How to Read Auto Transport Reviews and Use Them to Find the Best Car Shipping Company

May 9, 2021Car Shipping Essentials
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According to research, a staggering 97% of consumers look at other people’s experience prior to deciding on future actions, and when you ship something as precious as your vehicle, you’re bound to delve into these too. Auto transport reviews aren’t as rare as acromantula venom, but they’re tricky because you should know what to look for in order to book superb services.

The fact that Amazon sued more than a thousand people for writing false reviews and thus tarnishing their image, says enough about how much consumer opinion matters to each business. And the car shipping industry comes as no exception. Still, to get the most of your experience and discern what the right choice is, you must master some techniques. Let us walk you through major tips.

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Where to Find Best Genuine Car-Shipping Reviews?

Before you start thinking about how to prepare your car for shipping, you’ll do well to jump to some credible sites. Try not to solely focus on numbers and how many positive or negative reviews the company has got, but read the content as well, since it can sometimes tell you much more about business policies.

Popular consumer advocacy websites include BBB and Ripoff Report, but there are also numerous other good sources. What you should avoid is reading reviews on sites that sell auto transport services, or something related to the field, as these can often be fake. Apart from that, combining more than one domain is useful and you’ll get to see various perspectives and answers to questions, such as what is the cheapest way to ship my car and alike.

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True consumer reports for auto transport are invaluable and you must know where to look for them

Filter the Auto Transport Reviews and Consumer Reports

You don’t have to be a TopGear host and specialize in TV shows about cars to realize that all reviews fall within two simple categories – real and fake ones. Your first task should be to learn how to recognize the imposters whose accounts don’t mean that much, even though they might sound persuasive or like something that could happen. Sorry, Lockhart, but do yourself a favor and steer clear of fake car shipping advice.

A man looking at his laptop
This is where you'll make it or break it

What Gives Away a Fake Auto Transportation Review?

It’s like playing Mafia in a way, and some false stories are pretty convincing, so it makes your task harder. Still, some signs can tell you when shipping a car across the country narratives are simply off. And, it’s usually visible in how someone gives the overall assessment. If you encounter some of the following red flags, keep your eyes open.

Open Carrier Auto Transport

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Enclosed Auto Transport

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Worship and Boundless Praise

Never has there been a company nobler than the one we chose and such was their expertise that our lives are still enriched by what had happened.

We’re pushing it too far, but in case a review reminds you of a saint’s life or a fairytale, that’s a serious wake-up call. It means either employees or their family members stand behind it, which diminishes objectivity and renders the whole thing void of credibility. So, skip these ones, and save yourself from googling what to do if scammed by a car dealership.

Excessive Contempt

Farewell Remorse, All Good to Me Is Lost

The other extreme that is utter dissatisfaction in a review can also point to its fake origin. It’s especially problematic if only a couple of such stories share a similar writing style, language, or another trait. That might easily mean a rival has tampered with these or a customer who was unhappy with the car bill of lading blew the sins of a company out of every proportion. So, do some research before you write somebody off because you don’t want to lose a fair bidder, simply because their competition is creative.

black Lexus car
There are many red flags to consider about

Trust Records That Contain Both Sides About Different Auto Transport Companies

The world isn’t split into good people and Death Eaters, quoth Sirius Black, so no company is ideal either. The accounts that openly admit both the positive and the negative might easily have the most potential. Perhaps enclosed auto transport was impeccable, but the staff wasn’t as familiar with famous US routes, which caused delays or they were late, but also called to apologize and make amends.

What are the odds that someone was 100% happy or that absolutely nothing was wrong? The opposite scenario is equally implausible, so stick to the golden mean and take mixed reports into consideration.

A person showing thumbs up gesture
You can see what it really looks like from these

Also, Pay Attention to Different Elements in the Car Transportation Company Reviews

Once you do know what is fiction and what reality, you can examine the real records for more detail and shortlist some companies you believe could give you a hand in your endeavor. Pay attention to what customers have to say about issues such as the communication, services that were offered to them, the quote, and was it really the answer to how much does it cost to ship a car in their case, and alike.

What Options Does a Car Shipping Company Offer?

Apart from learning what field the enterprise specializes in, for example exotic auto transport, you should also know what services professionals can provide. They should be versatile, offer you a choice between open carriers and their antipodes, closed trailers as transportation options, as well as a few delivery preferences. And insurance, of course, the God of all customer-company relations.

What Are the Pros and Cons?

Look at what different people have to say about the clouds and the silver linings. Pros and cons will be an integral part of your car-shipping adventure, from deciding between open and enclosed auto transport to choosing the preferred delivery option. And though certain solutions have in-built advantages and disadvantages, so do service providers.

