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How to plan Car Shipping during winter?

While summer is the busiest season for car shipping companies, some people want or simply must ship their cars during winter. Even though most people try to avoid transporting their cars in the winter, there are some advantages such as the lower prices offered by the car shipping companies. If you want to move your car during this time of the year, USA Auto Transport wants to give you some tips on how to plan and do it appropriately.

Start planning earlier

Shipping cars during winter is difficult for just one reason – the weather! You can never know when snow will cover the streets, which is why you need to do everything a little bit earlier than you would have done in the other seasons. Start thinking about the relocation and car shipping on time, and you should have no problem once you engage in the car shipping process.

Find the reliable company

Whether you are finding a company for moving or just car shipping, this process should always be the same. Make sure to call several car shipping companies before you decided which one you want to hire. Why is that important? It is essential to do this because you can compare prices and choose the best one, which is not the most inexpensive one. The great thing about shipping the car during winter is that you will have no problems finding a good company. The reason for this is that a lot of people stays put in the winter so, instead of you chasing car companies, they will do anything to see they are the best!

It’s a longer process

If you are moving from or to the parts of the country which are covered in snow, it would be unreasonable to expect your car to be delivered quickly. It can take a while for the carrier to go through the snow and the icy roads, which may even be shut down in some instances. Moreover, companies and their drivers are more careful during the winter, and they pay extra attention to safety. Delays should not worry you, but for all the questions, address the company that is moving your car.

Choose the appropriate services

Like USA Auto Transport, most car shipping companies offer several options when transporting your car. One the choices you need to make is whether you want an open or enclosed auto transport. While open auto transport is more affordable than the enclosed one, you might want to go with the latter. The reason for this is that an open trailer doesn’t provide any protection against weather conditions, which means that your vehicle’s chances of getting a damaged increase. Moreover, if you go for an enclosed trailer, you will not have to do any winter preparation.

How to prepare a car?

If you do opt for an open carrier, you will have work to do. The first thing you need to do is check out if your windows are sealed, and there are no any cracks or openings which can let the snow or rain in. If you are driving a convertible, you need to cover the top of your vehicle and secure it. Moreover, top off your antifreeze because otherwise, you may encounter some issues when you want to start a car upon arrival.
USA Auto Transport can ship your car during all four seasons! Call us for further information and if you are ready to go, schedule your pickup date now!