Benefits of Car Shipping – Why It’s Better to Transport a Car Than Drive it Across the Country

December 18, 2017Car Shipping Essentials
Gemma Collins

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The benefits of car shipping can often be brought into question, but we’re here to tell you that it’s cheaper and more reliable than you might think. Besides the apparent benefits of shipping a car to save money and time, there are others that many of us overlook, but that help us relocate across the country without a hitch.

One of the Biggest Benefits of Car Shipping – It Saves Time and Money

Everybody likes to hear that a service of some kind saves them both time and money. While it may seem like transporting cars from state to state with an auto shipping company might not save money, it’s actually a much better option than driving by yourself. In fact, it’s one of the long-distance moving tips you should consider, especially if moving out for the first time.

Imagine you have to ship a car from Miami to Los Angeles. Did you know that it takes six days to drive from coast to coast? Think of all the costs that come with that – gas refills every two to three hundred miles, rest stops (because you need them,) and different traffic densities in every area. It may not be as penny-pinching as it seemed at first, so hiring car shipping pros is likely more beneficial than driving.

You may even be moving to another state alone. Driving long distances can seem easy enough, but if you plan to do it on your own, there’s a higher chance you’ll get tired faster or even fall asleep at the wheel. Some of the most common causes for traffic accidents have been exhausted and sleepy drivers, and taking risks like that isn’t recommended, nor does anyone want to take them. Some things are great to do alone, but moving with your car across the country isn’t one of them. So,  not only will you have a stress-free move, but you’ll avoid one of the most common relocation mistakes and ensure you move safely.

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By Shipping Your Car, You’ll Have More Time for Other Things

This is a legitimate answer to the question Why do people ship their cars? If you intend to ship your vehicle, that must mean you’re relocating. We already know that relocation is stressful and takes up a lot of time, so having the option of auto transport allows you to plan the move without distractions. You should definitely consider shipping your car across the country if you’re relocating further away, not only to have more time for things but to save up money and avoid stress. That way, you can think about packing all your belongings into boxes and saying goodbye to the house while knowing that everything will be shipped and transferred safely.

a person using a calculator and a piggy bank with some coins
You can transport your car without worrying about money

Hiring an Auto Transport Company Is Worry-Free

Another one of the great benefits of shipping a car instead of driving it is avoiding stress and having a worry-free relocation. If you’re wondering, What car shipping company is best? Professional car shipping companies such as USA Auto Transport have trained staff and crew that handle vehicles with care and professionalism, and you can be sure that yours is in good hands and safe. While you wait for your car to arrive at the destination, you can take the time to unpack after relocating, and that’s how you can move efficiently and think about some more pressing matters besides having your car with you.

Relocation stress is a real thing, and it can really hit people at unexpected moments. When we get stressed, we tend to either procrastinate or overwork ourselves to the point of burnout, and then we’re not fit for any type of work or activity. Stress-related to cars and driving is also real, and it can cause anxiety attacks as soon as someone decides to sit at the wheel.

You’ll Be Free from Driving Anxiety

One of the biggest reasons people avoid driving cars around town and across the country is the dreaded driving anxiety that hits many of us. Whether it’s winter or summer, driving in heavy snow or scorching heat isn’t fun and can cause a lot of stress. Now combine that with lots of traffic, days of driving, and the very common and problematic road rage that loads of drivers express in high-intensity situations. This doesn’t seem like a thing anyone would like to go through, and we hope you’ll take the best car shipping advice and simply hire a moving company to do it for you.

a person driving with the help of GPS navigation
Experiencing anxiety can really change a person’s mind about driving

It’s Possible to Ship More than One Vehicle at a Time

If you have more than one vehicle you want to transport, it would be almost impossible to do it by yourself, even with following the necessary steps for moving your car to another state. Another great thing about an auto transport company is that it offers shipping for all types of vehicles. You can choose between open trailer transport as well as enclosed auto transport that can both fit multiple vehicles on the trailers. Choosing between open or enclosed auto transport can be entirely up to you, so make sure to read about the differences.

