Everything is Easier With a Moving To-Do List – Here’s How to Make One

October 8, 2021Moving Tips
Milly Andrews

Born and raised in Portland, Milly has had a lot of experience moving and writing about the relocation process.

If you decide it’s relocation time, know that having a moving to-do list will make the whole process easier. But is there a checklist for moving that will make all your worries magically go away? Not exactly. The best one you could have is the one that is completely adjusted to your needs. That is why we are providing you with a few essential guidelines. By following them, you can create a checklist that will lead you to an ultimately successful relocation.

Exploring Your Future Home

Jumping headfirst is never recommended in this big of a life change. It doesn’t matter if you had the freedom to decide where to live or if it was already determined. Before relocating to a new city, exploring every aspect of life in it is a smart thing to do. Ask yourself what this research needs to contain regarding what is important to you. Overall, count on googling the cost of living, level of safety, the closeness of schools, hospitals, amenities essential to you, and so on. If you have a couple of weeks to spare, put visiting your future home right under the research segment. It’s the best way to know if a destination is a good fit for you.

Creating the Moving Budget

Many other tasks in your relocation plan will depend on the amount of money you are willing to spend on the move. Will you hire movers or put the weight of relocation (literally) on your shoulders? It can, in many ways, depend on the amount of money you have at your disposal. So, before anything else, take a calculator in your hands, create a relocation budget, and determine if saving money for the move will be crucial in the days to come.

Find the Most Reliable Cross-Country Moving Company

If you want to gain as much of a stress-free relocation as possible, you must count on hiring top-quality long-distance movers. To do so, don’t just accept the quote of the first one you stumble upon. One of the most important items on your list of things to do when moving into a new house should be the research of the companies. To find the best one, you must:

  • Use their DOT number on FMCSA to check the company’s license and insurance. It will help you see if the relocation company is legitimate and avoid relocation scams
  • Check reviews on BBB and other trustworthy websites
  • Schedule a few in-home or video estimates
  • Prepare questions to ask movers

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Consider Which Arrangements You Need to Make

Appointments, bookings, schedules – they are all a part of the relocation process. And there will be enough of them to give you slight anxiety about the move. They will occupy almost every day before the relocation date and a good few weeks after it. It’s a good thing to have those obligations clearly set on your checklist, along with the dates by which they need to be completed.

Booking a relocation company you’ve chosen is obviously the first arrangement you should think of, but not the only one. Your items are not the only thing that needs to be transported, so you have to book your flight as soon as you know the relocation date. If you opt to rent a truck, consider the estimated travel time and book suitable accommodation along your route.

Don’t forget about doctor appointments for you and your loved ones if you are not relocating to another state alone. You want to make sure that everyone is healthy and ready to go. That, of course, should include visiting the vet if you are relocating with pets. A vet check is especially important if your pet has health problems or needs to be sedated in order to endure the move.

Book Additional Services if Needed

Don’t let yourself end up in a situation where you need car shipping or storage services, but you have not thought about it on time. If you wish to transport cars from state to state, research each available USA auto transport company the way you did the relocation ones. Also, prepare to make a decision or two about different car shipping options, such as:

The same goes for storage – booking a unit must be in your plan if there is even a slight chance that you’ll need it.

usa auto transport truck
Let your baby rest until you meet again in another state

Notify Others That You’re Moving

The next item on your road to the new life should be notifying everyone about the relocation. Of course, you won’t forget to inform your loved ones about the move. However, the question of who to notify when relocating may be more complex than you would initially think. After you organize important documents, you’ll get a bigger picture. In general, insurance providers, IRS, and banks must be informed about your address change. And so that you can continue receiving important mail, changing the address with the USPS is also necessary.

One of the things you should also think of is whether you need to transfer utilities or cancel them completely. If you are not relocating locally, there is a high chance that the services from your current utility providers will not be available in the new city. If that is your case, be sure to contact the company whose services you are using and get information about what your options are. The same goes for your internet and cable companies.

After contacting relocation and car shipping companies, it's time to call your providers
Crossing off informing your utility providers will be easy

What Does a Packing Checklist Need to Have?

