Will Driverless Cars Ruin Everything?

April 16, 2018Fun Facts and Lists
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The future is here! From smart homes and phones to driverless cars, people are relying more and more on technology as time goes by. Soon enough, many mundane tasks will all be handled by sophisticated computer software, and people won’t have to move a muscle.

However, we all saw Terminator and what can happen if we give too much power to computers. Just imagine trying to outrun some rogue hybrid self-driving vehicle, it won’t be as fun as watching the cyborg chase Linda Hamilton through the streets of LA. That’s why as much as advanced technology can make our lives easier, the question presents itself – why driverless cars are bad, and will they ruin everything?

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What Exactly Are and How Do Driverless Cars Work

Are you living without a vehicle, and you think it is time to change that? No matter if you are looking for the best cars for beginners or top-rated vehicles for families, you’ll probably seek a machine with gadgets that make driving easier.

Luckily the modern tech is rapidly developing, and it is affecting even the car industry. It is not only enhancing the safety of four-wheelers, but it is also playing a huge part in the development of driverless or autonomous vehicles (AV). These machines are capable of moving safely with little or no human input.

AV is equipped with a variety of gadgets and sensors that perceive the surroundings. This means that the AV will have GPS, sonar, radar, and internal measurement units. A control system will then interpret gathered sensory information and create a navigation route considering obstacles as well. If driving stress is a problem you encounter daily, owning an AV that maneuvers through the streets on its own might be a solution you are seeking.

Autonomous, Self-Driving, and Automated Cars – What’s the Difference

Looking into AV and what they do, you will run into many new and unfamiliar terms. However, the first thing you should learn about are levels of automation. When it comes to AV, the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) acknowledges six levels that vary from fully manual (level 0) to fully autonomous (level 5). These levels are useful when making a distinction between autonomous, self-driving, and automated four-wheelers.

For instance, a fully autonomous machine would be self-aware and capable of making its own decisions, while a fully automated one would follow orders. Term self-driving is interchangeable with a fully automated one. This means that a vehicle must have a human passenger ready to take the wheel, and these machines fall under Level 3 or 4 of automation.

When Will Driverless Cars Be Available for Purchase

There is still no exact answer to this question. Companies like Waymo wanted to make AV available for the public in 2020, but they are still only in trial programs and out of reach. Currently, you can find machines that will automatically break if you are in a collision path, those that will keep you in the lane, and that can handle cruising on highways. This means you still have to be behind the wheel no matter if you drive through New Your City or cruise around famous routes in the USA.

A girl taking a selfie in a moving four-wheeler
There is more than one level of autonomy a machine can have

How Does Driverless Cars Technology Work When It Comes to Navigation

No matter if you are behind the wheel of best-imported vehicles or some top-rated SUVs, you’ll still have to pay attention to where you are going. The traditional navigation systems are made to process information and localize, map, and detect objects. However, you might wonder how do driverless cars work and navigate through streets? Recently researchers created a newer navigation system that is trained to predict all possible steering commands. It learns the most likely commands for a wide array of situations, such as running into T-shaped intersections, rotaries, and forks.

Phone with GPS turned on
Navigation tech is one of the essential parts of AV

Are Driverless Cars Future of Driving or Not

Let’s be honest, we are a long way from kicking back and relaxing on a back seat while our super-smart machine is maneuvering around the traffic like Michael Schumacher is actually behind the wheel. Not only that AV has many issues to overcome, but they have to earn people’s trust.

The American Automobile Association (AAA) survey shows that approximately 71% of people would still be afraid to ride in AV. Also, only 19% of respondents stated they would be comfortable with their family using AV. AAA study shows that folks who have experience with features AV offers, like lane-keeping and self-parking, are more likely to trust modern tech. However, data collected by CivicScience also shows that people need evidence that the technology is safe before starting to embrace it.

Overall, the answer to the question are driverless cars a good idea and are they an unavoidable part of the future is open to debate. Time will tell if the technology is safe enough to be put into commercial use. For now, sit behind the wheel, sing along to the music, and act like you are in one of the best car movies, expertly maneuvering even through the worst US cities for driving.

Phone with GPS turned on
The future of transport is near but still not within our reach

What Are Driverless Cars Pros and Cons You Should Think About

We might still wait for a few years until AV hits the streets. However, even now, there are discussions about the benefits and downsides of this modern tech, so let’s take a look at some pros AV will bring:

  • There won’t be human error – people get distracted sometimes, computers don’t. They will detect a bike or a lady with a stroller that human eye wouldn’t.
  • There will be fewer accident-related deaths – when eliminating the factor of human distraction, the chances for accidents and fatalities are significantly reduced.
  • There won’t be drunk drivers – if you are grabbing a drink with friends, your machine will be your designated driver, and it will safely take you home.
  • The elderly and disabled will be able to enjoy the ride freely – people who are less mobile or unable to drive on their own will be less dependable on others and different types of transport.
  • Insurance will be cheaper – the risk will probably be based on the type of machine, not on the driver. This means you won’t have to search for the best insurance for young drivers or old ones, just get the one that covers the machine.
  • Eliminating the road rage – are you sick of bizarre driving laws in the USA? Maybe you can’t stand other four-wheelers cutting you off? All of this will be eliminated when the computer is the driver making the decisions.