If You Have a Motorcycle and a Car, You Can Ship Both Without Worries

Because of the added benefits of shipping various types of vehicles, you can also move a motorcycle if you have one and want to do that. Preparing your vehicles for relocation on a trailer doesn’t require much effort either. You can get gas out of your car and motorcycle to lighten the load and make transport faster. You can also choose between door-to-door auto transport and terminal to terminal car shipping as pickup and delivery options, so you’ll get your vehicles in one of two ways shipped over to you.

a beautiful black chromed motorcycle in front of a white wall
You can ship your motorcycle with a car shipping company, too

It Protects Your Car from Additional Costs, Mileage, and Damage

Something people rarely consider when choosing to drive instead of ship their car is that cars that go very long distances can sustain external damage and wear and tear. While packing a car for moving can seem like a fun challenge, the more stuff it’s packed with, it will become heavier and more challenging to drive. While the evolution of cars took a turn for the better in the past ten or fifteen years with the development of driverless vehicles, among other improvements to their performance, there are still ways cars can get damaged during driving and moving.

For example, adding mileage to your car means that you’ll have to get it serviced much sooner, as there are certain numbers of miles after which you have to change various parts of your vehicle. Avoiding added mileage means avoiding extra costs for maintaining your precious car, as well as potential damage that could happen by driving across the country. The USA is known for having many famous routes to drive, but they all have different weather elements, and things like dust and small rocks could damage your vehicle. That’s why car shipping benefits outweigh the disadvantages more often.

It’s Possible to Have Your Vehicles Shipped Almost Anywhere

Since professional relocation companies usually cover the entire country, there may be very few places where you wouldn’t be able to ship your vehicle. Taking advantage of this possibility means that you can fly to your destination and be sure that the car will make it soon after you. Driving it to your destination can be extremely difficult and straining if the destination is far away and the climate is different (for example, moving from Arizona to Maine entails driving from a warm place to a cold northern state.) Taking advantage of car transport services will simply make it easier for you to relocate wherever you want.

car panel with the odometer showing mileage and speed
Reducing mileage reduces costs of car maintenance, and that’s better for the long run

You’ll Have More Insurance Options with a Car Shipping Company

Each relocation company offers insurance plans for the items they ship, and that goes for cars and other vehicles, too. While you can pick your insurance plan, remember that those are additional costs. Maybe you want to register your vehicle after a move or even try to register a leased car in another state and have to save money for those purposes. However, to have the possibility of registering your vehicle in a different area, you’ll need to have it fully protected during transport.

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The difference between insuring vehicles on open and enclosed trailers isn’t insignificant, but the costs of these options are quite different, too. Insurance value and prices are proportionate for each type of transport, but there are ways for you to estimate how high the potential auto transport costs are by getting a free quote on your moving company’s website. If the company doesn’t have an elaborate website or the option of getting this free estimate, you might want to look out for relocation scams. Check out the video below on how to recognize scammers.

YouTube video

Professionals Simply Know How to Handle Vehicles During Transportation

If you ask any professional moving company, Is shipping a car safe? They’ll assure you that it is, and especially if you decide to book them. While we urge you to do mandatory research of all potential relocation companies, we can also add that one of the best relocation tips is to hire movers in any situation despite everything. Many people would opt for driving on their own rather than taking advantage of possible car transport options and amenities. However, cars aren’t cheap, and nowadays, maintenance costs a lot more as vehicles become more economical and filled with technology.

While you may hear many negative stories and experiences about relocation with the help of professional movers, you can rest assured that your vehicles will stay safe with them no matter where you desire to relocate. If there are any questions you’d like to ask a relocation specialist, you can contact them via phone or email and ask whatever you’d like to know about vehicle transport.

a mover smiling and standing in front of a relocation van
Allowing professionals to handle your vehicles is a great decision, and one you won’t regret

Relax and Enjoy Driving Around Your New City After Booking A Car Transport Company

Now that we’ve possibly convinced you to consider hiring relocation professionals, all that’s left for you to do is put your foot on the gas and take a scenic drive around your new living place. You can also read about the best things to keep in your car and how to keep it protected and in good condition in case you’ve relocated to a different climate. While it may take you a while to get used to various weather conditions, your car can suffer in the same way, so make sure to take care of yourself and it at the same time. Drive safely and enjoy your new lifestyle, so you’ll have lots of stories to tell afterward.

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