Boxing up is a process of its own. It is a task that will occupy most of your pre-relocation weeks. After all, it is what most people think of when wondering how to prepare to move to a new house. However, because of its complexity, you need to be careful not to forget any of the sub-tasks. And believe us when we say there are many. Even if you opt for getting packing services, there is still a lot of work that needs to be done before movers come.

But before we begin, did you think about how early you should start packing to move? It mostly depends on your moving inventory list, but your goal should be not to start too early or too late. In the first case, you won’t be able to use some items for a very long period. And in the second, you’ll probably hurry up to get everything ready and end up making many relocation mistakes. So before creating a definite timetable, estimate the time needed for boxing up the best you can

Getting Rid of the Items You Won’t Use

Don’t ever underestimate the importance of decluttering. Not only will you have fewer items to pack, but you’ll save up some money for the relocation. Many relocation companies define their quote based on your moving packing list. It’s a simple calculation, really – the less you pack, the more you’ll save. Downsizing for a move is necessary if you want to save money on relocation costs.

Be honest with yourself and apply the famous one-year rule. Don’t pack anything you haven’t used for over a year. Well, except for items with sentimental value (it’s expected that you won’t want to part your ways with them). And when you prepare the pile with unwanted items, it’s time to decide what to do with them. You have a few choices, so opt for tossing, gifting, selling, or donating. When creating a checklist of your own, place all of them on it – there will be at least one of your belongings for each action.

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed (and Maybe Something Blue) – Gathering Packing Supplies

Before starting with the actual boxing up, you have to make some decisions about the packing materials you’ll use. There is plenty of which you can choose, so take some notes:

  • Boxes – big, small, middle-sized, gather them all. If you want to save up, look for some free-of-charge options. You can borrow used boxes from friends and family or ask your local stores if they have some to spare.
  • Wrapping material – paper and bubble wrap are your safest options. Still, for less important objects, utilize newspapers that have been lying around your home, linens, towels, rugs, and all other cost-free solutions.
  • Labeling materials (color stickers or simple sharpie to mark the boxes),
  • Scissors,
  • Tape for boxes

After you finish with preparations, it’s time to start with the boxing up itself. If you could use some relocation hacks and smart packing tips, be sure to watch the following video:

YouTube video

What Not to Forget on Your Relocation Day?

If you thought that you’d get some rest after boxing up, you were wrong. There are many more things that must find their place on your checklist. The important thing is that you can see the end nearing and that you can see the end of it.
So what would your tasks be on the relocation day? Keep in mind that relocation day preparations start a few days before. They should consist of preparing for movers, cleaning your home, scheduling child and pet sitters, and getting enough cash to tip movers. Of course, if you opted against hiring a relocation team, give your friends a call and ask for help.

When the date finally comes, you’ll find yourself inside of one big chaos. However, the most important thing to remember is to have your relocation essentials ready. Those are items that will help you survive the first day or two in your new home. Be sure to pack them separately from everything else and have them by your side at all times.

Professional movers will work hard to complete your moving and auto transport without a hitch
Movers will ensure that everything goes smoothly, so be sure to tip them accordingly

Things to Do in the Weeks Ahead

Your relocation is not done after the date of the move, either. Well, technically, it is, but there are more things to do, mainly concerning unpacking and establishing your home in a new state. And while the first item is apparent, do you know what the second one implies? Remember that in the weeks that come after the move, you’ll have to:

  • Register to vote,
  • Register your car, update your driver’s license and get car insurance,
  • Register your pet,
  • Get a different healthcare policy (probably) – many healthcare providers provide their services in only one state,
  • Schedule the installation of utilities.
Cat sitting in a relocation box after successful auto transport and relocation
You are not the only one who needs the official change of residency

A Well-Created To-Do List for Moving Will Help You Be More Efficient

Why is creating one so important? When you keep all these tasks in your head for many weeks, it is more than easy to forget some. Even though making it will take some time in the beginning, it will save you much more time later. And more importantly, it will give you peace of mind. It’s better to cross one thing after another than going through it every night in your head thinking about what else needs to be done. You will see how much more organized you will be, and that will result in a successful move. And isn’t that the final goal?

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