transport company that will provide you with the best car shipping advice, service, and detailed bill of lading too. A professional carrier can provide you with literally any solution, from disconnecting the car alarm to sharing with you the best options for registering your car in a new state.

A very useful source for exploring the trustworthiness of a specific car shipping company is researching auto transport reviews and opinions of other users who have already used their services. So, don’t forget to include this task in your to-do list.

How Much Does it Cost to Ship a Car? A Quick Step by Step Guide

When it comes to the question of  how much does it cost to ship a car, there is no single answer, since it depends on multiple factors such as:

  • The size of your car,
  • Whether you’ll use open or enclosed car transport,
  • Will you go for terminal-to-terminal car shipping or door-to-door auto transport, which is a more expensive option but is also the best solution if you want to avoid driving stress,
  • Do you need your car to be delivered on a specific date?

Still, you can influence and control your expenses scheme. If your car size allows it, choosing open carrier auto transport will definitely be the cheapest way to ship a car since the carriers can transport more vehicles than enclosed auto transport.

Don’t Forget to Include Costs of Preparing Your Machine for Transfer

Preparing a car for shipping entails some additional expenses, so don’t forget to include them in your relocation outlay checklist. Leaving the preparation process to a professional car cleaning firm will be the best solution because this will be the most secure method to remove dog hair from a car,  get in-depth cleaning of a headliner, and even perform cleaning of seat belts. So, the only thing associated with car preparations left to you is taking care of emptying the tank.

cars transferred on an open trailer
Instead of driving miles to your new home address, choose to ship your car with the reliable carrier

Storage Unit and Insurance Policy Should Also Be Added on the List of Expenses

Unless you use the services of professional movers who will provide you with one-month free usage of storage space, and mandatory insurance of your belongings in case of damage, you should list those expenses on your list.

The costs of storage facilities will depend on the period of time you’ll be using them, and the storage units are usually rented by the day. So, if you’re in for a long haul, the final tag might reach a considerable amount.

When it comes to insurance policies, relocation companies are obliged to include mandatory liability coverage in their quotes that guarantee specific reimbursement in case of damage to your goods. However, when you organize the whole process by yourself, you’ll be paying for the insurance policy, so ensure to include it in your financial plan.

Fully packed storage
Storage units are also extra charged when you book it on your own, as well as insurance policies

How to Move on a Budget and Avoid Unnecessary Expenses When Packing For a New Home?

Relocations are, doubtless, expensive. For that reason, trying to find some alternative ways to make your relocation more affordable is absolutely justified. So, if you’re asking yourself how can I move out cheaply, here is the list of essential steps that will help you reduce the expenses of relocation, and be in complete control of your finances.

Save Money by Minimizing Your Household Inventory List

The outlays of relocation are directly related to the size of your household and inventory lists. The shorter the inventory list is, the lower the expenses of relocation will be. So, before you start to pack your household items, ensure to consider whether you need them and declutter. If you can dispose of them in some practical way rather than throwing them away, even better. Explore the recycle centers in your vicinity, donate all the unnecessary items to charities, or give them away to your family, friends, or neighbors. Organizing a garage sale is another great way to downsize your household, and earn some extra money at the same time.

Finding Cheap or Free Packing Supplies Can Decrease Your Moving Expenses

Believe it or not, the total expenses of cardboard boxes for relocation for a median size household can amount to 450 dollars. For that reason, finding more affordable, or even free packing supplies will be a great way to save some money and move on a budget. Visit the local groceries and liquor stores and find already used boxes that will be just enough to pack the majority of your lighter belongings. Instead of buying packing paper, use old magazines to wrap up your breakables. And if you need other packing materials such as bubble wrap or packing peanuts to protect other delicate items, then research online stores and find them at a very low price.

Choose the Relocation Company that Provides One-Month Free Usage of Storage Place

In case you need to store your belongings for some time, then choosing a relocation company that can provide you with one month of free usage of the storage facility will be a great way to save some money. Furthermore, many relocation companies provide special conditions for customers that use their other services, so ensure to take advantage of this benefit and avoid any further unnecessary expenses.

Cleaning the House on Your Own Can Also Decrease Your Relocation Expenses

Although there is no more quality way to clean your house than hiring a professional cleaning service, it can significantly increase your expenses. So, you should do it by yourself. If you want to know the best tips on how to organize the cleaning of the household, take a look at the video below. It will certainly help you to facilitate the whole process and make it less time-consuming.

YouTube video

Ready for Budgeting on Relocation Expenses?

Now we’ve introduced you to all possible expenses associated with relocation and ways to track them, we are sure you’ll be ready to start planning your move and counting your expenses too. Considering all the factors carefully will help you decide what relocation company to hire and move seamlessly to your new home address. Also,

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