What Can You Expect When Moving to a Small Town From a Big City

August 9, 2021Moving Tips
Daisy Wilson

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The hip trend of moving to a small town has become even more popular in the last couple of years. Nearly 48% of Americans decide to move from urban cores to the periphery. And it’s no wonder that living in a small town has become so popular. Big cities have become too expensive, and working from home has enabled us to move away from economic centers. Find out how to move to a small town and adjust seamlessly.

If you are considering relocating to a periphery, you came to the right place. We will try to answer some of the key questions people have when taking this step. And explain some of the biggest differences between living in a big metropolis and a smaller city. And hopefully, by the end of this article, you will know the answer to the questions how do you survive living in a small town and what are the benefits of making this decision?

Why Should I Move to a Small Town?

If you are tired of living in a busy metropolis, you probably think about relocating to suburban parts. But why stop there? If you wish to have a more quiet and laid-back kind of living, relocating from a metropolis to a smaller township will be the best decision you ever made. From affordable housing options to lower cost of living, relocating to a smaller place will definitely boost your life standard. And if you have the luxury of keeping the same salary, you shouldn’t think twice about making this decision. Yes, you will have to sacrifice some benefits of living in a   metropolis, but you will be rewarded with amazing things that suburban towns have to put on the table too.

Everyone Are Eager to Help – You’ll Have More Time for Yourself and Your Family

One of the benefits of relocating to a periphery is the fact you will have more time for yourself and your family. The reason for this is that you will be less occupied with commuting to work or school. Everything will be closer to your home, from groceries stores to bars and restaurants. Also, making friends in a smaller community will be much easier.

The good thing about living in a tight-knit community, even if you relocate to another state alone, is the fact you will never be helpless. People in small towns are willing to help each other greatly in many aspects, from changing a flat tire on your car and replacing a valve stem to helping with your yard and house maintenance. And yes, some things will not be so easily available, like finding a guy that can tell you if your fan clutch is bad or to replace U joints, but one thing is for sure – you will not have to worry about what to do if scammed by a car dealership since everybody knows everybody and fraudsters are well known. Once you relocate, you will soon realize how much time of your life you spent on meaningless things.

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Life Will Be Cheaper

Deciding where you should move will be a lot easier when it comes to relocating to a periphery because housing is way more affordable than in larger cities. And yes, there will be much better and larger houses. To give you an example, your house price will be equivalent to buying a driverless car or some of the most expensive cars in the world for the price of the regular car for city driving or some family car.

Furthermore, if you are still looking for reasons to move, note that your taxes and cost of living will be much lower.  Once you relocate to your new home, you will soon realize how much you need a larger space. When deciding where to live, the best relocation tip is to go on the website Numbeo, where you can compare and see the costs of living and housing options in American cities, so maybe you can make your decision based on that.

You Will Use Car More Often

If you are tired of driving in Los Angeles or still traumatized by driving in New York and thinking about leaving your car behind, think twice. Transporting a car from state to state has never been easier, and you use your car here. There will be no driving stress because traffic jams and trouble finding a parking lot will be part of your past.

Once you relocate, you will realize that owning an RV was worth it. All you need to do is to prepare your car for shipping and later on to register it in your new state of choice. When living on the periphery, wilderness and beautiful nature will be much more available, and if you own a car for off-road driving, you will be able to camp on some of the most amazing sites America has to offer.

Girls sitting on a car after car shipping
You will get to enjoy your car more often

How to Live In a Small Town – Ups and Downs of Life on Periphery

Relocating out of state is never easy, especially if you make a drastic change like relocating to a smaller place. Adjusting to this kind of living will be hard initially, but if this is something you truly want to do, you will embrace your new life much easier. Of course, this will greatly depend on where your new location is. What kind of climate is there, and how isolated is it from the rest of the state? For instance, even some of the best Alaska car transport companies will have difficulties delivering your car in some parts of the state.

So choose your new location according to your willingness to be disconnected. You can have the commodity of a small town and yet be connected with some major cities easily. In fact, some of the most amazing towns are located on famous routes in the USA.

