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November 22, 2021Moving Tips
Eva Johnson

Digital nomad born in New York but currently living online, Eva knows everything there is to know about packing and moving.

Unfortunately, with all the excitement and hard work that comes with relocation, there is a bit of danger too. And that’s why it’s not only important to move efficiently but to move safely while you’re at it as well. So, for those that are apprehensive about how safe they’ll be in the process of relocation, we’ve prepared some easy-to-follow guidelines that’ll assure you get through your tasks without any problems.

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Do Everything In Your Power to Ensure You’ll Move Safely Come Relocation Day

Any move to a new city requires thorough planning, but what constitutes planning can often get lost in the haste of it all. For example, while people are pretty much always aware that they want their move to be as efficient and quick as possible, what they often disregard is that safety should be on their list of priorities as well. Actually, relocation is quite dangerous by nature, and that should always be taken into consideration.

There are so many possible ways for a person to get hurt, and in the times of the COVID-19 pandemic, for someone to become even severely ill. But, be without fear – if you take up all the preparatory steps one can to be sure your relocation is smooth sailing, the hard work will pay off. And we’ve prepared the ultimate moving tips that’ll get you to your new home nice and secure.



Moving Safely Starts With the Preparation of Your Relocation

A move that is free of danger is a move that is organized thoroughly from day one. You know what they say: if you want everything to go according to plan, you first have to have one. This plan will relate to both preparatory steps for the move, such as packing, and to the organization of your relocation day. So take out your binder, a pen, and paper, and let’s get to planning a secure move.

Overpacking Is One of the Biggest Mistakes That Makes a Move Unsafe

While you are packing up your household inventory, make some executive decisions about how (much of) it’ll be packed. Given that even a relocation to a smaller apartment requires a lot of exhausting work, you’ll be better off decluttering and getting rid of some stuff before boxing up. After a proper downsize and with fewer items on your packing to-do list, you’ll successfully avoid any muscle tension the day following the move.

Additionally, you won’t want to overpack each box either. Not only will the overburdening of boxes make it more difficult for you to unpack them later on, but it will make it harder on your back to get through the task. Although you may think it will be easier to carry a lesser number of really heavy boxes, that isn’t necessarily true. Actually, the other way around is how you’ll want to do it. It’s best to keep the amount of the content in your containers well below their limit. And while it may take you a few more rounds to load them up on the truck, it will be worth it.

Watch Out How You Pack Sharp and Dangerous Items

When you are boxing up dishes and kitchen utensils, you’ll want to be very careful. Not only because these objects are notorious for easily breaking, but rather because they might hurt you if not managed correctly. And while a poorly packed glass could scar you, it’s nowhere near as dangerous as what a poorly packed knife could do. While obtaining the packaging supplies, be certain you buy some gloves as well. These will keep you safe while you pack up the knives and other potentially hazardous objects. For more information on how to pack sharp kitchen objects, check out the following video:

YouTube video

When the Moving Day Comes, Be Sure You’re Well Rested and Full of Energy

Many people get very excited and often stressed about the move and end up preparing for it the whole day before. And if you don’t want to be tired for the big finale of your relocation, it’s really crucial that you rest well the day before. Not only is it unpleasant to be tired when you are supposed to be on top of the task, but it can be dangerous too.

Your pressure could drop while you’re carrying heavy items and lead you to feel ill, even get you to faint. So, don’t let the adjustment insomnia take over just yet, get a good night’s sleep the previous evening, and don’t skip out on a strong breakfast.

Consider Your Fashion Choices for the Moving Day Thoroughly

Another thing to consider prior to the relocation is what you’ll wear on the big day. This is one of those rare situations where you have to think about your outfit in advance but don’t have to take its fashionability into consideration. Rather, you’re going to have to focus on how comfortable and safe your outfit is.

You’ll need some sturdy shoes, some tapered sweatpants that won’t hang loosely, and a jacket that allows you to move freely. If you are relocating in the rain, you’ll need a raincoat and some non-slippery shoes. These will significantly reduce the chances of you slipping and falling with boxes in hand.

A girl sitting on the floor amid boxes
Comfortable clothes are key for a good outfit choice

Have a Clear Path Through Your Home to Carry Items Over

We know that by now, all of your reasons to move seem tiny in comparison to how big the move looks. But some things are just relocation essentials, and although there might be plenty of them, neither should be neglected. So, keep in mind another thing you’ll have to prepare, and that is the path you and your helpers will walk over.

