How to Fight Anxiety About Moving Out – the Best Tips for Introverts

August 3, 2021Moving Tips
Eva Johnson

Digital nomad born in New York but currently living online, Eva knows everything there is to know about packing and moving.

Is it normal to be nervous about moving out? If you’re preparing for the next big move and feel anxiety about moving out, it is absolutely understandable. The uncertainty of the upcoming change, stepping out of your comfort zone, and a complete change of lifestyle all sound like pretty good reasons to feel anxious. However, there are still ways to cope with severe anxiety about moving out and make the whole relocation process easier.

As multiple research studies suggest, Americans find that relocating to a new state is among the top ten most stressful life events. They consider it so stressful that 43% of survey participants said they’ll never do it again. However, reasons like better housing options, job or schooling opportunities, and improved quality of life push thousands of people to move every day. And although moving can be especially challenging for introverts, there are still very effective techniques to help them deal with all the fear, worries, and uncertainties when relocating to another state alone. Here are the answers to some of the most common questions when it comes to overcoming the fear of relocating, and here is what you can do.

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What Indicators Show You Feel Fear and Anxiety About Moving Out of State?

What happens if you put the wrong gas in your car? Are you ready for all that driving stress? How do you properly set a relocation budget? Will there be any things you forget to do when you move? Is there a better way to move efficiently? If you’re stuck in the whirlpool of thoughts, and a bunch of questions starts coming up causing unnecessary worries and even more severe symptoms such as tachycardia, headache, insomnia, breathing problems, lack of focus, or increased sweating, it is a clear sign that you’re experiencing an anxiety attack.

Thinking about all the tasks to be fulfilled this way will certainly leave you overwhelmed. Moreover, it could additionally slow down the organizational process of your relocation and push you into last-minute preparations, which are even more stressful. The main reason why you might feel like this is that you haven’t prepared yourself mentally or emotionally for the upcoming change. Once you resolve all the dilemmas and fears you have, everything will start to go smoothly.

How Do I Mentally Prepare to Move Out?

Being mentally prepared for the move means you’ll know which emotions to expect once you’re all alone in unfamiliar surroundings. Homesickness, loneliness, nostalgia, and other struggles will definitely be on your plate and could negatively impact your well-being and mental health.

Sharing your feelings and thoughts with close friends or consulting a therapist to provide you with professional guidance and support through the whole process are definitely the best options in this case. Knowing that you’re not alone and that thousands of people are struggling with the same thoughts and feelings can help you overcome this stressful event much more easily. Also, conduct detailed research on the place you’re about to relocate to, plan some trips back home, and establish daily routines are practical ways to adjust to different environments.

motivational message for cross-country moving
Emotional and mental preparations for relocation are definitely something you should tackle.

How Do I Cope With Moving Out for the First Time?

Anxiety about moving out for the first time is completely expected when you’re about to leave your parents’ nest. This relocation will force you to face some real-life problems and obligations, like washing the dishes, taking care of your living space, and paying the bills. Although those first-time relocations are usually college-related, in some cases, they mark the beginning of the adult life of a person ready to earn money, rent an apartment, and pay their own bills.

What to Do if I’m Experiencing Anxiety About Moving Out of My Parents’ House?

Relocating from your parents’ house can make you nervous and uncomfortable. However, if you observe it from the right perspective, it could make the whole experience easier. Focus on what you’ll gain. Not only will you finally become independent in every aspect of your life, but you will also have an opportunity to organize your lifestyle according to your needs and wishes, attaining personal growth.

Remember, a smooth sea never made a skilled sailor! Be brave and embark on new adventures – the results will come! And if you feel stressed out and don’t know how to deal with a panic attack, check out the video below for some helpful advice!

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Explore Thoroughly the Place You’re About to Relocate and Know What to Expect

A method that can help you feel more comfortable and sure about your decision to move to another city or state is to explore the place thoroughly and know some basics on what you can expect once you finally get there. This implies that you’ll inspect the job market and see what the work opportunities are. It also means you should explore the housing options and cost of living to match your budget. Also, don’t forget to act like a tourist and explore all the highlights of the city and state you’re relocating to, since this will directly affect your quality of life.

