Moving During Coronavirus – All Your Questions Answered

October 13, 2021Moving Tips
Milly Andrews

Born and raised in Portland, Milly has had a lot of experience moving and writing about the relocation process.

Since we are all in unfamiliar waters, questions about the industry’s protocols and changes are expected. We prepared a list of the most common questions regarding moving during coronavirus and answered each of them. If you want to get a clearer picture of this issue, you came to the right place.

Relocation is proclaimed one of the most stressful life events, but moving during the pandemic takes the amount of stress to another level. Your anxiety about moving out is bound to be much higher than it would be in normal circumstances. However, it can be lessened if you know what you’re dealing with and how to behave in order to stay safe. And we are here to teach you just that.

Is Moving During COVID-19 Possible?

More than two years have passed since the world as we know it changed. Almost every aspect of our lives needed to be adjusted to those changes. And with millions upon millions of new cases, many businesses have faced shutdowns so that public health could have been preserved. At one point, only essential workers were allowed to provide others with their services. But are movers essential workers? Many states decided that they are, so moving during lockdown was an option.

Thanks to fewer cases and access to vaccines, strict restrictions have been lifted in most states. If you have to move to a new city, there is no need to question if you’ll stumble upon them. However, that doesn’t mean that the global pandemic is over. The relocation process is still not completely the same as it used to be, so ensure to learn the differences.

Check With Local Authorities and Companies Before Moving

With more than 330 million residents in 50 states, it doesn’t come surprising that restrictions can be different from one state to another. Moreover, even the cities in the same states can have different restrictions, depending on the number of new cases. That is why it is crucial to monitor the situation and be up to date with all the latest changes.

As for relocation companies, many of them worked without interruption during the lockdown period, and they are still working now. However, infectious as it is, this virus may be the reason why some companies were out of work for a short period. Reliable and trustworthy companies won’t allow their customers to get sick if the relocation team is infected. For that reason, remember to contact the company’s representatives even after the booking. With the unpredictability COVID-19 brings, you must confirm that the relocation is still happening on the agreed date.


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When Is Moving During Coronavirus Essential?

Even though federal measures are not that strict anymore, it is a general recommendation to avoid unnecessary social contact. And with relocation, you’re bound to have plenty, from movers to clerks in supply shops. Some people, especially those in risk groups, have decided to postpone their move out of state for safer times. For others, however, it is not an option. There are cases when relocation is inevitable. Relocations like those for a new job or college, for example, cannot be postponed. The same goes with the relocation connected to the lease that has ended and can’t be renewed.

However, some reasons to move are directly connected to the pandemic situation and represent its consequences. Sadly, many lost their jobs when businesses shut down. They were forced to move to a smaller town or somewhere else more affordable. Also, people often deemed downsizing for a move necessary because of relocation from a house to an apartment as a cheaper alternative. Simultaneously, the pandemic has changed work dynamics and made working from home a new reality for many. According to it, some of the moves were related to searching for bigger houses with more space to serve as a home office. In all of these cases, relocation was a necessity, not a desire.

To move or not to move – how to decide what to do? If relocation is something you want to do, but it’s not a necessity, think about putting it on hold. If not, well, there is no other choice. Just remember – throughout the whole relocation, masks and gloves will be your relocation essentials. Make sure that you stay safe during the entire process.

Professional movers moving boxes before relocation and auto transport
More than 16 million people moved in the first six months of the outbreak

Should I Contact Professional Relocation Companies?

Many ask themselves this question because hiring professional movers always indicates contact with individuals outside your immediate circle. However, the often forgotten fact about a DIY move is that it requires the same kind of contact, just with different individuals. After all, you need to buy your supplies and ask someone to help you with heavy lifting. Not to mention that you’ll need to rent a relocation truck and stay in different accommodations during the trip.

Each reliable relocation team has its COVID -19 policy based on advice given by the WHO. You can rest assured that team members will do everything to ensure your safety. And even though that information itself won’t provide you with a stress-free relocation, it can severely reduce your stress levels during the move.

Decide if You Need Movers for Professional Packing

If you opt for hiring a relocation team, you should consider if the additional service should be part of a deal. Firstly, remember that movers will bring all packing materials and supplies necessary for the packing process. Waiting an eternity surrounded by potentially infected people won’t be on your agenda. Secondly, if you’re hiring a relocation team, they will already be in your home and near you. Why don’t you take some more trouble off your shoulders and let them deal with packing fragile items and other uninspiring packing tasks?

