Make a Step Towards Stress-Free Relocation with These Moving Hacks

June 8, 2021Moving Tips
Madison Rogers

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Each year, around 3 million Americans move interstate, while an average American moves 12 times in their lifetime. Considering this, even if you aren’t moving at this very moment, you will need at least some of these moving hacks, either for yourself or your loved ones.

Even though there are some hacks to make moving easier, the whole relocating process is exhausting and time-consuming. You will have to adjust your daily schedule to have a relocation that is as smooth as possible. Keep reading and find out more about our moving tips and hacks.

Make a Plan of Your Move

First, you will have to create a plan for your relocation. You will have to set a relocation day at least three months in advance. Keep in mind that there are many things you have to do before your move, like figuring out how to register a car in a new state, finding a place to live, and many other time-consuming tasks. On top of that, you will have to organize your move, to pack everything up, and figure out travel arrangements. So in our experience, the best tip is to create a relocation binder with all the things that have to be done. Here are some things the binder must have:

  • Relocation budget
  • Travel arrangements
  • Housing options
  • Schedule of house packing
  • Finding movers
Checklist and a house
A binder is time-saving and a crucial part of organized relocation

Packing Hacks for Moving – The Preparation

If you are relocating to another state alone, this whole packing thing will be much simpler, but if you are relocating your entire family and house, you will have to be more creative. First things first, if you are relocating with children, you will have to think about putting aside their bag of essentials and yours. These bags should contain all the necessities for at least a couple of weeks, so pack like you are going on a short vacation. And if you have ever wondered if owning an RV worth it, now it will pay off. You can take a family road trip to your new location and see some of the most famous routes in the USA and put a lot of your stuff in a car along the way. If you have more than one vehicle, you can always ship the cars to another state with an open trailer and have a fun road trip with another car. Bear in mind that, once you relocate your car to another state, you will have to change the plates and address at DMV. You can do this easily online.

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Put Together a House Inventory List

Before you begin to pack everything up, create an inventory list of all the things you want to bring with you. We know this can be a drag, but it is the right way to stay organized and manage the move. Even the movers will appreciate it if you do this before they arrive because they will be able to give you the most accurate quote for the move. So go room by room and write down what you will bring from that room. Create a separate list for each room – this way, this list will work perfectly for the labeling of boxes later on. Also, assemble a list of things you want to get rid of. use

Go Room By Room When Packing

Before you start to pack, you should clear one room and repurpose it to pack everything up. It would be best to clear the garage, basement, or some other room you don’t use that often. Put the protective materials here and start wrapping things from each room. Start with a room you don’t use that often and with the stuff you will not need right away. So pack your summer clothes first if you are relocating in wintertime.

Declutter Your Garage

If you are relocating to a smaller apartment and getting rid of some things, the garage will be a place to start. If you are a collector of the best import cars, now it is time to hit up some car-selling auctions. Or if you don’t know what to do with a totaled car that’s been sitting in your garage for some time, you could sell it in parts. Or suppose you have time to fix it and you know how to replace a valve stem or even how to start a car without jumper cables, and also disposal of a car battery comes naturally to you, repairing shouldn’t be a problem. In that case, start right away. After all, the most expensive cars in the world are custom-made.

A woman doing inventory
Go room by room and put away stuff that doesn't have a purpose right now.

Use Professional Materials

If you’re wondering How do I make moving painless, try using professional materials, and the move will be much easier and more stress-free. You will need protective materials like bubble wrap, plastic wrap, furniture pads, blankets, and foam. Take all these supplies to protect all of your furniture and other items. You will also have to take duct tape and contractor tape – to reinforce the bottom and top of the container. There are all kinds of boxes you can buy – plastic containers, compartmentalized boxes (these are excellent for glasses and other breakable stuff), and the most common ones made of cardboard. You can buy them or even rent them from movers. Buy some ropes and fastening belts. You can secure the furniture in the truck to avoid damage and buy a dolly to move heavy items.

Picture of a four-wheel dolly
A dolly is great for heavy items

Pack the Boxes Like a Pro With These Moving Hacks

Now that you have all the necessary supplies, it is time to start filling the boxes. As we mentioned above, pack rooms and items you barely use first. Bear in mind that you also have to pack one or two boxes or bags of your essentials. These should be filled with dishes (plates, mugs, cutlery for each family member), hygiene products, bedding, clean towels, and some food and coffee or tea. This is just an example of things you can put here, but basically, they should contain all the things you will need for a day or two in your new home before you unpack everything. Put them aside and don’t load them onto the truck – they should travel with you.

