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Misconceptions about New, Modern, and Cars in General

Just in the previous ten years, things have turned upside down! The cars have changed a lot, and there are new technologies which make driving a lot easier and a car can endure longer drives. But not a lot of people know much about new and modern vehicles and USA Auto Transport presents some of the misconceptions about new cars.

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Regular Servicing

A lot of people believe that new and modern cars don’t need servicing. We are going to disappoint you because that is not entirely true. Every vehicle that is on the road needs to do routine checks. The difference between the new cars and the old models is that the owners of the used ones will visit the mechanic’s more often.

Are diesel engines better?

Furthermore, America is famous for its emissions regulations, and that is the reason a majority of overseas carmakers designs special models for the US market or puts a different kind of engine under the hood. And surprisingly enough, a lot of people in the States, but also around the world believe that diesels are worse for the environment than the gasoline models. This is a common misconception, and usually, diesel vehicles are more efficient and even cleaner than their counterparts. Think well before your next purchase.

Warm-up is unnecessary

The next misconception is related to people who are older, but the misconception has transferred to the younger generations as well. You have probably heard that you need to warm up your car before you hit the road. While this was true a few decades back, this statement is no longer valid. The carburetors of yore needed time to warm up, especially during the winter, but now, when you see that needle stabilize, you are ready to go.

Manual/Automatic Transmission

Meanwhile, a majority of new and modern cars come with an automatic transmission, but most of the older models featured a manual transmission. A large majority of those who have a manual will claim that they are way more efficient, but there is nothing to support this statement. Both automatic and manual transmissions are equally efficient if you can handle the stick!

Global market

Furthermore, what you need to know about modern car market and modern cars is the fact that it is a global industry. The reason we mention this obvious thing is because you must have heard a sentence that goes something like this: “Buy American, support American jobs.” This is inaccurate because Germans, Japanese, Koreans, and Americans have their plants in different countries in the world and buying any vehicle can equally support American jobs, as buying an American car.

Misconceptions about Safety

There are two misconceptions we grouped in “safety,” and they are entertaining. The first one is related to the winter tires and the fact that people think they are redundant. Even though winter tires are more expensive, they provide more grip, and you will be a lot safer in your car especially if you are breaking. They are not sold for fun! The other one is the belief that rear-wheel drive is dangerous. We have got some news for you. Rear-wheel drive equals oversteer, whereas front-wheel drive means understeer if you are not careful! Luckily, modern cars can correct driving errors, so you will not end up in a ditch!
Hopefully, you find this entertaining and useful, and if you need more information about car shipping, USA Auto Transport is the company to call.