If You Have a Car, Hiring a Car Shipping Company Is Highly Recommended

Getting on a road trip might be tempting during healthy times, but it’s not considered a wise choice today. It can affect your health if you’re relocating alone or the health of your whole family. Driving your car to the destination will undoubtedly put you at risk. And the longer the road, the greater the danger – you will have to go through many gas stations, stores, and hotels. Sadly, the alternative is equally dangerous. Using other means of transportation, such as planes, will expose you to unavoidable contacts and the same amount of risk. Still, if you choose the convenience of traveling by air, remember to go with air companies that comply with all virus-related measurements.

If you opt against driving but need your car at a new home, hiring a USA auto transport company is a good option. The benefits of car shipping, especially if you choose door-to-door auto transport instead of terminal-to-terminal car shipping, are numerous. However, it all comes down to the most important one. The fact that you can hand over and get your car outside your front doors is a significant convenience. And if you want not to worry about a thing during car shipping, choose enclosed auto transport over an open trailer and put your mind to ease. That way, your car will be entirely safe.

Cars on an open trailer during long-distance car shipping
Professional auto transport is the safest option for your vehicle and for you

What Are the Changes in the Industry Regarding the Relocation Process?

The best relocation companies ensure that you don’t have to wonder: Is it safe to move during COVID? As we said, for each company, there should be a policy regarding relocation during these times. You can get informed about it by contacting the company or visiting their website. Most relocation companies have similar standards, which include:

  • Replacing in-home estimates with virtual estimates – provides company representatives with all the necessary knowledge about your inventory, but without social contact.
  • Workers must wear COVID 19 protective gear – all crew members must wear masks and gloves during the time spent in your home,
  • The social distancing between customers and workers must be practiced at all times,
  • Workers have their body temperatures measured before they are cleared to continue with work – if there is even the slightest indication that someone is infected, they will be sent into isolation,
  • Disinfection must be implemented as often as possible – that goes for workers as well as their equipment, storage units, and vehicles,
  • Canceling a move is an option – if you do it on time, you won’t need to pay penalties for the cancelation. However, in some cases, even your deposit can be returned completely because of specific circumstances. Before you sign a contract, ask if that is a possibility.

If You Get Infected With COVID-19, Let the Company Know

As the company’s representatives take care of your safety, you should also take care of theirs. If you start to feel symptoms or if your test says you’re COVID-positive, contact the company and share that information. If possible, let someone else handle the move with the relocation team. If not, it’s better to stop preparing for movers for the time being. Give yourself enough time to get healthy again.

A girl wearing a mask during cross-country moving
Wearing a mask can prevent spreading the disease, so use them for your safety and the safety of others

Can I Move During Coronavirus by Myself?

Even though a relocation team would help you move efficiently, you can choose to perform the move by yourself. However, you shouldn’t count on your friends’ help if you follow social distancing advice, which will make everything a little bit harder. On the other hand, social distancing means that all that time you’d spent in coffee shops and restaurants now can be used on relocation tasks. Because you will have more time to organize your move, don’t miss checking all the relocation hacks and looking for the best packing tips. Learn all about them and make sure your move out of state ends up a success.

As for the relocation truck, before hopping in for a ride, disinfect all the surfaces by yourself. It’s the only way you’ll be certain that the vehicle is virus-free. The most important question, however, is how to move during coronavirus and stay safe during travel. Whether you opt for driving a relocation truck or getting a flight while the relocation containers are transported, you must stay protected at all times. And if you can use some tips on how to stay safe until you reach your new home, make sure to watch the following video:

YouTube video

Is There a Protocol I Should Follow After Moving During a Pandemic?

There isn’t a set of specific rules regarding your responsibilities and behavior after the relocation. However, there are certain things to do after relocation that weren’t necessary before the virus outbreak. When unpacking after relocation, for example, make sure that every item touched by someone other than you (or your family) gets disinfected. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, so take your time. Other than that, just remember to stay safe. We don’t know for how long this whole situation is going to last, but either way, ensure to be smart and protect your health. After all, what is more valuable than that?

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