When it comes to packing fragile items, you will need some cushioning or foam to put on the bottom of the box. Make sure to reinforce the bottom with construction tape, as well. Wrap each fragile item individually and put it in the box, put a cushioning between each layer and on top of the box. When you stack the glasses, don’t put them inside each other. If you have a box with separate containers for glasses, they will still have to be wrapped in a protective material before going there. The dishes should be stacked vertically. That way, you will have more space, and the chances of breaking will be minimal.

Tips for Smart Box Labeling

Good labeling is not only crucial for movers so they can know where to put each box, but also for easy unpacking. The best labeling system is when you implement a combination of two or three methods. Use color to mark a room, mark drawers or shelves with numbers, and write down some specifics (fragile, heavy books, liquids, and such).

Box with the fragile sign
A sound labeling system is key to a successful relocation

Best DIY Packing Hacks

If you don’t have time to purchase some supplies for protecting your stuff, you can take a lot of things at home for this purpose. Take sheets, pillows, and towels instead of foam or cushioning to protect your fragile items. You can wrap glasses in socks or with newspaper or regular printer paper. Garbage bags can be used for bedding or clothes, and books can be put in contractor trash bags. These are better for heavy items, just don’t fill them all the way. They will be too heavy for carrying.

How Do You Pack to Move In a Hurry? Use Free Moving Boxes?

If you are relocating at the last minute and wondering How can I move cheaply? or How can I make moving easier?, you will have to work quickly and be creative. For instance, leave your clothes on the hanger and just put them into garbage bags. Take vacuum bags to store and shrink pillows and blankets. If you don’t have time to buy boxes, go to the nearest grocery store and ask them to leave you some. This way, you will get free boxes in all shapes and sizes.

Clothes on hangers
Create a garment cover out of garbage bags

The Best Cleaning Tips and Tricks

A big part of every relocation is cleaning, and you will have to clean the old home and the new place. This is why some cleaning supplies and rags should be in your essential box. But some things are more challenging to clean than others, like removing dog hair from your car or sofa – for this, it is best to take dry sponges or rubber gloves. If there are stains on the carpet, create a mixture of baking soda and water to remove them. When it comes to eliminating grease from the stove, an oven cleaner is the best solution. Just leave it overnight, and the grease will go much easier. Check out this video for more cleaning tips.

YouTube video

Arrange Travelling

Suppose you still don’t have a driverless car and your driving anxiety is high, especially on long and unfamiliar roads. In that case, think about making some travel arrangements for your relocation on time to get a better air ticket. Also, you will have to think about shipping your car across the country with some auto transport company. If you have an expensive luxurious or sports car, then go with an enclosed trailer auto transport option. Every reputable auto shipping company should have this service. Your insurance will be higher, but your vehicle will be safer from road debris and bad weather.

Know How to Prepare Your Family for the Trip Like a Pro

This could be a great chance to arrange a fun family trip across the country. Depending on where your new location is, you can make this road trip feel like a short vacation. And if you can drive for an extended period and don’t have any driving stress about unfamiliar roads and towns, this cloud will be an excellent bonding opportunity for the entire family. So you will have to find and book some motels or hotels along the way and plan what attractions to see. Also, prepare some food, water, and an emergency kit to have on you just in case. If you have never used it before, it’s time to learn how to use a tire repair kit or maybe how to change a flat tire. Bear in mind that many roads in the USA are far from inhabited places, so be prepared to react in all kinds of situations.

Cars on an open trailer during long-distance car shipping
You can go on a road trip in one car and ship the others to the new address

Prepare Your Car for Shipping

If you decide to ship your car, you will have to know how to prepare the vehicle for shipping. Yes, that’s right, you will have to do some preparations before the car shipping company arrives. First things first, remove gas from your car – only leave about a quarter of the tank full. This way, your vehicle will weigh less, and the chances of accidents are lower. Secondly, you will have to wash your car and then take a picture of it for insurance purposes. Remove all your belongings from the vehicle, and disconnect the car alarm if your movers tell you to.

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