Make the Best Use of Space With These Creative Storage Ideas

June 15, 2021Moving Tips
Hannah Michaelson

Hannah is a freelance relocation writer from NYC that has become an expert on packing and unpacking.

No matter how big the home you are moving to is, there somehow always seems to be way too little room for all your belongings. That’s why creative storage ideas are the best way to add flair to your living space and keep it organized. Keeping all your favorite items doesn’t have to mean doing it with no functionality and order.

Sure, small places will force you to think more about what’s essential if you don’t want to wind up turning your place into a junkyard. However, figuring out some creative storage solutions will save your things from disappearing inexplicably. And there’s more to it. They will make your place more personal and entertaining.

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Optimizing Your Wall Space Will Surely Help

A good majority of people have never used their walls for anything but family portraits and art, but the truth is they can stow all kinds of stuff – and even look good. Just for starters, organizing your collection of books and magazines is not a colossal task with all the wall-mounted shelves in the corners. Effectively using the open walls in your home is also one of the best moving hacks when downsizing, especially if you move often and need to plan the moving budget thoroughly.

We are well aware that relocating to another state alone can be challenging, which is why a unique storage idea, like mounting your bike on the wall or hanging your kid’s artwork, is a good way to decorate a home and save up some money. There will also be things you can keep in your car down the road. If you’re not sure what these are, you can always consult a reliable car shipping company. If shipping a vehicle across the country is more of your choice, don’t hesitate to ask for car shipping advice. They will tell you all you need to know about their open trailer service, as well as enclosed auto transport, if that’s what you’re looking for. Also, every professional long-distance company will give you a detailed explanation on basic delivery options they provide, whether it’s door-to-door auto transportation that you need or terminal-to-terminal car shipping.

A bright office
Spice up your place by using the walls.

Easy Applicable DIY Projects

Moving to a new state means you have to learn how to move efficiently. So furnishing your home comes in as one of the vital moving tips. Do not throw old cabinets, crates, boxes, cans, or anything else you might find easily transformable and useful. For example, do you have an empty box of cereal? Great! Line it up with washi tape or just repaint it and upcycle it into a file holder or a place to store your stationery and documentation. Since paperwork is among the most common things you forget to do when relocating, organizing and customizing folders will make them more noticeable and quickly accessible.

Jewelry Organizer

Nobody wants their jewelry scattered all over the place, and there are many great designs to tackle the problem. Whether it’s a stylish design you’re going for or just a bit of space to keep it all safe and sound, you can do it in a budget-friendly manner with things you most probably already have at home. The most common way to do it is by repurposing your spice rack into necklace and bracelet holders or using old picture frames for storing earrings and pendants. This can even be a gift for people you love – a handmade design for fashionably displayed items. Once you make friends in the new city, don’t be shy to teach them how to create it, as well.

To learn more inspiring DIY tricks on jewelry organization, check out the video below.

YouTube video

Clever Storage Ideas for Small Kitchens

Employing clever design is a must for the kitchen, at least if you don’t want items to fall off the cabinets and kitchen counters. There’s no need to keep all the pots, pans, and tools you’re using to prepare the food you love hidden away. By simply rearranging or hanging them, you’ll be able to use the space more efficiently. Another creative method to declutter each kitchen cabinet is to find a special spot for all the serving platters and cutting boards. Prepping food will be a piece of cake with a sliding pantry between the fridge and the wall.

Label Spices and Cooking Ingredients for Better Organization

Starting small with packaging and labeling all the containers scattered around the kitchen shelves will do wonders for the overall organization. This way, it will be easy to find all your spices and different ingredients without any confusion. Just imagine how neat it will be when you start prepping the meals.

A Cabinet Is Not the Only Solution to Cover the Space Under the Kitchen Sink

Everybody knows this is the most used room in the whole house, so being messy doesn’t come as a surprise. The part under the sink is the one that is usually most exposed, but the question is how to choose a design that will make your kitchen interior more charming. Even though a cabinet is the most common solution, it might be time to rethink and consider curtains instead. Sometimes, a piece of plain white cotton is all you need.

Grow a Vertical DIY Garden

If your place is tiny, having a multifunctional home is the best thing you can do for yourself. Planting aromatic herbs and setting up a vertical garden near the sink or taking advantage of the countertop is a great way to have all your meals super tasty and your living space bright and relaxing.

Two girls on a countertop
DIY projects are both fun and effective when it comes to organization

Creative Bathroom Storage Ideas to Keep in Mind

Small ideas do not necessarily have to have a small impact. With that in mind, being strategic when it comes to design elements that help you store plenty of things is rather smart. Simple hooks on doors are the perfect solution for hanging big towels and robes when hitting the shower. However, tucking smaller towels away in a cabinet might be a better idea because it will keep them dry. Regarding all the toiletries, they can go on the shelves or inside one of many DIY decorative containers. PVC pipes are most suitable for getting more room by just placing them in the back of the cabinet door.

