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Evolution of Cars

Evolution of Cars

Cars are a part of our everyday lives. We take them for granted. But it wasn’t always like that. If we were to journey back a few hundred years, cars were unfamiliar to the people. Folks rode horses or walked if they wanted to go from one destination to another. It took them some time, and the distances we cover today quickly, perhaps in a few days, used to take months.

How it all began?

The very first cars were using steam engines, and they appeared back in the 1700s. But these were just a far-fetched version of today’s models, and yet they were significant for the humanity because they marked the beginning of the new era. While the capabilities of these steam-engine-powered cars were limited, they are considered very important. But the first gas-powered vehicle was invented by Karl Benz in 1885. Once again, this vehicle was nothing like today’s cars – it had three wheels and it was more of a tricycle, and it could seat two people. Six years have passed, and the four-wheeled gas powered cars were introduced. And so it begins.

Henry Ford’s Revolution

The next important step in this brief review of car evolution happened in 1906 when a brilliant man named Henry Ford introduced the Model T. It was the model you have seen in the pictures without even knowing that the Model T is considered to be the first modern vehicle. Besides being similar to today’s lineup of vehicles, this is the time when mass production started, and slowly, horses got replaced by four-wheeled boxes in the streets of the big cities all over America. And with the start of the mass production, some new features were added to vehicles such as seatbelts, windshields, mirrors, and speedometers.

Entertaining facts

Interestingly enough, the turn signals first appeared on a Buick in 1939! Things started to shape up at this point, and some of the most amazing cars are produced in the upcoming decades. Furthermore, people don’t just use vehicles for transportation. Racing becomes a big factor, and all the famous carmakers are in the making. They compete amongst themselves and come up with innovations each year, and thus power steering was introduced in 1951 and cruise control in 1957.

Modern times, modern cars

The 21st century brought so many innovations. In the last two or three decades, the advances in technology are amazing, and it shows on cars. Today, we have an autonomous tech, LED lights, numerous sensors, and cameras to keep track on what is happening on the road, GPS systems, a wide array of luxury and safety features, etc. We have come so far, and it will just get better.
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