Medical Services Are More Difficult to Come By

Well, this statement will depend greatly on the location you choose. But yes, your access to medical care will be somehow limited. But this doesn’t mean there is no medical care, just that for some complicated situations you will have to go to the closest city. So keep this info in mind when picking a place to live. Even if you ship your car and drive it everywhere, you don’t want to end up without medical care because it was too far away.

You Will Learn to Enjoy Peace and Quiet

One of the best sides of life on the periphery is probably the fact that there is no noise coming from the street. It’s very likely that the only traffic noise you will hear is from car racing games you play. The encounter of a variety of animals will also become part of your daily life. The downside of this countryside idyll is that you will probably find it difficult to get used to not hearing anything but the crickets once the night comes. But being away from metropolis lights, you will get to see the stars.

Everybody Knows Everybody

No matter how good this is on one side, it can be annoying on the other. Keeping your private life to yourself will be much harder. And juggling from talks to gossip will be a true conundrum. But like there is a difference between classic and modern cars there is a difference between living in the countryside and a metropolis. Another perk of the periphery is the fact that your life will be everyone’s business. But if you set the boundaries on time and don’t get involved in the city’s gossip circles, you may end up being spared.

Woman peeking through a blinds
Keeping away from prying eyes will be harder

Things You Will Miss From Big City

Probably one of the biggest things you will miss is the comfort of a metropolis. All you can think about can be found in a metropolis, from bars and restaurants to cultural venues. Good schools are also one of the things you will miss out on, but your kids will have healthier childhoods with plenty of outside activities. One of the things you will also miss is virtually unlimited choices of utilities providers – you probably won’t be able to transfer your utilities. So if your work depends on good internet service, make sure you ask around about signal coverage.

People in a nightclub
Concert and other venues will be much more difficult to find

Moving to a Small Town – All the Preparations You Need to Take When Living a Big City

If you wish to avoid some of the most common relocation mistakes and problems, you will have to implement packing tips and some relocation hacks. After you decide where to relocate, the next step is to rent or buy a place where you will live. Once you are done with that, you can start making arrangements regarding your relocation. Here are some of the steps to follow:

  • Create a financial planrelocation budget is one of the most important things you need to make. Put on the paper all the expenditures you will have at least three months before the relocation day, so you have more time to save money for the move.
  • Find movers – Ask for in-home estimation from at least three relocation companies and pick the one that fits your budget best. Check online if a company is registered to avoid relocation scams.
  • Buy professional packing materials – To avoid damaging your goods, make sure to buy all necessary packing materials (bubble and plastic wraps, blankets, boxes, and cushioning foam.)
  • Consider using storage – If you don’t have time, then rent a storage unit from your movers. All you need to do is to protect your items and wait for their arrival once you are settled in.
  • Prepare your bag of essentials Relocation essentials are all the things you will need once you arrive at your destination. Pack items like you are going on a short vacation.

Ship Your Car to Your New Destination

There are so many car shipping companies for you to choose from, and if you don’t have someone to give you car shipping advice, go online and read auto transport reviews and pick the one that has the best rates.  Also, make sure your car shipping company provides you with the best all services there are. When talking with your USA auto transport companies, ask them all about what kind of transportation options they offer. Do they have available enclosed auto transport if you have to ship your electric car?

Every auto transport company should have an open trailer option. It’s most commonly used and most affordable. So if you have more than two vehicles, your car shipping across the country will be even more affordable.

Last but not least, there are two kinds of pick up and delivery options – door-to-door auto transport and terminal to terminal car shipping. And even if terminal to terminal is a cheaper option if your location of choice is far away from major cities, you will have to figure out how to pick your car. Maybe it’s a better solution to hire movers to deliver your car to a final destination. This will definitely contribute to your efficient move.

usa auto transport truck
Find the best car shipping company that can ship your car to your doorstep

Is It Smart to Move to a Small Town?

You may think that maintaining relationships with your friends and family will be hard, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be. Not only will you see each other but you will appreciate your time together more. Also if living in the countryside is something you always dreamed of, this will be one of the best and smartest moves you ever made. You will lead a healthier life without stress and big city negative energy – probably one of the things that made you consider this decision. In fact, there is no harm in trying different things, and you can always go back to things they used to be.

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