The Ultimate Checklist of Moving Essentials

July 15, 2021Moving Tips
Kate Holland

A true grunge and rock music fan born in Seattle, Kate has moved across the country and started writing about her experience.

It doesn’t matter if you have experience with relocations or not. You probably realize it’s far easier to keep your head if you have moving essentials right beside you. It’s like holding a lucky charm at the palm of your hand because the essentials for moving out will make your relocation a breeze.

It sounds a bit unrealistic. But the roots of our claim are based in reality entirely, and all you skilled movers out there know it. It doesn’t matter how many times you have changed your living place, and Americans tend to move A LOT, up to almost 12 times in their lifetime. There’s a chance that you were scolding yourself for all the things you forgot to do while you were driving in Los Angeles or any other city toward your new home. So, what should you not do when moving? Above all, don’t leave the previous home without items that will help you survive relocating to a new state.

Believe It or Not, the First Thing on Your Moving Essentials Checklist Is to Make a Checklist

“If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs and blaming it on you…” The beginning of the famous poem by Rudyard Kipling may, in this case, coincide with everything you’re thinking and feeling about the upcoming move. Relocations are demanding, chaotic, sweaty, and full of tension, including a ton of backbreaking work.

We have a feeling that you might require some relocating tips at this point. First of all, make a checklist. Or perhaps several, and then make copies of them. Alas, you won’t be able to create an accurate relocating budget until you decide whether you’ll call professionals to handle everything or not.

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Who You Gonna Call? Movers!

You call for aid, and a professional company will answer. That’s how it works with reliable relocation businesses. It doesn’t matter if your move looks like a battle against dark forces in your eyes, or you need a car shipping company to get your car from A to Z. It’s essential to give cross-country movers a call on time, and decide if an enclosed auto transport is more fitting to your budget, or you would rather have it transported via an open trailer car shipping. With that out of the way, you can move on to some other stuff on your checklist.

usa auto transport movers
Call your professional relocation specialist ahead of time

To Be Able to Determine Where Your Essential Stuff Is Located, You Need to Discard Certain Things First

It’s decluttering time! No, we’re not saying that you are compulsive hoarders of unnecessary things (even if you are, who are we to judge,) but it’s only natural that there are piles of stuff you consider as “might be useful later.” In reality, we completely forget about these things, and they sit around overlooked for years. While the benefits of car shipping are apparent (you won’t have to strain yourself, and you’ll avoid driving anxiety,) it may be a little unclear why it’s essential to declutter. Here are the reasons listed, and just you hold on, they will impress you:

  • You’ll have less on your hands in terms of packing. Of all the relocation-related tasks, this one is perhaps the one you resent the most because it consumes both our time and our nerves with equal passion.
  • You’ll lower the price of your move. It’s pretty simple – the fewer stuff professionals load on their truck, the cheaper the relocation will be.
  • You’ll make someone happy. It’s not a catch where we say you should look in the mirror to see the happy person. We have donations in mind. There’s probably a list of things you can set aside that are still in good condition but you don’t want to keep, so you can freely donate to Habitat for Humanity or any other charity.
  • You’ll get rid of anything that’s broken or damaged because those things shouldn’t make it to your new home but find their way to the garbage bin.
  • You can earn real money. Throwing a sale will be beneficial in many ways because garage sales can be fun, helpful in terms that you’ll be able to declutter even more, and, above all, pledge a dime or two in your budget.

With this out of the way, you’ll be able to move more efficiently than you thought possible. Here’s a video that can show you how to declutter and rid yourself of unnecessary things.

YouTube video

Packing Essentials or the ABC of Packing

Fleetwood Mac and Lindsey Buckingham have a song that could be a perfect theme for your move. “You can go your own way” are valid words when it comes to relocations. Yes, you can go, but not without packing first, and even packing can’t be done without suitable packing materials. So, grab boxes of all sizes, crates, and suitcases (excellent for anyone with a ton of books,) packing paper, foam peanuts, and all your household softies that can be used for cushioning (old t-shirts, towels.)

And buy sturdy packing tape (stay away from the plain duct tape if you want your property to stay inside the boxes and not finish in pieces on the floor.) The must-have tools should be an easy-to-use tape dispenser, scissors, and a marker to label each box as soon as you pack it.

If You Have to Place Something Into Storage, Pack It With Special Care

Your basic essentials needed to protect items in storage units are the same as the ones you need to pack everything for transport. The only thing you have to pay attention to is that the items that go into storage should be spotless and dry to avoid any mold. To use a self-storing unit to the fullest, look for creative storage ideas to place items properly.

Cardboard boxes
Packing supplies are more than crucial for any relocation

First Day Essential Supplies to Help You Make It Through the Move-in Phase

Time to get to the basics of your relocation or the moving-out essentials you should set aside, and we don’t mean setting aside some money to buy a family car. Although it sounds a bit menacing, a first-day survival kit is not only meant to keep you alive in the case of an apocalypse, but it may come in handy if there’s a zombie virus outbreak. It should contain several categories of things.

