Who to Notify When Moving – Complete Guide to Important Addresses

June 23, 2021Moving Tips
Michael Vaughan

Moving through the Bay Area, Michael works as a freelance writer in the moving and transportation industry.

Planning a move usually implies weeks of hard work and thorough organization. Yet again, many fail to remember who to notify when moving. The fact that our lives are closely connected to the bureaucracy easily slips our minds when we start informing the long list of ones we love on our new address. However, noting down the institutions and people you need to give a head about your new place, as well, will ensure your entire transition goes smoothly.

The guide we made will keep you coordinated down the road and help you understand who to notify when you move. Still, make sure to start early enough and systematically review everyone from the list.

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When Should You Change Your Address When Moving?

If you are wondering where to update your address when you move, starting with USPS is always a good idea. The time needed for your mails to be forwarded from an old to a new one is up to twelve months, so don’t waste it. Just do it way before the relocation date comes, two weeks before at the latest. You don’t even have to bother going to the post office since making an update online is simpler than ever by completing a change-of-address form. Keep in mind this is the only way to have your mail, bills, and other documents appropriately delivered. Otherwise, you might risk getting into trouble.

Mailing a letter
The sooner you give heads up about changing home, the better

Put Personal Documents on Your Priority List

To move efficiently, you are obliged by legal requirements to change your address in documents such as your ID card, passport, and driver’s license. According to US law, failing to do it within 30 days given, you may be fined. Fortunately, the best way to notify change of the address, and rather a simple one, is doing it online. An old-fashioned way of going in person is also possible. It’s up to you, just don’t let it fall into the “things you forget to do when you move” category.

Changes You Have to Make With DMV Within 30 Calendar Days

In most states, the DMV is the one you have to update when changing your zip codes. Keep this in mind, even if you are relocating only a few blocks down the street. This also applies to drivers who are relocating to a new state with their vehicles. If being one of them, make sure you have your license updated. Knowing how demanding the entire process can get, this is a good moment to consider preparing your car for shipping if the expenses of the car shipping service fit your moving budget. One of the best relocation tips you can get in that case is going through the auto transport reviews of the car shipping company you are interested in. Going through other people’s experiences will give you a clearer picture of the USA auto transport, as well what transportation option is more convenient for you, door-to-door auto transport or terminal-to-terminal. Still, deciding to drive on your own and going through the inevitable driving stress means figuring out suitable packing materials and learning to pack your car for a transition. To load a moving truck correctly, you’ll have to understand how to protect your belongings and maximize the space available.

If You’re a Voter, Go to Voter Registration

In some states, updating your address with DMV should automatically change the one on your voter registration. However, our recommendation is not to rely on it but to make sure it’s done by contacting your registrar’s office of voters.

A passport
Most of the important personal documentation can be changed within DMV

If You Don’t Want to Miss Out on Money and Information, Reach Out to the IRS

Relocating to another state alone is never easy because the success of such an endeavor depends on planning it in detail and accepting the challenges of taking care of pretty much everything on your own. Forgetting one tiny thing may jeopardize the peace you trying to have along the way. One of the essential moving hacks you should think of is using Form 8822 to inform the IRS of your new location. That is how you will ensure processing your tax forms correctly and not miss any of the refunds or crucial information.

Tax forms
Be sure that all of your tax returns can be processed

Social Security Administration Checklist

When it comes to what is the best way to notify of address change important institution such as the Social Security Administration, you have a free online form available at any time. When planning to move soon, skipping this step might lead to a stoppage of receiving benefits from the government. SSA is obligated to contact you by mail if you receive any of the following:

●     Disability benefits,

●     Medicare,

●     Retirement benefits,

●     Survivor benefits,

●     SSI (Supplemental Security Income).

Going through paperwork
It's important to reach out to SSA to keep your benefits active

When You Move Who Should You Notify – Financial Institutions

If wondering who to notify of an address change, your bank and other financial institutions should be on your priority list. Contacting them should be pretty simple – just calling the bank’s customer service or stopping by their nearest branch should do the trick. The same goes for your credit card, plus there’s undoubtedly an online option to consider. Bear in mind these steps are critical since not letting them know about your travel plans can lead to fraudulent activities. Here’s a checklist of the financial institutions to have in mind:

●     Banks,

●     Credit card companies,

●     Retail credit accounts,

●     Moneylenders,

●     Investment companies.

