Best TV Shows about Cars

There are a lot of TV shows about vehicles on TV, and most of them are good. However, in the recent years, they have developed and became very entertaining, and even someone who doesn’t love cars as much can find it fun and learn something. Numerous shows with different concepts and focus exist, and while some prefer to put forward the latest models, test them and evaluate them, other shows prefer to address the old models.

Moreover, there are car restoration shows in which we can watch a group of people buying an old or a used car and bring back its former glory only to sell it to the clients. These are amazing because various forgotten brands and models have been brought back to life, even the ones that weren’t as popular during their production.

For example, some TV series focus on street racing with custom cars. A lot of enthusiasts upgrade their cars and go drag racing. What is great about all these TV shows is that their main focus is on cars. It is wonderful to see that there are so many car lovers all over the world and USA Auto Transport decided to create a list with the best car TV shows that exist now, or that aired in previous years.

Best TV Shows about Cars

Top Gear UK

Top Gear is arguably the best car TV show ever created. With three hilarious hosts that includes Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond, this show conquered the planet within seconds. The hosts joke among themselves all the time, and they love to trash good car models. Moreover, more often than not, we would see crazy inventions, whereas they would compete in ridiculous challenges. All their sacrifice is for the greater good they have driven everything from the most luxurious supercars to the crappy models that are out of production.

Also, they have often destroyed cars, modified them and burn the tires on the racing track while being sprayed by the jets of water released from a fire hose. What made this show even better are celebrities. They would appear in the episodes and put different cars to the test. Their lap time is compared to the other celebrities,’ and this was a fun part to watch.

Top Gear the USA

This is more-or-less the same show only for the American audience. The problems they encountered was finding authentic personalities who love the cars as the British trio and who were as enthusiastic, sarcastic and brilliant. Although nothing compares to the British version of the show, the Americans did a pretty good job, and Adam Ferrara made it fun to watch. His colleagues are Tanner Foust and Rutledge Wood, and of course, there is the mysterious Stig, just like in the British variant.

Fifth Gear

Unlike the Top Gear UK, which is supported by the BBC global distribution system, Fifth Gear crew had to work hard to become successful. The quality of the show is undeniable, but they encountered various issues throughout the years of filming. At one point, they even got canceled, but they returned to the TV. Unfortunately, you cannot find Fifth Gear on television, but the show was fun to watch. It was neck to neck with the best car shows such as Top Gear, with a fun crew and a slightly different approach.

Wheeler Dealers

Wheeler Dealers is another show that comes from Britain. It is one of the coolest cars shows that is about restoration. Basically, the show follows Ed China and Mike Brewer who are in the quest of finding preserved and used automobiles which they need to restore and sell for as much money as possible. Even though the concept of the show is simple, it is more watchable than some similar American show, partly because of the smooth accent.

We know that we are a little bit biased here, but they have created more than ten seasons and brought back to life some amazing models. Thanks to Mike’s charisma and negotiation skills, they managed to make good money as well.

One Car Too Far and Car Vs. Wild

Bear Grylls started the flood of the survival show, with his brilliant Ultimate Survival that was aired on the Discovery Channel. After that, we have seen numerous survival experts, ex-military people who tried to beat the wilderness and demonstrate surviving skills. Then someone thought of the survival show with a car in it. Why not, right?

In this adventure, we can see a former British Special Forces officer and Bill Wu, who is driving the Jeep Wranglers through the most difficult terrain in the world. We have seen them in various scenarios. Some of them were funny, some serious, but generally speaking, this show is a lot of fun.


Even though this is not just the show about cars and it is more of a serious documentary, it is entertaining to watch, and it provides a great insight in some of the greatest factories (car factories) in the world. If you have ever wondered about the production process of Ferrari, Rolls-Royce or Porsche, as well as many others, you can check out this show. Most factories don’t allow public tours anymore whereas Megafactories is here to show you what is happening behind the scenes.
Hopefully, you find this to be fun and if you want to watch a car show, just pick one from the list. USA Auto Transport is here for you in case you want to ship your car to another US state. For more information and details, contact us today! We are looking forward to hearing from you.