Creative Storage Ideas: Hang Your Laundry Hamper

As odd as it may sound, having the bathroom and laundry room all tidy up is crucial for a household to run smoothly. Storing all the dirty clothes on time is always a good idea, no matter how big your place is. Yet again, laundry hampers take up quite an area, so hanging them is an optimal solution for a limited laundry room. If you want to make it all even less painful, take some time to label each hamper and make sorting easier.

Youngsters in a bathroom
A tiny bathroom area can feel bigger easily

Consider These Life-Savers for Small Spaces

Some of the most creative storage ideas for small spaces are usually life-savers because their benefits extend beyond organizational solutions. Convertible furniture is undoubtedly an excellent example of this because a table is not just a table. It can also be a sitting bench with additional two sections added and a storage area with a bin hidden inside. Instead of choosing single-use furniture, think carefully about the stuff that includes alternative purposes. Additionally, floating furniture can be of much help for cramped spaces. Not only can you store things underneath, but they open up the entire area. Similar to these, a fold-down desk will surely fit better than a full-size one.

Pieces of furniture
Adjustable furniture can satisfy the needs of every house

Use a Shelf Organizer as a Secret Rack Weapon

If you haven’t thought about changing the habits you have in terms of organization, this one will make you examine them. A good closet design sometimes means coming up with innovative solutions on your own, and that’s where you don’t want to forget about shelf dividers. Dividing a big closet shelf into smaller compartments and categories is quite manageable with steel frames, but they are not the only option. Bins and baskets can also make a world of difference and still be aesthetically pleasing. Use every empty corner in your house to create more room for clothes if the closet is not enough. Clothing racks and wall shelves will surely do.

A tidy wardrobe
With a shelf divider, tidying up your wardrobe won't be complicated ever again

How to Stop Drawers From Going Wild?

If there’s a dark and scary place nobody wants to mess with unless they have to, particularly not after neglecting it for an extended period, it must be drawers. But don’t worry – it doesn’t have to be that intimidating with all the tips out there. First things first, throwing out all the tiny items you even forgot you had is a must. Have you ever tried using a cardboard bottle divider to help you create as many compartments within as you need or grouping similar things in a cutlery tray? Whatever works best for you, dare to tackle each of them.

Dad and a kid in front of cabinet shelves closet
With these tips, organizing drawers doesn't have to be scary.

Store Things Under the Stairs

The area under the stairs is one of those brilliant hidden gems you just don’t want to overlook. Whether you need a place for your shoes or want to go the extra mile and create a house for your four-legged furry friend, this is the right place for it. It is important to remember how purposeful and cozy it can be if you just use it cleverly.

Pile of binders
Think carefully about what to do with an area so precious like the one under the stairs.

Don’t Forget Your Favorite Games

The growing pile that is your game collection is slowly creeping up, and you know you’ve only just started settling in. Don’t make one of the common relocation mistakes and leave the feel and look of the space to chance. Figuring out creative ideas for your new place is just one of many things to do after relocating. However, being engaged in creative activities will do you good in the moments of post-moving fatigue. Handling your game collection is far different than that. It is almost as exciting as the first successful experience of driving a car as a beginner. And nobody is crazy enough to let go of that kind of excitement. You know you want to keep more games like the dynamic Forza Horizon 4 or the iconic Dirt Rally 2.0, not get rid of them. A step or two is all you need to figure out where to stack your precious collection. Most of them can go to your external hard drive, while the really old ones you can keep clean and closed in stackable containers. To add some fun to it, you can even build a game storage unit. If this is too much of a project for you at the moment, a simple game organizer will do just fine. To make this yourself, you’ll need:

  • Old cardboard boxes (shoe boxes are also a great solution because of the lids),
  • Decorative paper,
  • Tape,
  • Glue,
  • Scissors.

This way, you will have customized game storage, perfect for your games. What’s even better, they can be made without spending a dime with the packing materials you already have at home.

Playing a video game
Don't forget to find a secure place to store games

Going Multifunctional Will Transform Your House Into a Dream Home

When you give a proper home to all your belongings, it will be much easier to tidy up, stay organized, and, when the time comes, move. Each corner of your house is a livable space, so treating it that way is essential. Innovative thinking will ensure a comfortable home and efficiency, no matter the size. If you’ve been wondering if it’s possible to turn a tiny place into a dream home, we hope these ideas removed any doubts from your mind. You just have to put a bit of effort into it.

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