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Does the dealership sticker on your new car annoy you, and you don’t want to have it anymore? Then you’ve come to the right place. We’ll show you how to remove a dealer sticker in a simple and efficient way. Follow our guide and enjoy the look of your vehicle once it’s sticker-free.

How do you remove sticky labels from stores? When you watch the best car shows or some other TV shows about cars, you can see that they don’t have any stickers and ads from the dealership they were bought from. In case you’ve got one, and you want your car to look just like the ones from shows, you’ll have to know how to remove a dealer decal, and we have the solution. The main trick is to remove the sticker so that there’s no glue or dirt left behind. With our guide on how to remove the dealership decal, you won’t damage the paint, and your car will look like the sticker was never there.

What Are Dealer Stickers?

Stickers, vinyl decals, or however you want to call them, are free ads that dealerships put on vehicles so that when you drive, you show others where you got the car from. They are made in a way that they don’t come off by themselves, so it can happen that you drive for years, and the decal looks intact. No one should be used as a free billboard, so in case you happen to have the name of the dealer or their website glued to the back of your car, you probably want to peel it off.

Dealer Stickers Are Sometimes Annoying, So Most People Want to Remove Them

Imagine the president’s limo with a dealer’s ad on the back. Doesn’t look well, does it? Most people feel that way and want to learn how to remove a dealer sticker from a car. Since the stickers are difficult to get rid of, you might ask how do you remove a car dealership decal? You can’t do it simply by scratching, or using anything sharp, because there’s a chance you’ll destroy the car paint on that part. That’s the reason why many people find them annoying.

You Might Want to Get It off Because of the Detailing

Another reason to get rid of the stickers is auto detailing. Suppose you’re into keeping the car in its best condition, just like the vehicles in showrooms are. Then you probably want to remove the dealer sticker from the car as well. It would really be a shame to see a car in a perfect condition, with a polished and clean interior and exterior, with some sticker standing next to the name of the model. Consistent detailing is amazing for your four-wheeler in both the short and long term. You can do it yourself, or hire a detailer.

A windshield with a sticker
If you don't like how it looks on your car, don't hesitate to remove the dealership decal

What Materials Will You Need for Removing a Dealer Decal From the Car?

The list of things you will require to remove a dealership decal is short, but we’ll list all the alternatives you have, so don’t get confused. You don’t need everything from this list – pick the items you already have or that are the easiest to find near you:

  • Something to warm the stickers – You can leave the car out in the sun, or grab the hairdryer. If you have a heat gun, that will also work,
  • If the outlet isn’t anywhere near the car, you’ll have to get an extension cord,
  • Water,
  • Car soap,
  • A clean sponge,
  • A piece of a clean textile like a cloth, towel, or a rag,
  • Microfiber towel,
  • Adhesive removers such as Goo Gone or Goo Off,
  • Plastic card (like an old credit card), or plastic razor, plastic spatula, floss, or thread.

When You Remove the Dealer Decal From the Car, It’s Important Not to Harm the Paint

The question of how do you remove car decals without damaging the paint is an easy one if you’ve never repainted your car or if it has never been repainted in the past. If you have original paint on your car, just make sure that you aren’t using anything sharp. All the residual adhesive can be peeled off perfectly if you don’t use anything that can scratch the surface of your car.

However, aftermarket paint can be sensitive to some ingredients in adhesive removers, so be cautious when choosing which one you will use. It’s possible that it will wear away because it can’t withstand the chemicals. It’s important to be slow, careful, and gentle. If you see that the color is starting to wear off, it’s better to stop and find another solution.

A man standing next to a wheel
Don't damage the exterior when removing dealerships decals

How to Remove the Dealer Sticker or a Decal? It’s Quite Simple!

Now, let’s get to the point. If you’ve got everything you require for this job – we can start. Keep in mind that, if it hasn’t been there for long, it will be much easier to remove the dealer sticker, while the older ones can be tricky.

Start by washing the sticker and the surrounding area. A simple solution of soap and water will do the job. Soak the sponge in the solution and be sure no dirt is left. Rinse with clear water and dry the area.

Once completely clean and dry, take the heat gun or the hairdryer and heat the decal. Guns should be put on low or medium, while hairdryers can be turned on high. That (or a whole day on the sun) will melt the adhesive underneath the stickers and make removing dealership decals possible. Use the extension cord if you can’t reach the outlet. Try to peel a part of a sticker with an object you chose from our list above from time to time and see if there is any need to heat it any longer. Keep the heat on while doing that. Stickers that were recently placed should come off by now, while the older ones could cause some struggle.

When the vinyl stickers are gone, you will see some glue left on the surface. Don’t leave it there because it will attract dirt. Use a clean cloth, soak it in adhesive remover and leave it on that area for about ten minutes.  You can tape the cloth on so you don’t have to hold it. After that, carefully rub off the glue. If it doesn’t work because there’s too much residue left, you can scrape it off. Use whatever method you prefer; just don’t pressure rub or scrape anything.

Now that you’re sticker-free, take a clean microfiber towel and wipe the area where the glue was.

How to Get Rid of Badges and Emblems?

Imagine getting your new ride shipped on an open trailer or even on an enclosed trailer from another state, paying hundreds of dollars for auto transport and realizing that there’s an ugly emblem on the back. Dealers sometimes add more things to the vehicle on top of free advertising. If you’re in a situation that you have badges or emblems that you want to get rid of, don’t despair – there’s a solution for that as well.

The Process and Equipment Are Similar, but You’ll Need to Be Even More Careful

Some don’t recommend removing emblems and badges because it can gouge the paint. Another reason is that some dealerships use alignment posts through the body of the car, which can leave holes you won’t be able to cover up. If you’re still up for doing it, here’s what steps you need to follow:

  • Same as with decals, you’ll have to have a heat gun or a dryer. The adhesive underneath is much stronger than the one under letters and numbers from the dealership, so it will take more time for it to loosen up.
  • Take a piece of fishing line or dental floss, and create a strong string. Wrap it around each hand and pull behind the emblem. That will remove it.
  • The thick layer of adhesive can usually be peeled off. You can heat it up again to make it softer and easier to work with.
  • You will see remains of the adhesive, just like the ones after peeling the dealer’s ads. Take them off with adhesive remover. The process is the same as with the stickers – if the glue won’t come off, soak a piece of cloth and hold it over the remains. It should penetrate the glue in ten to fifteen minutes. Use Goo Off or some similar remover.
  • Scrape off the remains (if there are any) with plastic cards, razors, or any other object from the list and finish by wiping it with a microfiber towel.
An emblem on a car
Emblems can be more difficult to take off

The Final Step After You Remove Dealer Decals Is to Protect Your Car

No matter if it’s a used or a brand new car just bought from the dealer, you should take good care of it. Once you learn how to remove a dealership sticker and get rid of decals, emblems, or badges you didn’t like and make your ride just the way you wanted it, make sure that you wash it regularly.

It would be a shame to ride one of the popular import cars or some other best cars for city driving and to keep it dirty. A dirt-free exterior will be a huge factor in keeping your paint job more durable than if you neglect it. No matter if you’re a bigger fan of classic cars or modern cars, washing and waxing them will make your ride look the same as the day you bought it. Waxing will also help in making the car tidy.

If you don’t own a garage where you can keep your car from extreme weather, it would be a good idea to get a good car cover. That way, your automobile will be safe from any kind of outside factors, including tree sap, debris, bird droppings, as well as UV rays, which can damage both the exterior and interior.

After implementing these tips and learning how to remove a dealer decal from a car, the only thing left is to enjoy driving on the famous routes in the USA with your four-wheeled partner and to enjoy.