Perhaps a company is expensive but also high-quality, or on the economic side of the spectrum but faulty in communicating with customers. You set your own negotiables and non-negotiables, but it will definitely help to see how others evaluated the company’s strengths and weaknesses before deciding what is the best auto transport company to use.

What Was the Company’s Response to Potential Problems With Auto Transport?

Complainers are gonna complain, wink, but the company should put their best foot forward to rectify what was wrong. You can see from the way they tackled objections in the past a glimpse of your future if you opt for them because you know what they say a wolf changes his coat but not his disposition.

This means that those who want to transport cars from state to state should be ready to be up to par in case the Dark Mark appears on the sky or, to put it simply, to be as good as their word. We’re not talking about what to do with a totaled car, but it could be the small things that make a big difference.

An open-air trailer full of cars
Services and pricing matter most

Yelp Reviews Can Help You Gain Valuable Information From Previous Customers

For starters, Yelp is a great resource for finding businesses and services in your area. By reading Yelp reviews from previous customers, you can gain valuable information about a company’s quality of service, pricing, and more. Positive Yelp reviews can have a lot of benefits.

For example, when potential customers see positive Yelp reviews for a business, they are more likely to trust that business and be interested in what it has to offer. Wouldn’t you trust a car shipping company that was able to transport a vehicle across the country without a fuss?

That’s why when opting for an auto shipping company ensure that you read through Yelp reviews because those are genuine, and can tell you a lot about a professional shipping team.

man searching for a car shipping company
Yelp reviews can tell you genuine stories about car shipping

Reviews Are Just a Slice of the Whole Picture

Awesome though they are, they’re not all there is. One man’s meat is another man’s poison, and there’s always a tiny bit of subjectivity in every service assessment. So, take reviews seriously and with a pinch of salt at the same time.

This is especially vital if you’re moving to another state alone since you won’t have anybody to go through post-transport battles with. So, do enquire thoroughly on all aspects, such as car insurance for young drivers, before you set sail.

In order to form a complete opinion on what to expect and whether a company is your match, you might benefit from these strategies as well.

Read the Website and Blog

Though each company will try to present themselves in the best possible light, you can get some info as soon as you enter their web presentation. First off, if the site is old and un-updated, that’s a warning that they don’t care about marketing enough.

Secondly, the amount of info and the way it’s sorted and given can also inform you of the company’s practices. If there’s a lot of vagueness or scarcity of explanations, perhaps they’re not the right lot.

On the other hand, blogs are another resource to mark and test the service providers. If they’ve got only a couple of articles, that says we tried. But, if they can boast articles on various useful topics, both general and fun such as the where should I move quiz, and practical, such as how to add brake fluid, how to choose the type of gas, or how to replace a valve stem, that means something.

Devotion to customers and the company’s expertise is mostly visible in things like this, where you can really sense how much attention goes to detail.

Call and Ask, Ask, Ask

Another step when all the reading and noble pursuits have finished is to call and get in the game. And, you do this by contacting and talking to representatives or agents. They shouldn’t be too aggressive or hasty, and they should tell you all you’re interested in, be it their license, the quote, or some practical tips for driving in New York or another major city.

Now, naturally, they can’t give you the meaning of life, but all that it’s your right to know must be granted. The rapport a company builds with customers is an indicator of their work ethic.

Every Detail of the Contract Must Be Clear to You

Go full circle in your attempt to answer the question “how do I find a reputable car transport company” and pay close attention to every contract provision. Don’t employ the skim, scan reading techniques, as that can have disastrous consequences on your budget.

Besides, some companies like miniature calligraphy, so they enclose significant details in the fine print. That’s usually something to run from. But, it’s even worse if the contract is different than what you had agreed on.

Nobody likes postmodernism’s fractured truth when it comes to their money, so consider doing another round of reviews before mastering how to pack a car for moving. Take a look at the following video to get more tips on what to look for when making the final cut.

Two men shaking hands
Pay attention to every detail before you strike a deal

Take Your Time and Don’t Let Anything Slip Before You Actually Ship

Car transport reviews can be immensely helpful, but like all good things, they take time. You should count on that you’ll spend a couple of days electing your future helpers and set your mind on it. If you rush, you’ll be in the lottery with mixed chances of success and all hell breaking loose.

So, do yourself a good turn, check, read, call, employ the wisdom you have gained and don’t forget to have priorities in mind. It might seem daunting at first, but it’s definitely easier than changing your whole life and starting over, so don’t worry too much.

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