Wondering How to Remove Dog Hair From Car ? Here Are the Most Effective Ways

September 2, 2020Car Care and Revamp
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When your furry little friend is a part of your family, it is bound that they drive around in your vehicle more than once. That’s why you need to figure out how to remove dog hair from the car and avoid being overrun with stubborn fur sticking to your clothes, dashboard, seats, and carpet.

Before you start scrubbing seats and carpets, make sure you have all the necessary materials. There are many supplies lying around your home that you can utilize to make your vehicle look brand new. However, even if you don’t have some materials such as velcro rollers or lint brushes, you can stop by the shop and get them for an affordable price. When you want to start tidying up, choosing the right method is crucial, that’s why we made a list of the ten most effective ones that will leave your four-wheeler fur-free and ready for auto transport.

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Materials Needed for Effective Removal of Hair From Your Vehicle

No matter if you drive one of the best family vehicles or one of the top-rated SUVs, if you had a furry friend in it, the cleaning is mandatory. Before you get down to business, make sure you have all the necessary supplies. Depending on the chosen method you will only need a few of these, but having extra material will come in handy next time you want to fresh the car:

  • A vacuum cleaner and small bristle attachment that can reach all areas of the vehicle
  • Paper towels, tissues
  • Balloons
  • Wide duct tapes
  • Squilgee
  • Wire brush
  • Bottle of water
  • Spray bottle
  • Rubber glove
  • Bucket
  • Velcro curlers
  • Fabric softener
A young woman with a pile of packages
Gather all the supplies and everything will go smoothly.

Your Vehicle Will Be Immaculate With a Vacuum Cleaner

Using vacuums is the easiest and most effective way of removing fur from your vehicle. Also, you won’t have to scrub carpets on your own. Luckily, the machines come with attachments of different sizes that can read even the tiniest spaces in your four-wheeler.

Start with a quick vacuum inside, just so you can collect all the loose and noticeable dog hairs. After putting a bristled attachment on and you will be ready for more thorough cleaning. Bristles will extract stubborn fur stuck on the seats or carpet.

If you happen to have a handheld vacuum, bring it with you wherever you go because it won’t take up a lot of space in your auto. Furthermore, with a handheld one, it will be easy to tidy up no matter where you are.

Figure Out What Is the Best Vacuum Cleaner

Some vacuums are better than others when it comes to removing pet fur from the inside of your vehicle. According to Real Homes magazine, if you have a few pets, Dyson Big Ball Animal 2 is the one, because it comes with attachments for every task and its maneuverability will allow you to get rid of even the tiniest hairs.

vacuum cleaner
Sometimes, household appliances are the best choice.

How to Remove Dog Hair From the Car Using Rubber Gloves and Water

One of the most common techniques for removing fur from upholstery is using rubber gloves and water. If you don’t have a glove, pumice stone will do the trick.

Start by getting a bucket ready, and then add fabric softener or a pet-friendly shampoo. The next step is mixing the solution with some water, then pouring it into a spray bottle and wet the area you want to scrub. The whole point of spraying the inside is to add weight to the follicles and make them easier to pick up.

Put on a pair of gloves or take the pumice stone and brush upholstery. The most efficient way would be to brush in a single direction. Pro tip – spray one area at a time, so that the water doesn’t dry up.

How to Remove Dog Hair From the Car Using the Dry Sponge

Sponges are something that most people can find in their homes, so you won’t have to go to the store and buy gloves or pumice stones. Just head to the kitchen and grab a sponge. With it, you will tidy up your four-wheeler in no time. The principle is the same as with the gloves and stones, just start brushing, and soon the auto interior will be immaculate.

Boxes and other packing supplies
With the right supplies, there will be no fur on upholstery.

How to Remove Pet Hair From the Car Using a Velcro Curlers

Do you know what Velcro curlers are? These rollers are tools people use to curl their hairs. They are affordable and easy to find, so if you choose this method for your vehicle, you won’t have to spend a lot.

These curlers are made to trap hairs as you roll them. You can apply the same principle when you are tidying your car. The only difference is that instead of putting them on the head, you are rolling them on the vehicle’s carpet. Additionally, they are pretty small, and you can reach tight spaces with them. While using curlers, beware of how you are applying the pressure because you can damage the vehicle tapestry.

dog in car
Rolls will collect all the fur, making your job fast and easy.

How to Get Pet Hair Out of the Car With Duct Tape

Even though it is an unconventional method, duct tape will help you pull out all the fur from your seating space and carpets. When you are buying the tape, get the wider one because it will cover more surface, and you will be done faster.

