How to Survive Moving to a New Home – Here’s All You Should Know

June 28, 2021Moving Tips
Milly Andrews

Born and raised in Portland, Milly has had a lot of experience moving and writing about the relocation process.

If you decide it is time to move, think of this guide for moving to a new home as your personal Holy Scripture – it contains everything you should know about what needs to be done before, during, and after relocation. And because the average American relocates more than 11 times in his life, remember to save this guide somewhere safe, in case you need it again. Let’s start!

Things To Do When Moving Into a New Home – Prepare Your Relocation for Success

Relocation into your newest living space doesn’t start from the minute you walk through the door – it needs to begin long before that moment. If you wish to have a stress-free move, you must start with your preparation on time, with steps like hiring movers, choosing the right USA auto transport company, packing, updating your personal information, and so on.

Choose a Trustworthy Relocation Company

If you decide to hire movers, which we strongly suggest, the first thing to do is to conduct thorough research of moving companies you could work with. Ensure that they cross every field on your reliable company checklist. Here are some tips on what you should pay attention to:

  • Company’s reviews and recommendations – every trustworthy company cares about customers and their opinions, so remember to check them. If a company has non, walk away – you don’t wish to become a part of relocation scams. Remember to check auto transport reviews as well.
  • Compare estimates – you won’t notice a fraud if you don’t compare their quote with ones provided by other companies. Don’t settle for the company that offers you the lowest possible price – they often demand more money after loading your items in their truck.
  • Check license and DOT number – if movers have none or don’t want to provide you with it, search for a relocation firm somewhere else.

If you have some of the most expensive cars in the world, or you look at your vehicle as one, you should hire a car shipping company, too. Learn reasons why people ship cars with auto shipping companies and look for some car shipping advice. Decide whether you’ll use an open trailer or enclosed auto transport, as well as if you want door-to-door auto transport or terminal to terminal car shipping.

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Make Your Packing Process Efficient

In order to move efficiently, you must think ahead and organize your packing, so you can use your precious time productively. It would be wise to make an inventory list with all of your belongings so you would easily spot if something goes missing. Then, your next step should include going through all your belongings to decide which items you want to get rid of. It is helpful on different levels – on one side, you can earn money or help others if you donate them or organize a garage sale, and on the other, you would downsize the list of your items and avoid overpacking.

Try to create a packing order – pack your storage spaces first and most used rooms last. If you decide against hiring movers, don’t forget to learn how to pack your car for relocation so that everything you packed fits.

Kitchen and bathroom items you will pack in boxes last, just remember to leave enough time for them – they contain so many delicate objects that must be packed carefully. Also, under no circumstances should you forget to pack those relocation necessities you need for the first few days, like toiletries, clothes, sheets, and the like. Try to prepare separate bags or boxes for your essentials.

If you are not certain which items should go into your essential boxes, be sure to memorize tips from the following video:

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Organize Your Important Documents

To avoid turning all white when you realize you can’t find your important papers, remember to gather and store them before your move. Create separate folders for different types of paperwork – birth certificates, medical records, insurances, car bill of lading, tax records, and so on. You don’t want to drive on some of the famous routes in the USA and experience driving stress without knowing where your car insurance is.

Cancel or Transfer Your Utilities

Few weeks before your relocation date, you should call your providers and schedule dates for canceling and connecting gas and electricity in both your homes, previous and current. The same goes for water, except that you won’t contact a provider – the town service will take care of that. Don’t forget to also call your internet and telephone providers, give them your address and see if their service can be transferred to your latest house.

Update Your Address

So you continue getting all your important mail, and so the latest resident of your old house doesn’t have to wonder how to stop getting mail from previous residents, go to the United States Postal Service site and change your address. It is that easy! Think if there are some facilities which you should inform of your relocation and latest address personally.

Check To See if Everything Is Clean and Polished

Cleaning your old household before you move is an absolute must, and it won’t be difficult with all of your belongings out of the way. However, when the relocation day comes, do one last walkthrough. Leave your old house in the condition you wish to see yours when you finally relocate. If something was left behind your movers, remember to clean it up.

