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Will driverless cars ruin everything?

Will driverless cars ruin everything?

Technology is improving on a daily basis and what is possible today used to be science fiction just a few decades ago. The auto industry has changed dramatically in the last few years, and every new car comes with autonomous features that keep doing things instead of drivers. Parking has never been easier, while you no longer need to steer in heavy traffic because the car itself will do that for you. Yes, this does make our life easier to some extent, but driving is enjoyable for a lot of people, and it is just a matter of time when the driverless cars will become a thing! They are going to ruin everything, and USA Auto Transport presents the things we are going to miss when driverless cars are introduced.

Steering wheel

A part of the vehicle that is in a lot of danger is a steering wheel. Simply, there will be none. Intelligent cars will not feature that weird circular thing opposite the driver’s seat, and you will be able to just sit in a car and…sit. Or watch through the windows. It is going to be difficult to get used to a vehicle with no steering wheel. What are we going to do with our hands?

Bumpers and Brakes

Thanks to collision detection, which is already a feature in so many vehicles, there will be no more accidents. This is a good thing, but since there are no more bumps, why should car sports bumpers? Today, they are a part of the protection, but they also serve to improve the design of a vehicle. Seeing a vehicle without bumpers sounds like a distant future, but it will come sooner than you expected. And since cars will halt by themselves, brakes are completely unnecessary.

Fronts and Backs

Vehicles today have front-facing bodies, but that will not be the case with driverless cars. They will be just a box in which you sit and get transported. Hopefully, driverless vehicles will be comfortable and pretty to look at.


We have already started to replace engines with electric motors. And that is an excellent thing. Electric cars are much easier to maintain, plus they are environment-friendly since they do not emit CO2. Without engines, computers will be in charge of driverless cars, and when the technology reaches the advanced level, there is even a possibility that the vehicle will get the power from the road itself. Perpetuum mobile is not possible, but driverless cars will be close to it.


To increase safety on driverless cars, there is a possibility that windows will be removed. How can a vehicle be safe when it is surrounded by glass from all sides? This prediction may not be as accurate, but windows will be changed in some way. Whether glass will be enforced or something else will be done, expect windows to be modified heavily.
As you can see, driverless cars are going to change our lives! It may be in five, 10 or 30 years from now, but enjoy driving while you still can. If you plan to move to another state and ship your vehicle, notify USA Auto Transport and we will transport your four-wheeled companion quickly.