A long line of benefits that AV brings might be enough for some to get convinced that this tech is the best solution for traffic problems. However, there is a downside to it you should also consider:

  • Increased potential of hacker attacks – machines that are constantly connected to computers are more vulnerable to security breaches. Hackers can easily take control of the four-wheeler, and it might feel like you are stuck in one of the worst car movies ever without being able to do something. Also, there is a privacy concern considering the fact that the machine is constantly tracked.
  • Losing jobs – taxi employees will become obsolete.
  • Losing skills – Switching to AV won’t help you become a better driver, especially if you have driven for a while and suddenly stop, you might just lose the skill.
  • Accidents will still happen – there won’t be drunken fatalities, but accidents caused by AV may be worse than those involving humans. Computer glitches and errors in coding and updates can cause fatalities that humans could have prevented.
  • Weather can block sensors – AV won’t be suitable for all weather conditions. For example, some sensors and gadgets AV uses are not effective during the heavy snow.
  • Need for new infrastructure – a new way of transportation will require different road layouts and infrastructure, which will cost a lot of money.
Man reading a book
AV will use advanced inventions that have many benefits and downsides

What Are the Best Companies That Are Paving the Way For Self-Driving Vehicles in 2021

Four-wheelers are among the most significant inventions of the last hundred years, and though the evolution of vehicles has been fast, it was mostly focused on safety features. The addition of airbags and seatbelts hasn’t significantly changed the design. However, the last 30 years bring improvements like keyless ignition and electric engines. The industry is evolving, and its next big goal will probably be creating vehicles that don’t require drivers.

These kinds of machines were once only a part of science fiction and movies like Total Recall and Minority Report. Nowadays, you don’t have to be cast in a Steven Spielberg movie to take a spin in a self-maneuvering machine. That’s all thanks to companies that dedicated entire teams to developing hands-free technology. If you are wondering Which companies are making driverless cars and if you want to learn more about the innovations in the industry, you should check out some of the leading enterprises that are developing modern four-wheeler tech:

  • Waymo – founded in 2009 in San Francisco
  • Lumotive – founded in 2018 in Seattle
  • Reality AI – founded in 2015 with headquarters in New York City
  • Nodar – founded in 2018, with a home base in Boston
  • Swift Navigation – founded in 2012 in San Francisco.

Is Waymo the Best Innovator in the Industry

Waymo is one of the most notable companies in the industry, and their 11-year effort to develop self-driving four-wheelers finally paid because they launched the first driverless taxi service. Are you wondering where are driverless cars being used? Those that want to avoid feeling driving anxiety should head to Phoenix, Arizona, and take advantage of Waymo’s ultra-modern “robotaxi.” If you still have some misconceptions about new cars like Waymo robotaxi, check out the video below that shows how smooth a ride can be.

YouTube video

What Kind of Four-Wheelers Tesla Offers

Tesla is a brand name famous in the car industry. You probably heard about some of its best electric vehicles like Model Y and Model 3. However, that is not the only reason Tesla is famous, the company also develops broadly applied autopilot tech.

Even though Tesla autopilot tech doesn’t enable four-wheelers to be completely automated, it enhances the self-maneuvering experience. Having a machine equipped with advanced cruise control and automated steering might not help avoid the road rage you feel when stuck in traffic, but it will make navigating and driving at night easier.

Suppose you are still not convinced that Tesla can help you have a stress-free road trip check out the video below. It shows how going from San Francisco over highways and driving in Los Angeles can be smooth.

YouTube video

When Buying a Vehicle Hire a Car Shipping Company to Deliver It to You

There are many pros and cons of owning a vehicle, but mostly the positives outweigh the negatives. That’s why you might be inspired to buy a four-wheeler equipped with all kinds of gadgets. You might not be able to get AV just jet, but still, there are many vehicles boosting with high tech sensors and modern navigation just waiting to be bought.

When you get a new toy, since it can’t drive itself to your home, make sure you hire an auto transport company to deliver it to you. Reputable professionals will offer you door to door auto transport that almost feels like your machine got to your home by itself. You can also opt for the terminal to terminal car shipping and pick up your four-wheeler on your own. Furthermore, you can opt for open trailers or choose enclosed auto transport. No matter what kind of service you choose, you will be able to kick back and relax while professionals deliver your machine. Then hit the road and try out all the different tech features most modern vehicles have. Remember to enjoy being behind the wheel cause soon enough, driverless cars might ruin that for you.

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