Complete Guide to Moving to a New State

June 15, 2021Moving Tips
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On average, Americans move 11 times in their lifetime. And moving to a new state is a huge part of these statistics. If you are planning on moving from one state to another any time soon, you will need to plan everything in advance.

Woman at an airport
Relocating doesn’t have to be stressful if you plan everything

There are many things to do when moving to a new state, but if you are organized and well prepared, you will relocate smoothly and without much fuss. Keep reading and follow this guide on how to move to a new state, and your relocation will be stress-free.

The First Step Is to Make a Checklist for Moving Out of State

Relocation is stressful and demands a lot of your time and energy, but if you decided to do this huge step in your life, you would have to make some effort in order to have a smooth transition. So, what is the first thing to do when moving to a new state? Well, like in any large undertaking, planning is key to do all the work successfully.

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Create moving to a new state checklist, and write down all the things you have to do. Buy a binder and start creating lists of different things that need to be done. You can make different categories of different obligations, like finding different kinds of services, arranging documents, change of address, house packing, home buying, home selling, and so on. Here are some things you have to put in your relocation binder:

Printable Checklist for Moving long-distance
Planning is key to do all the work successfully.

Create a Budget for Your Move and Start Saving

Once you have a list of things that need to be done, you can start planning your relocation budget. And you will have to have an answer to the question “where should I move” before you start budgeting because many things will depend on the distance and where you plan to relocate. For instance, some states have a higher tax rate than others, so you will have to calculate this as well.

Also, if housing options and the overall cost of living are higher, you will have to save more money. So make sure to do your research well before you start arranging everything. Once you have all the information, you will need to calculate your relocation. It would be good if you could start saving right away for your relocation. If possible, save enough money for at least three months worth of living expenses.

Calculator with writing cost on display
Plan your budget in advance, and it will help you in the long run

When Moving to a New State, Book Your Movers on Time

One of the things to do when you move to a new state is booking movers in advance. Go online and find companies that seem the best fit for your relocation. Ask for a quote from at least three companies. This way, you can choose the one that goes best with your budget.

On the other hand, you can always rent and pack a truck alone, but bear in mind sometimes the DIY method can cost you more than if you pay professionals. Once you have a relocation date set, book your movers right away. This way, you will have time to arrange other things from your list, and you will move more efficiently.



How to Avoid Moving Scammers

You are probably wondering what is the cheapest way to move from state to state. Well, the answer will be if you do everything alone, but this way you carry all the burden. Yet, with a hired company you run the risk of being scammed.

Luckily, there are a couple of relocating tips you can implement while searching for a moving and auto transport company in order to avoid relocating scams. You will have to do a thorough search of companies. The first thing to check out is if a company has a valid address on its website. Also, when you are relocating to another state, the company should have a federal USDOT Number.

If they don’t have any, they are probably a fraud. Contact at least three companies of choice and ask them to give you an in-home estimation. If they refuse to do so, you have a huge red flag. Also, if a company has a significantly lower price than the others and asks for a large down payment, you should avoid it, too.

Movers carrying boxes
If you need help with your relocation, book reputable long-distance movers

Find Car Shipping Company

If you wish to move your car to another state, it is important to find a car shipping company on time and to coordinate this process with your relocation. You don’t want to relocate and not have your vehicle with you. Research how much car shipping costs and choose a service that fits your budget best. If you have more than one family car, the best option and cheaper one is to use an open trailer. This way, all your cars will arrive at your location together.

On the other hand, if you have an expensive car, choose a different type of transportation like exotic auto transport. Also, many companies offer their clients an enclosed auto transport option. With this service, which is a bit more expensive, you can ship up to four cars, but your vehicle will be protected from all outside factors like road debris or weather. Also, insurance is higher with this type of transportation.

Finally, when choosing a car shipping company, make sure you go through all auto transport reviews online. Customer satisfaction is the best way to see if the company is good. And if you don’t want to ship a car for any reason, think about options for selling it through an auction or in some other way.

usa auto transport truck
Ask your car shipping company about insurance policies

Get to Know Your City and Find Place to Live

If you are relocating to another state alone, it would be good to go to your city of choice and explore it a bit. Check out the city vibes, cost of living, and housing options. If you are too busy to do this, you can always do online research. Go through forums and online pages about that city and see people’s experiences. You’ll need to have some living arrangements as well. No matter if you’re looking to buy or rent a house, you’ll have to start this whole process at least one month in advance or even sooner.