Getting to know the city’s pulse this way will help you combat all the repetitive and tiring stressful thoughts. Suddenly, a fresh start will look like a great idea, and your stress levels will go down.

Other Hacks That Will Help When Exploring New Surroundings

Being mobile and independent when exploring the surroundings is the easiest way to travel, meaning there is no better way to do it than having your car with you! Although there will be various details to and set up, from preparing the car for shipping which entails knowing how to disconnect the car alarm, to learning how to register your car in a new state, or what the conditions when driving in Chicago are – or any other US city you are relocating to.

This way, you’ll be able to use your free time to the fullest. If you’re a beginner, just make sure you are ready to deal with driving anxiety and don’t forget to learn some basics you might need on the road, like how to change a flat tire or what type of gas your vehicle needs.

a young woman exploring the city after her long-distance moving
Explore the surroundings of the place you're relocating to to adjust more easily

Ask for Emotional Support After You Move to a New Home

Once you stay all alone in the new city or state, miles away from your family and friends while nostalgia is kicking in, there will certainly be moments when you’ll start to ask yourself How do I cope with anxiety moving out? Having the right support is of tremendous importance in these moments. Although your family and friends are far away from you, there is no reason not to stay in touch with them. Regular calls, messaging, and visits will definitely be the most effective way to overcome the emotional rollercoasters you’ll be facing and keep in touch with friends.

Finding New Friends Will Be a Great Help for Introverts Personality and Ease their Life When Adjusting to Different Surroundings

Making friends in a new city and meeting new people is another great way to attain the needed emotional support. Make sure to meet your neighbors and colleagues, sign up for language or dance lessons, dedicate your free time to hobbies, and soon you’ll have a whole new social circle.

friends comforting each other after long-distance moving
The support of family and friends is of utmost importance when it comes to relocations

Occupy Your Thoughts by Organizing the Relocation and Avoid Overthinking

Another effective solution when dealing with stress is to find another focal point that will occupy your mind preventing you from overthinking and melting down. Dedicating time to set up the whole relocation process is one of the first steps to take.

Choosing the right company for relocation as well as an auto transport company, learning some relocation tips, and exploring reviews and car shipping advice are only the beginning of this complex process. Still, it is of utmost importance to start those preparations in advance to avoid any last-minute hassle and packing rush. Start at least two months before the planned relocation day, and make sure to take care of all the details.

Prepare Your House for Relocation: Downsize the Household and Only Pack the Items You’ll Be Using

Once you’re sure about the relocation, the very first step to take is to prepare your house for packing and movers. Downsizing your household is an indispensable part of the relocation – you’ll get rid of all unnecessary things that won’t have any use-value in your next home. This way, you will not only pack your stuff more easily, but you will also decrease the cost of relocation since all relocation costs are based on inventory lists. The longer your inventory list is, the higher the expenses are.

Explore all available options to donate unwanted items, recycle them, or organize the garage sale and support your budget. Whatever you decide, just make sure you have only listed the things you’ll be using and prevent clutter in the next home.

Learn How to Choose a Reliable Relocation and Car Shipping Company

Staying away from potential relocation scams is the ultimate aim of all people who are about to relocate. Having a trustworthy relocation and auto transport company is the best way to attain a stress-free relocation experience and avoid any potential inconvenience. Reading customer reviews and inspecting the company data using the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration base are the safest options in this case, so ensure to implement this tip before you schedule your relocation date.

Find a Company to Provide You With an Impeccable Car Shipping Service

Shipping a car cross-country will never be easier to do than when using professional services. The moment you find a company that can answer all your questions starting from how much it costs to ship a car to why choosing door-to-door auto transport is the most convenient delivery method, and why terminal to terminal car shipping is more affordable – it will be a clear sign you’re dealing with professionals. Also, before booking the services, ensure to understand the difference between shipping cars on an open trailer and using enclosed auto transport to decide on the best option and organize every aspect of your relocation.

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