Wondering About Things to Do After Moving? Here’s the Ultimate Checklist

June 23, 2021Moving Tips
Kate Holland

A true grunge and rock music fan born in Seattle, Kate has moved across the country and started writing about her experience.

So, you’ve managed to pull through the relocation unscathed because you’ve planned like a pro, and stuck to a carefully laid-out to-do schedule. But, there are still a lot of things to do after moving into a new house, and it would be wise to follow some general timeline just to make sure everything is taken care of.

A loving family on a couch after long-distance moving
Even unpacking can be fun if you do it with love

Let’s be honest, no relocation is unchallenging, and this is especially true if you have moved to another state alone and had to tackle most chores all by yourself. It probably took loads of plans, some good relocating tips, and help from a reliable USA auto transport company that shipped your car on an open trailer to get it to your future residence. But, before you’re able to sit down, open a bottle of champagne and start making friends in a new city, there’s a list of things to do after you move that you have to deal with. Without further ado, let’s see how to approach this.

First Thing’s First – Create a Checklist of Things to Do After Moving

17% of the population in the US, and that is one in six Americans, will move each year. Since, on average, people of this country move more than 11 times in their lifetime, it’s very likely that you already know a lot about relocating. From creating a relocating budget to finding packing tips and investing in shipping your car cross country with a reputable car shipping company, everything is much easier if you have it on a list. So, if you’re wondering what should you do right after you move, the right answer is that you should create an after-moving checklist to help yourself avoid overburdening with too many tasks at once.

A woman writing cross-country moving tips in a notebook
Making a to-do list will help you to stay on track with many tasks

Before You Start to Unpack in Your New House, Contact the Utility Companies

Utilities were probably on your move-out list since you had to shut off everything in your previous residence. But one of the priorities on the list of things to do when you move is to contact providers and utility companies in the area you’re relocating to. If you’re wondering what is the first thing to do after moving, calling them to set you up is crucial. Since relocating to a new state means you will likely have to pick companies that operate in your district, make sure they come to your home to reconnect everything. If you’ve moved in with your family, don’t forget to contact the internet provider, too, so your kids can have fun playing racing games while you unpack and take care of the rest.

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One of the Best Tips is to Immediately Locate Where the Fuse Box Is and Check the Main Water Valve

You would probably like to slow down a little bit, sit back, relax, and watch the best TV shows about cars, but your safety comes first. In case of an emergency, it would be best to know where the switch-off valves and electrical panels are. Familiarize yourself with oil or gas installations in the house and look at the water heater. Make this a priority because it’s better to be safe than sorry, and in the case that something happens, shut everything down before you contact your utility companies.

The Next Step on Your After-Moving-In Checklist is to Inspect the House Thoroughly

The move-out part is over, you’ve successfully managed to avoid driving stress and seeing road rage on the way to your future home by shipping your vehicle in enclosed auto transport. Before you get to unpacking and settling in, you should take a moment to inspect the house and decide on furniture arrangement. Also, check each part of the house and see if the previous residents left anything that you should throw out or perhaps make use of. If you are a renter, one of the essential tips is to take photos of each room and inspect for any damage to secure your deposit.

A woman in a jacket with a phone
Taking photos is one of the smart tips for securing your deposit

Unpack Your Essentials Box to Survive the First Few Days in the New Home

Before you can focus on buying a family car and googling how to remove a dealer sticker, so there’s no glue left, there are a few more chores to take care of that are more urgent. After entering your home and making sure you have the bare essentials up and running, you’re probably wondering what to do after moving next. If you’ve followed some great hacks, you’ve packed a first-day survival kit with basic toiletries, a change of clothes, chargers, and some snacks, so this would be a good moment to grab it and unpack it. It will help you for the first few days.

Arrange the Other Boxes Into Their Designated Rooms

Operating through your residence will be much easier if you don’t have to skip over piles of boxes, so the next step would be to move them to their designated rooms. It can be done in a jiffy if you’ve remembered to label them properly when you packed them. When you get those piles of boxes out of the way, it will be easier to think about creative storage ideas and decide on the layout of the entire residence.

