Checklist of Things You Forget to Do When You Move

May 27, 2021Fun Facts and Lists
Kate Holland

A true grunge and rock music fan born in Seattle, Kate has moved across the country and started writing about her experience.

Not many events in life give us headaches and stress as much as relocations. Simply put, they are both chaotic and beautiful, but with so much to do, it’s only normal there are things you forget to do when you move. However, what slips your mind during this complex process can range from something insignificant to really important stuff that can have you feel like the whole thing is turning into a nightmare.

A household move includes about 6,500 pounds of items, which will require about 60 boxes to pack everything up. Aside from taking care of so many belongings, you’ll have to think about how to pack your car for moving, focus on your career path in the new city, hire long-distance movers and a car shipping company, and that’s really a lot to keep track of. Forgetting something important amidst all that chaos can happen even to the best organizers, so aside from looking for some car shipping advice, you’ll need a checklist of things to remember to do when moving to avoid unnecessary tension after you relocate.

Most People Keep Forgetting That It’s Better to Start Preparing Weeks Before the Move-Out Day

Last-minute preparations around the house are doable, but the less time you have to prepare, the more chance you’ll have to completely overlook important stuff you should do. If relocating everything you belong, including your car, to another state awaits you in the near future, it’s best to start weeks before the actual move-out date to be sure everything is taken care of.

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Don’t Neglect Creating a To-Do List

Perhaps grabbing a binder and designating it for everything involved with your move may seem like something unimportant, but it is one of the tips that will help you keep everything on track. You can write down a general relocation timeline and a list to keep you reminded of all you have to do, and place it into the folder along with important documents, such as papers needed to transport your car from state to state.

Updating the Address Is Commonly Forgotten

Perhaps you may be one of those people who believe that changing the home address before you move is either not that important, or you actually postpone it because you already have too much to do. But if you settle at your future home only to realize that your mail is not arriving, it can be the cause of a serious headache. If you don’t update your address on time, it will be harder to register your car in a new state, along with other complications. Here’s a list of who to notify of your relocation:

  • Start at the post office to get all your mail redirected to your future house. You can even do this online without having to visit it in person when you already have so much to do.
  • The Social Security Administration should be high on the priority list to notify if you are a user of any sort of benefits.
  • The credit card company and your bank shouldn’t be forgotten when making a list of who to notify when you move. Try contacting them on the phone to see if it can be done online, to save on time.
  • Loan and insurance providers should also be notified of your address change. Sure, we would all love to let our loans get lost into the void but to avoid any problems, don’t let this slip your mind.
  • Your state tax agency, along with the federal IRS, should be notified of your move. The IRS provides an online form for you to fill out.

If you don’t skip to do this on time, it can help you freely enjoy driving down the famous routes in the USA to your new home, relieved of any driving stress that can be caused by forgetting this important step.

A sign with the home number
Don’t skip updating your place of residence is one of the crucial tips

People Don’t Remember They Should Call Utility Companies on Time

Besides updating the address of your house, we tend to postpone and completely ignore the fact that we should contact utility companies and set both the disconnection and the connection dates. If we do it on schedule, it will make sure that the new residents don’t get a hefty bill for heating that we may have left on and that you have water and electricity the moment you arrive at your new home. The same should be done with cable, phone, and internet providers. This is especially important if you’re moving to another state alone, and you want to get in touch with everybody the moment you cross your new doorstep.

Cancel Subscriptions and Memberships, Don’t Let It Slip Your Mind

If you don’t want to continue paying fees and monthly subscriptions for services and products you can no longer use, one of the important tips is that it’s really important not to neglect to cancel them. These may include gym memberships, as well as yoga classes, which will be hard to cancel once you’ve already relocated to another part of the country. Remembering to do this while you’re on the road to your new life can only cause serious driving anxiety and bring up stress levels.

Believe It or Not, Many People Leave Important Documents Behind

Relevant papers ranging from birth and marriage certificates to our medical and dental records may be overlooked and left behind and be among things people forget to pack. It actually happens more commonly than you think. To avoid a nightmare scenario in which you remember to ship the car using an enclosed auto transport or perhaps the more common open carrier transport, but completely forget to bring your driver’s license, passport, or other types of ID, pack them all up on schedule. Visit your veterinarian, your doctor, and your dentist, and obtain the records. Pack up your financial documents, together with employment papers, and remember to contact the school for transcripts for your kids.