An empty living room
When all of your belongings all loaded, check if anything is accidentally left behind

What Is the First Thing To Do When Moving Into a New House?

Remember that not everything is a race and that no one is chasing you. Relax and breathe a little – you made it this far, and the most complicated part of relocation is done. Take time for yourself and be proud because you accomplished such a complex task.

Don’t count on that you will be unpacking right away (It will probably take more than a few weeks to finish everything.) Instead, try the best you can to inspect boxes that movers brought to see if you can find some visible physical damage on them. If you see some, contact your company sooner rather than later. Other than that, ensure that on the first day you:

  • Connect appliances you will use from the first minute,
  • Set up beds for every family member,
  • Prepare to recycle old boxes,
  • Create a checklist of tasks you should complete in the first few days,
  • Create a checklist of things you should buy

What To Buy When Moving Into a New Home?

The list of things you should buy when you get to your newest house depends a lot on the list of items you already possess. In one way or another, you need something to eat when you arrive, so it would be best to plan a trip to a local market for food. It would be beneficial for picking other items, like toilet paper, napkins, toiletries, and so on.

As for the other items, just make sure to know what is an absolute necessity if you have a relocating budget. Buy additional parts if something needs repairing and tools you will utilize to improve your living space. However, if your budget allows it, be creative and get everything you dreamed of having in your old space, whether it is electronics, modern furniture, or art pieces.

Toolset on a plank
Tools are essentials when it comes to the improvement of your living space

Clean, Set, Check, Improve – What To Do When Moving Into a New Home

Even though previous residents probably practiced the same cleaning process as you, it would be better to deep clean your home by yourself, just to be sure that everything is in its best shape. It is much easier with all the furniture and other bulky objects out of the way. Remember to child/pet-proof your living space if you are relocating with children or pets.

However thoughtful your previous tenants were, there would probably be something that you need to repair – maybe your window doesn’t work right, or the last stair in your basement makes a weird noise. It is the golden rule that what you don’t fix right away, you probably won’t repair it soon, if ever. So be sure to get on to work!

Ensure That Your Household Is Safe and Secured

First things first – you must locate the circuit-breaker and shut-off valves and ensure that they are working properly. If you need to shut off your water for any reason or if you experience a sudden power outage, you must know where to find them in order to solve the problem. The same goes for checking smoke detectors – don’t let something bad happen just because you didn’t change the empty batteries.

Remember to change locks on your doors and set up a security system, even if it is said that you live in the safest neighborhood – don’t leave anything to the case and do everything in your power to protect yourself and your family. When it comes to other repairs and improvements, prioritize them according to the needs of your household.

A front wooden door
Ease your mind and change the locks

Don’t Forget About the Registration When Moving to a New Home

If you possess vehicles, remember that you have to register them now that you are in a different country. Do your best to research how to register your car in a new state. However, the process may be changed if your vehicle is under the lease, so be sure to know how to register a leased car in another state. And don’t forget the other type of registration – use your civic right and register to vote.

man searching for a car shipping company
Intestate relocation always implies renewing of registration

Make Friends and Explore the City

Making friends in a new city is one of the most important relocation tasks, especially if you relocate to another state alone. Settle in and meet your neighbors, who will hopefully give you tips about all the right places in the city. Enjoy the beauty of the unexplored and make every day interesting. However, if you are one of the introverted and silent types, and loneliness is your preferred state, you can always be nicely tucked in your fantastic place while enjoying an interesting book, your best racing games, or the best TV shows about cars and learning about the evolution of cars.

Four girl enjoying a picnic
Try to create some long-lasting friendships

Chase Your Lucky Star (if You Believe in One)

Have you ever wondered what is the luckiest day to move into a new house? Some say that you will be incredibly fortunate if you move on Thursdays – pick this day of the week if you want more good luck. However, if you follow our relocation tips and cross every action we talk about from your checklist, you wouldn’t need any additional luck – we got you all covered.

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