A woman carrying cartons
Get those boxes out of the way so you can move around more freely

Time to Do Some Cleaning Around the Residence

Previous residents have probably left you a neat and clean abode, but a move-in cleaning is something you shouldn’t skip. After all, many people have passed through carrying your stuff, and they have probably used the bathroom, so grab some gloves and cleaning solutions, and get to work. Some people claim that cleaning gives them peace of mind, and you can use that time to think about buying one of the import cars, and are the electric cars the next best thing out there for drivers.

A woman dusting a mirror after cross-country movers unpacked it
Spruce up your residence before you unpack

The Basics in the Residence Are Over With, so Head Out and Update Your Address

Moves are difficult and complicated, and you have to think about a lot, from picking reliable movers to choosing whether you’ll have time for terminal-to-terminal car shipping, or you’ll pay some more for the convenient door-to-door auto transport. It’s only natural if you forget to update your address before you head out of your previous residence. Here’s who to notify that you’ve switched your address:

  • Start with the Post Office so you can continue receiving mail, bills, and everything else that goes into your mailbox. This is especially important to do so the next owners of your old residence don’t have to deal with stopping getting the mail for previous residents.
  • Both the federal revenue agency and your state tax agency need to be notified that you’ve moved. The good thing is that the IRS provides an online form, so this can be tackled online.
  • The bank and the credit card company also need to be contacted, just give them a call and see if you can manage this online, too. Reach out to some other financial agencies you might be using, such as PayPal, and let them know that you’ve moved.
  • Give your loan providers a heads up that you’re no longer at the previous place.
  • Notify all the insurance providers that provide you with health insurance, dental insurance, life insurance, and car insurance. Home and renters’ insurance is also important, so they know where to transfer the policy.

So, how early should you change your address when moving? This step takes time, so make sure you begin sooner than later and go one by one. After all, you need to avoid all the unnecessary stress and problems that can be caused by forgetting this important step.

Transfer All Your Records on Schedule

When you move, taking all the important documents with you is crucial. And because our health is one of the most important elements of our lives, you need to find a health care provider that you find suitable and transfer your records from the previous one. You should know that, according to HIPAA, your previous healthcare provider has up to a month to process your paperwork, so do this on schedule cause you never know when you might need a doctor. The same goes for dental records, as well as the ones from a veterinarian if you have relocated with pets. In the following video, you can see how to transfer the records.

YouTube video

Register Your Car in Another State

When going through a relocation and taking your vehicle with you, besides getting some good car shipping advice, it’s important to remember you should register your car the moment you settle in. Depending on the state you’re going to live in, you may have to change your license, too, and if you drive a leased vehicle, ask around how to register a leased car in another state. With this task out of the way, you may relax and think about driving down the famous US routes.

Be a Model Citizen and Update Your Voter Registration, Too

Your town office is the right place to update your voter registration, and this is something you shouldn’t forget to do. Check if it can be done online, as it’s more convenient. Sometimes, you can update your voter registration at the same time when you register your vehicle, just remember to ask for the proper paperwork.

A man voting at elections
Your voter registration must be updated after you relocate

Find a Great School for Your Kids in the Area You Now Live In

In all likelihood, this is something you have most certainly already done and chose your residence based on proximity to great schools. But if you had to move in a hurry, look for a suitable school online, or ask your coworkers for a recommendation. Just make sure you have the school records ready at hand.

A science teacher with students
Finding a great school for your kids is equally important as finding a job

Go Green and Recycle the Packing Materials

Since we don’t have to point out the need to unpack your stuff, you are probably already done with the dreaded task and have loads of cartons, paper, and other packing materials lying around. Those carton packages that have made it through without much wear and tear can be given away or placed in your garage. Whatever is unusable should be packed away for recycling.

Pens with an ink writing
Recycling should be an essential part of our everyday life

In the End, Meet Your New Neighbours

You’ve tackled every task like a pro, and you’re starting to feel like you’re finally settling in. So, what to do after you move to a new state after everything is taken care of? Making the place your own is easier with a few friends, and that’s why you should head out to your neighbors’ place, knock, and invite them over for a cup of coffee. It is as Robin Hobb said: Home is people. Not a place.

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