Start by ensuring that the sticky side faces outward because that is the side that you will need to collect the fur. Press the tape on the carpet of a seat you wish to clean and watch as it collects the dog hair. If you don’t have duct tape use packing one, it is just as efficient. However, if you have one of those modern or classic cars that have leather or leatherette interior, avoid tape because it leaves residue behind.

duct tape
Wider tapes can make your job easier and faster.

Additional Methods for Cleaning Your Four-Wheeler

Having pets requires some effort, especially if you take them everywhere with you, meaning they will probably make a mess in your vehicle. Since living without a car seems like an unlikely solution, you can use all the different techniques to maintain the inside of your auto, and luckily there are more than a few methods you can try:

  • If you have balloons at home, just lying around, know that they can help you get rid of stubborn pet fur in your car. When harnessing the power of static electricity, they are a simple but top-notch tool for removing the hairs. Rub a balloon over surfaces, and loose fur will stick to it. Afterward, you can simply wipe the balloon clean and repeat the process.
  • Using squeegee will help you get rid of all the fur in your vehicle fast. This is one of the most budget-friendly options since their prices are between $7 and $25, depending on the size. The method is similar to the one with a rubber glove, just drag squeegee along the seating space and floors. This way, all the fur will be pulled into one pile that can be easily removed.
  • A wire brush can be a great tool when you are tidying up your vehicle. It is mostly used in the final cleaning stage when you want to collect even the most stubborn hairs. Simply run it along with the interior, but be careful not to push too much, because you may damage the seats. Additionally, you can use lint or bristle brushes. If the inside of the vehicle is gentle, get lint sweepers because they won’t leave a mark on your upholstery.
  • Do you have an air compressor? If you do, use it to blow the fur out of your four-wheeler. These compressors are easy to handle, so if you have them just aim at the region, you want to clean, press trigger, and watch as the fur is being blown away from your vehicle.
  • Everybody has dry paper towels in their home, and they can help you when you want to tidy up your four-wheeler. Just grab paper and swipe it across the desired surface.
  • Rubber brushes can help you lose some stubborn hairs, and then you can easily pick them up. Before you put away the sweeper, rinse it with water to remove all the dirt from it.

Keep in mind that combining more than two methods will make the whole process faster and more efficient. However, it is up to you to decide which techniques you will utilize and make your car shiny.

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Ways You Can Prevent Dog Hair From Taking Over

Sometimes with small adjustments to your routines, you can protect the car interior from the fur. One of the best tips is to put smaller dogs in travel containers, which you can pad with a blanket, while larger animals can ride in the back. If your furry friend is playful and restless while you are driving, buy a gating system to keep them from jumping to the front seat. This way, the mess will only be located in the back of your car.

The Best Tip for Keeping Your Vehicle Clean Is to Groom Your Pets

Keeping the interior of your four-wheeler neat starts long before you grab your keys. If you are taking a furry friend with you, groom them before the ride. A good brushing or even a bath will pull out a lot of loose hairs long before they enter your vehicle. Check with the vet and get brushes and shedding blades specifically designed to extract excess fur. Also, get seat covers, because they are a handy way to reduce the mess in your vehicle. When you reach your destination, just detach and clean them. If you don’t want to spend money on seat covers, get old towels or a blanket because they have a similar effect.

There Are Few Tricks That Will Leave Your Car Smelling Fresh

Even if you tidy up your vehicle all the time, sometimes it can still have pet odor. Some scents are eliminated when you are vacuuming floor mats and wash blankets and covers. However, if the smell strongly lingers, get baking soda and sprinkle it on the floor and seat fabric. Let it sit overnight and in the morning, take the vacuum and remove it. Also, you can get pet-friendly shampoos to wash floors and eliminate the smell.

four wheeler on the street
Utilize all the advice, and your vehicle won't smell bad

Use Auto Transport Company to Get a Hair-Free New Car From Anywhere in the US

When your vehicle is overrun with a dog smell and fur, maybe it is time to think about getting a new one. No matter if you buy a car online, or get one from the dealer, put into action some of these effective ways of removing fur, and your machine will be cleaner much longer.

Getting a new vehicle means you will probably have to find an auto transport company to deliver it to you. Depending on the type of vehicle you get, the car shipping company can provide you with open trailers as well as enclosed auto transport. Furthermore, since you have pets to take care of, you may not have enough time to go on your own and pick up your machine so terminal to terminal car shipping, won’t work for you. Find a company that can provide you with door to door auto transport and you won’t have to leave your furry friend home alone.

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