Files in a neat row
Obtaining important papers before you move is something that shouldn’t be overlooked

We Don’t Remember to Free up Some Space and Get Rid Of Excess Items Before the Move

Crucial steps for your relocation budget include figuring out how much it costs to ship a car and getting rid of anything you don’t need. Decluttering around the home is something many people overlook while preparing for a move, but it will actually make the whole relocation process easier and save you some money. Fewer objects transported means the costs of the move will be lower, so all you’ll have to think about is are you supposed to tip movers, and how much. Walk around your home, decide what goes with you and what ends up in thrash, and donate the rest to a charity like Goodwill. Use the storage service to store large pieces of furniture or items like Christmas ornaments or seasonal clothes until you settle in your future house.

A charity volunteer
Donate all the excess items to a charity

You Shouldn’t Neglect to Hire Movers on Time

A DIY move is a doable thing, but let’s face it, hiring someone else to do all the hard work, and probably with more care and efficiency than you, is a smart choice. But finding a good and reliable company is something we might forget to do up ahead, which will make the whole thing harder. Look at the reviews and ask your friends and family for recommendations. Think about which services you will require, such as packing and storage service, and if you’re shipping your car, whether you’ll need door-to-door auto transport or perhaps you’ll feel more comfortable with the terminal-to-terminal car shipping service. As soon as you make up your mind, contact them and set the date.

Professional relocation crew in a van
Don’t skip calling your movers weeks before the move-out date

Forgetting to Obtain Packing Supplies Is More Common Than You Think

No relocation can go without at least some packing, and no packing can be done without proper supplies and materials. We can freely say that getting boxes and other items that you will use to pack up your belongings is like avoiding moving scams – an essential part of moving. To let it slip your mind can actually create a lot of problems. Order boxes and tape online, as well as enough cushioning materials, such as packaging paper, peanuts, and bubble wrap, or visit your local liquor store to get a free box or two.

Don’t Overlook Labeling the Boxes

When it comes to moving, it’s normal to concentrate on finding the cheapest way to ship a car, so you might neglect the fact that labeling your boxes will make your life so much easier. Grab a marker and write the rooms where the boxes should go to and don’t skip labeling the boxes that contain fragile stuff, so your cross-country movers will know to take extra care of them. The excellent idea is to color-code each box by the room or even number them and write down the contents. It’s an important thing to do if you would rather spend the first days making friends in a new city instead of rummaging through unlabeled boxes to find where you’ve placed your TV remote.

Pack a Box of Essential Things for the Moving Day

No matter how many relocations you have gone through, you may neglect the fact you need to pack a box of items essential for the first few days after the move. This box should contain basic toiletries, a few kitchen utensils needed for quick meals, and to prepare your coffee on the first morning, as well as chargers and a change of clothes. You should place it among other stuff to keep in your car when you move, or if a car shipping company is transporting your vehicle, then bring it along with you on the plane. Your first-day survival kit should be at your hand (don’t send it to storage with other stuff!) and not among the things you forget to pack.

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Don’t Let Taking Care of Your Vehicle Be Among the Things You Forget to Do When You Move

Moving across the country means that you will take all your possessions with you, which can include your vehicle, among other stuff. After you’ve read about the differences between open and enclosed car transport and decided which suits you more, you should visit a car repair shop and have it checked, before you hand it over to an auto transport company. It might cost you more if your car isn’t operational when you want to transport it, so preparing the car for shipping is important not to skip. Having it checked is crucial even if you decide on driving it the whole way because you don’t want to have a nasty surprise in the middle of the road.

A man inspecting an engine
Drive your vehicle to a check-up to avoid nasty surprises

Keeping a Checklist Near Will Make Sure You Avoid Stress

There can be many causes of stress in our life, ranging from learning how to drive a car for beginners, to switching workplaces. Relocations are stressful events in their own right, so to keep the tension to a bare minimum, avoid forgetting important stuff. If you follow our checklist, you’ll be able to have a swift and effortless move and give yourself enough free space in your schedule to pick the best cars for city driving, especially if you’re moving to a big city from a small town.

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