Research Your New Neighborhoods

When choosing the right neighborhoods, there are a couple of factors you need to consider. Proximity to your job or good school can be a huge factor. So you will have to do good research of the city to pick a good neighborhood. For example, if the traffic is better than in Los Angeles, you can pick a home in suburban parts or parts of the city with top schools and go to work by car.

Phoenix view
Choosing the right neighborhood depends on many factors

Do You Have a Stable Income?

As we mentioned earlier, one of the things to do before moving out of state is good budgeting and saving some money. If living expenses are higher in your city of choice, you’ll want to have a steady income. If you’re not relocating for work and don’t have a job, you should start your job hunting before your move. Start by updating your resume and your cover letter.

Research a job market at your destination and see which companies are major employers. Send your resume to every address. Have a networking talk with your friends and family members and tell them you’re looking for a job in that city. Maybe they have someone living there and can recommend you to someone, thus making friends in a new city a lot easier.

Woman searching for a job online
Finding a job prior to your move will help you settle easier

Pack Your Home Like a Pro

One of the things to consider when moving to a new state is packing, and the best tip for packing is to have a strategy in place before. The first thing you need to do is clear one room where you will pack everything, like a garage or basement. After this, go room by room and start placing items you don’t use that often into boxes. For instance, if you’re relocating in the wintertime, pack summer clothes first and vice versa.

Then choose a labeling system, or even better, use a combination of them. For example, use the color labeling method to label certain rooms, assign a number to a particular shelf or closet, and write an inventory list of things in the box.

Surprisingly, one of the things people forget to do when they move is to pack their essentials box. This box should contain all of the items you will need the first day you arrive at your destination. It should contain all you would pack if you’re going on a short vacation. Also, put some necessities inside, like cleaning supplies, plates, and cups, and prepare your bedding as well.

Get Right Supplies

Getting the right packing materials is also one of the things to consider when moving to a new state. Having the right supplies will save you a lot of time, and your items will be safe and protected from any damages. You’ll have to buy some boxes, bubble, plastic, and paper wraps, duct tape, constructor tape, and protective blankets. If your budget is not allowing you to buy all this, many home items can come in handy.

For instance, you can use old sheets and towels instead of blankets, newspapers instead of a bubble, and paper wraps. And you can find free boxes at your local grocery store because they throw away a lot of boxes daily. If you have nice champagne glasses, sectioned cardboard boxes are the best for protecting this.

Decide Which Items to Leave Behind

If you’re wondering what to do when moving to a new state to save on your relocation expenses, do a house decluttering before you start packing. There are certain things you don’t use anymore or haven’t used in a while. Get rid of them. You can either donate unwanted items or make a yard sale. If you have a totaled car in your garage or some unfinished project, now it’s time to put an end to it. Check out this video for more tips on packing.

YouTube video

Things to Consider When Moving Out of State With Child

Moving out of state alone is one thing but relocating with family is totally different. First thing first, you’ll have to have a place to live. Next, your kid’s school transfer should start in advance, so they don’t miss out a lot once you arrive at your destination. If you are relocating with a newborn, you should have a copy of your baby’s medical records with you, and it would be good to find a pediatrician before you relocate. Ask your current pediatrician to recommend you someone in your city of choice and transfer baby medical files.

A toddler crawling on the floor
Transfer your baby's medical records in advance

What Is the Average Cost of Moving to Another State?

Now that you know how to move to a different state, you probably wonder, how much money should I save to move out of state? Well, the most common rule is to save enough money for rent, food, and gas for at least three months. Are you wondering what to do before moving to another state? Arranging everything with your movers is one of the things, and you will have to do this in advance so you get a picture of how much money you should save for your relocation.

Car shipping costs will depend on your final destination, so it would be best to contact your movers and ask them for a free estimate of your relocation costs. This way, you can plan and decide whether you want those services or not. In the end, the cost of hiring professionals will be the same as the amount of money you will lose if you take days off your work.

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