There should always be one path that is completely clear of any objects. You wouldn’t want to trip over while carrying a piece of furniture, nor one of your fragile items – it wouldn’t be safe for any person or object involved. So, clear a path, mark it even, and if it’s raining, cover parts of it with cloth or plastic sheets over it. It’s as simple as that.

Finding Someone to Look After Your Kids and Pets Is a Must

The same way objects should be out of the way, so should any living beings. If you are about to move with a pet, it would be wise to leave them at a pet hotel or a friend’s place the day before the move. Cats and dogs are curious little beings who will surely be very interested in all the activities happening around them.

And the same goes for anyone with little kids planning to hop in the family car and move to another state. You will want to leave your kids with their grandparents or hire a babysitter. Plan a sitter accordingly, and you’ll have one less worry on your mind when the relocation anxiety comes around.

A kid playing with a toilet bowl
Kids can be cute, but when it comes to moving, they can be more trouble than you may think

Avoid Back Problems By Taking Up Proper Lifting Methods

Back injuries are the number one potential risk of any relocation. And it’s not because boxes are too heavy or because people don’t have enough muscle power to carry them – but rather because most people don’t know how to lift properly. Here are some tips you should definitely consider using if you want to lift the containers the proper way:

  • Position yourself in the correct way – It’s crucial to position yourself correctly, aligning your shoulders with your feet, which should be spread apart. Next, you should squat, keeping your balance the entire way down.
  • Lift with your legs, not back – When you start lifting from your squat position, be conscious of your body. You’ll want your back to remain straight the entire time and lift from your legs.
  • Don’t make sudden movements – Since you’ll be carrying heavier items, it’s important to move slowly and avoid any sudden movements. These could get you to pinch a muscle, which is something you’ll want to avoid. So, lift slowly, carefully, and most importantly, listen to your body.

Specialized Equipment Will Make Your Move Safer

Although you may have been going to the gym and feel physically prepared to lift tons of boxes, there’s no need to do so. It’s always better to save your energy for the unpacking phase, as well as everything else that awaits you after the move. So, why not use additional equipment such as a dolly and moving blankets to carry some of the weight for you? This will not only take up some of the lbs off of your back but will make the entire process more efficient and quick.

A guy carrying a box
It's all about how you lift the box

Stay Safe By Getting Help From Either Your Friends or From Professionals From a Moving Company

When you are about to be loading and unloading a truck, it’s crucial to have some helpers on your side. Practically, it’s impossible to go through a move all on your own, especially if you’ll be relocating furniture. So, call up your friends and family members to help out. If you don’t know anyone physically strong enough or experienced to lift heavy objects properly, you should contact professional movers for a free quote. Not only are pro movers tough, but they have the know-how of how to lift properly, as well as of how to do it quickly – so you’ll be killing multiple birds with just one stone.

Additionally, we recommend getting door-to-door auto transport – it is much more convenient since the nearest terminal might not be so close. It will be challenging to get your vehicle to your new address without an enclosed auto transport company by your side, and not to mention that it isn’t safe driving long distances under all that relocation stress. Most vehicle shipping companies also provide an open car shipping service which is less expensive and more popular, so we recommend looking into that as well.

Even If You Aren’t Hiring Others to Assist With the Apartment Move, Follow COVID-19 Safety Precautions

For all those relocating during Coronavirus times, taking the pandemic into consideration is going to be a must. Even if you aren’t relocating with the assistance of movers or with USA auto transport company’s employees by your side, you should take safety precautions. Although you should especially prepare for movers, it’s important to be safe at other times too. Because you’ll always be in potential danger of the virus, even if just by leaving your things in a storage unit.

Whenever you’re in contact with people who do not live in your household, you should take health concerns seriously – even if vaccinated. So, we recommend wearing gloves the entire time of the relocation day, as well as having a mask covering your mouth and nose. You’ll also want to keep a spray bottle with 70% alcohol in your pocket so that you can wipe both your hands and the boxes regularly and ensure your move is COVID-19 free.

Two movers taking things down the stairs
Don't trust anyone who tells you you don't need multiple people on the job to move homes properly

After Following Our Guidelines, It’s Time to Enjoy the Merits of Your Hard Work

If you’ve followed our moving safety tips, we are certain you’ve managed to move without any lingering problems or issues. And after you’ve put in all this extra hard work to learn about the safety measurements you should employ, it’s time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Leave all your worries behind, and position your chair in the perfect spot in your new living room. Make some tea, or pour a glass of wine, and maybe even invite new neighbors over. You did it! And now it’s time for the new chapter of your story to begin.

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