A credit card used to pay for the terminal to terminal car shipping
If you don't want to risk any identity theft, go through this checklist thoroughly before you move out

Think About Utilities Before It’s Too Late

Who to notify of a change of address is never an easy question because the list is so long. Although not all of the tasks are fun, they are indeed important, particularly when contacting your utility services providers.

We’ll all agree that hot water and electricity are the bare necessities at the end of the day, even though it might not be something we’re thinking about often. And they are not the only ones fitting in the category mentioned. Gas, garbage, sewage, home security service – they all much-needed – and require info updated at least a month before you move.

When relocating locally only, transferring them via one simple phone call is doable. However, going to and fro the state means canceling them altogether and starting new accounts once you are in a new city. Your life won’t depend on them, but your comfort definitely will.

Schedule an Appointment for Cable and Internet Installation

When you move, cable and internet services are usually the ones you should contact two to three weeks in advance. It is the same with similar add-ons like security home system service. Keep in mind that cable and internet require installation appointments. Usually, these appointments are routinely done, so they don’t take too much of your day. With all the materials prepared – modem, router, and wireless cards – connecting routing cords is a piece of cake.

Utility bookbinder on the table
Schedule installation appointments in a timely manner

Who to Notify When Moving – Home or Renters’ Insurance Providers

Informing home or renters’ insurance providers is one of the key steps because your policy needs to be transferred, as well. That’s why knowing where to transfer it is a must. If you are renting, it won’t come as a surprise if your landlord requires proof of insurance even before you move in.

Signing a document
Call your insurance providers to transfer your insurance policy

Contact All Medical Care Providers About the Change

Don’t forget to reach out to all healthcare providers, not only because your billing address needs to match but because of all the reminders and checkups being sent to your house regularly.

Your Veterinarian Should Be on Who to Notify When Moving House List

Your veterinarian also belongs to this group since they are the ones taking care of your furry friends’ needs. Having their medical records with you and the address on the microchip registry updated will make the transition easier for everybody.

A cat in a box
Don't leave if you are not sure all your medical bills are accounted for

Inform Your Previous Employer

We know that the ideal job is not waiting for you just around the corner, which is why relocating for a new role is quite common. If that’s the case with you also, your previous employer needs to be notified of your location in order to move you out from the company’s HR system the right way. You can expect tax documents and other info to be mailed to your home.

Boxing up an office
Your previous employer is also the one you should update

Don’t Forget All the Memberships and Subscriptions

Some people are still fans of a printed letter, so magazines and newspapers regularly keep coming to their doorstep. We’re sure you’d like to keep reading about famous routes in the USA or to be updated on the best import cars. Not to mention the racing games you love so much or some of the best car shows out there. So, pick up the phone and call customer service of the car magazines you’re so passionate about, or simply change the contact information given online.

If You Are a Frequent Online Shopper, Remember to Switch Your Address Before Relocating

There are websites you certainly spend time on searching for books, clothes, home decor, and alike. These are usually the ones you are most frequently scrolling through and shop for the things you want. In such cases, it’s easy to overlook the shopping details when not switching addresses. So, don’t let it surprise you if the T-shirt you’re waiting for is already delivered. But to your old home.

To learn how to change the shipping address on the Amazon app, since it’s one of the most visited websites, click the video below.

YouTube video

Reach Out to the Ones You Love

No matter how long you have been preparing for heartfelt goodbyes, there’ll come the day to leave the ones you love behind. Sharing exciting news like this often means being overwhelmed and scared. Even though you’re well aware that adjusting undoubtedly implies making friends in a new city, you’re going to miss all your dear friends and family. But, instead of stressing about it, try to enjoy the moments you have with them and don’t forget to inform them where to visit you or send you a birthday card.

Your Family Is Important, but Have Neighbors on Your Mind, as Well

Although there’s not always time to meet the neighbors right after the move, saying hello to them and letting them know where you live will make you feel more welcome. People next door are the ones who can help you settle easier, from creative storage ideas while you’re unloading and unpacking to helping you register your car, or just being around in case you need it. Assuming you’d like to avoid road rage once you put yourself out there.

Friends talking
Let your family and friends know about your place in details

If You Want a Smooth Transition, Don’t Put These off Much Longer

No matter how organized you are, the relocation process will take both your time and your energy. The tons of tiny details that need to come together are not something you can reach without being thoroughgoing. You’ll easily overlook a task that might be vital. However, when it comes to a change of address, who to notify is something many fail to figure out until a problem arises. With this guide in hand, you will ensure all the critical parties are informed before you head off to an upcoming life adventure.

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