Bathroom Survival Kit, or the Basic Toiletries You Can’t Live Without

Just imagine it in your head for a second – you’re relocating to another state alone, driving carefree down the famous routes in the USA, windows open, wind in your hair… You arrive at your beautiful new home, unlock it, and you really need to use the loo that very moment.

But woe is you, and you have no toilet paper on you! None whatsoever! And that is exactly why the toiletries must be kept with you at all times. Except for toilet paper, tissues, and wet wipes, pack a shampoo, soap, and towels, and whatever else you might need.

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You Haven’t Thought of Moving Essentials Found in the Kitchen, Have You?

You’ve done a big deal of things to get prepared to move, from arranging door-to-door auto transport as the more convenient solution, tried the “where should I move quiz” just for fun, and now you’re thinking about the supplies you’ll need along the way. When it comes to the kitchen, what supplies do you need to move with you, and why?

Don’t forget you have to eat something both during the trip and when you arrive at your future residence. Pack some snacks and bottles of water to have during the trip, but also gather some kitchen utensils, from a few plates and bowls to the things you’ll need to prepare quick meals and coffee. Disposable plates, cups, and cutlery are also a smart option if you want to keep your bag lighter.

Clothes, Because You Can’t Walk Around in the Same Underpants for Days, or Can You?

Of course, you can’t. And there’s a chance you won’t have a washing machine available the moment you walk into the new abode. That’s why you should pack a change of clothes, as well as underwear for each family member. Another important thing that you should carry with you is bedding and a couple of blankets, and you can pack them together with clothes.

Chargers, Toys, Food for Your Pet, and Food for Thought

Most of us can’t function in today’s world without our gadgets, and that’s why it’s important to pack chargers for your phones, tablets, and laptops. If you’re bringing your pet with you, make sure you have food for them, while you should bring toys and other entertainment like books and board games if you have kids.

A bag with chargers
Chargers should be in the survival kit

What About My Papers, Documents, and All Those Other Grownup Knick-Knacks?

One of the greatest relocating hacks isn’t to sit back and watch the best TV shows about cars while someone else is doing everything. Although it’s a nice thought, you still have to tackle some things by yourself, and one of the tricks that will keep you on top of the relocation game is to get yourself a binder where you will keep the following:

  • IDs and passports – or any other types of identification,
  • Driver’s licenses and vehicle registration – we usually think of these as things to keep in your car, but place them in a folder together with other documents. However, if you’re packing a car for moving it with a USA auto transport company, you’ll have to hand them over the registration papers,
  • Contracts and bills and everything connected to the move – If you’ve transferred utilities, don’t forget those contracts, too,
  • Ownership documents or leases – This means papers for both your old and new place,
  • Birth certificates,
  • Credit and debit cards,
  • Health insurance papers,
  • Medical records for every family member – And veterinary records for your furry companion, too,
  • If you have kids, take their school records, too.

Valuables are not your moving necessities, but it’s something that should not go on the moving truck. Find a place in your essentials bag, and keep your valuables close. Also, don’t forget your meds. If you have some prescription medication, it’s necessary to bring it with you to avoid problematic situations and health issues.

A pile of papers on the table
Pack all your documents into the essentials bag and keep it with you

You Have Some Cleaning to Do, so Stock up on Chemicals and Tools for That Job

Since you can’t leave your previous residence untidy, not for the new owners to find it in bad condition, nor for your landlord, because you can say goodbye to your deposit, you’ll need to stock up on basic cleaning supplies and then get some more. From cleaning solvents, sprays, and chemicals, you’ll need microfiber cloths, a bucket and a mop, duster, vacuum cleaner, and rubber gloves on top of it to protect the skin on your hands.

Your Checklist Will Need Cleaning Supplies for Your Future Home, Too

If there was anything left out of the cleaning supplies after you’ve left your previous home, bring it with you because even your new place is due for some tidying up. Bring stuff to clean the bathroom, and polish the floors after the movers leave the house. And something to disinfect the kitchen, too.

A man in a pink shirt cleaning
Cleaning doesn’t have to be hard, and you might as well have some fun while you’re at it

You Need Various Move-In Essentials for Your New Apartment

After months of preparations and a looong trip, you’ve finally arrived! Admit it, our list of necessities has helped you feel like you’re crossing over the doorstep completely prepared for anything (even the end of the world.) Soon, you’ll have to leave the house to pick up the car you’ve transported via the terminal to terminal car shipping, but before that, what should you move first when moving into the new abode?

Besides your essential kit with toiletries, kitchen utensils, and documents, you’ll need a set of tools. You’ll probably have various stuff to do, such as reassembling the furniture, so it’s a smart move to bring it with you. With all of these things packed, you’re completely prepared to enter your new life stress-free.

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