What Is Adjustment Insomnia After Moving and How to Deal With It

August 11, 2021Moving Tips
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Having difficulties with sleep is so tiring that it could disturb our daily routines, so knowing what the symptoms are and how to distinguish adjustment insomnia from other types is of utmost importance to recognize the problem and react on time. Here is the ultimate guide on how to know if you have insomnia and how to deal with it successfully.

What Are the Insomnia Symptoms, Causes, and Treatments You Should Know?

Believe it or not, nearly 70 million Americans have sleeping problems. The reasons why this is happening are diverse, and they are all provoked by some major life event. The fact that insomnolence is the most prevalent sleeping disorder for 30% of all adults who are experiencing it in a short time and 10% of those who have issues with it permanently is even more worrying. The greatest problem, though, is insomnolence functions like a never-ending circle of alternating stressors, impacting the quality of life and everyday routines tremendously.

But, before we pass on the consequences of frequent insomnolence, let’s see how this disorder is defined and how you can recognize it easily.

What Is Insomnia and What Makes it One of the Most Common Sleep Disorders?

As the World Health Organization defines, insomnia or insomnolence is a chronic inability to obtain adequate sleep. This includes a variety of difficulties associated with falling asleep, and the symptoms that indicate you have an insomnolence problem are:

  • Not being able to fall asleep,
  • Intermittent sleep and frequent awakenings during the night, and inability to fall back asleep,
  • Waking up too early in the morning tired and anxious,
  • Feeling sleepy, get easily irritated during the day,
  • Feeling anxiety and depression,
  • Worrying and overthinking all the time.

Depending on the time you’re experiencing those symptoms and their intensity, those can be classified as acute or chronic sleeping disorders. Another trigger to help you recognize whether you’re dealing with vigilance is not being able to restore a regular sleeping habit for at least three nights per week, as the American Psychiatric Association explains.

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Deal With Cause to Solve the Consequence

However, you should know that sleeplessness is a consequence of some deeper problem. Knowing all potential causes that could lead to interruption of your sleeping patterns is definitely the first step of resolving this problem successfully. The potential stressors you may encounter when having issues with acute vigilance are major life events include:

  • Moving,
  • High levels of stress,
  • Frequent travels and change of time-zones,
  • Change of job,
  • Bad habits include taking a nap during the day, eating junk food, smoking, drinking alcohol late at night, and other lifestyle-related things.

Those mentioned stressors are the most common reasons why it comes to acute sleeping problems. If the insomnolence lasts for some longer period of time (more than three months), it means the cause of this problem can be connected to mental health disorders, chronic pains, and other health-related problems like heartburn, apnea, arthritis, diabetes, hypertension, even asthma, and menopause.

In both cases, whether it is about acute or chronic insomnolence, the best starting point for resolving this problem is seeing a specialist. This is the safest way to be provided with suitable guidance and support and go through the whole process much easier.

What Is Adjustment Insomnia and How It’s Related to Moving?

Adjustment insomnia is actually referred to as acute insomnolence, and it typically happens when some crucial life change occurs. As we have already mentioned, one of the main acute insomnia causes is related to moving to a new home. Whether you plan to move to the next street or moving to a new state, and no matter if those changes are for better or worse, the stress level you might experience when changing the surroundings is the same.

This especially applies to all those who plan to move to another state alone, since in this case, they are even more exposed to feelings of anxiety and depression once they stay solo in unfamiliar environments, miles away from their family or friends.

Changing home is the least problem in this story. It is actually only a trigger that marks all other changes that suddenly happened. The real problem lies in the reason why an individual decided to relocate. Is it because of a job loss, divorce, or accumulated stress due to a short sale? Did you buy a bigger home and move to a better area but worrying about your finances? Are you exhausting yourself questioning what on Earth you are getting yourself into, or will you be happy in another place?

All those questions can be profoundly disorienting and tiring and easily get you in the whirlpool of unstoppable negative thoughts. For that reason, knowing the real cause of your sleeping problems is essential to resolve them.

A girl is seeing a therapist since she is overwhelmed by organizing the whole process of relocation, including car shipping and hundreds of other details
Knowing the cause of sleeping problems is the first step in finding a solution

Quality Sleep Is the Essential for Physical and Mental Health

Not being able to rest can cause some severe consequences both on your physical and mental health. Here are the most frequent challenges people face when they fight with sleeping disorders:

  • Memories issues,
  • The trouble with concentration and thinking,
  • Often mood changes,
  • Anxiousness, depressive thoughts, worrying,
  • The weakened immune system,
  • Higher prone to accidents – falls, car accidents, etc.,
  • Increase in blood pressure,
  • Increase of insulin and higher risk of acquiring type 2 diabetes,
  • Weight gain,
  • Risk of heart disease,
  • Low libido.

All this combined leads to decreased performances at work, or school, isolation from society due to the feeling of constant tiredness, and finally, it leaves you exhausted, emotionally drained, and frustrated.

Choosing a Behavioral Therapy Is a Great Way to Fight the Sleeping Issues

As we have already mentioned, knowing the real reason why you lost a good sleep is the most important part of the puzzle. Since behavioral therapy is dealing with resolving different kinds of mental disorders, it is highly recommended by all professionals when it comes to sleeping adjustment disorders. So, finding a therapist who can lead you through the whole process, and help you resolve this problem at the deepest level instead of deciding to use sleeping pills, is definitely something you should try!

Yoga, Meditation, and Deep Breathing Techniques Can Help You Calm Down and Stop Overthinking

Calming down your thoughts will help you restore your good sleeping patterns again, and physical activity like yoga, perplexed with meditation and deep breathing techniques, can definitely help you with this goal. Explore local yoga and meditation studios, research YouTube for free videos, and try to make it your evening routine every night before you go to bed, and the effects will certainly be noticeable. If you want to know all the benefits of yoga, take a look at the video below and find out how it positively impacts your well-being!

YouTube video

How Do You Fix Severe Insomnia?

When it comes to conditions when the somnolence is so severe you haven’t slept in months, then it means it is the right time to get medical support and schedule the term to visit the specialist who will give a diagnosis and help you resolve the problem. Searching for diagnosis on Google or taking medicines on your own will definitely not help. These conditions are not to neglect, so make sure to schedule the term for a check-up as soon as possible.

calm your thoughts and learn the reasons why you feel so stressed
Getting your good sleeping habits is possible if you acquire the right medical treatment

Materials That Can Help You Understand Why Are You Feeling Anxious After the Move

Aside from deciding where to live, preparing for relocation implies you should be ready mentally and emotionally for the upcoming change. Relocations are inevitable, so knowing in advance how to deal with all the stress is of utmost importance if you want to enjoy your sweet dreams.

Reading books, psychology studies that reveal all the struggles people have after they move are starting points of finding information and starting preparations for the upcoming event. Also, use the internet to explore similar experiences of others and how they managed to adjust to new environments or making friends in a new city. All this can also be very useful in this whole process. Of course, sharing your thoughts with closest friends, or even with the therapist, or asking for medical help is another effective way of staying away from all the inconveniences and living life to the fullest once you relocate to a different place.

Explore all the details about relocation, from preparatory steps, emotional support, to auto shipping
Aside from packing your household, preparations for a move means you should be ready for it mentally and emotionally

Effective Technique to Deal With Adjustment to New Environments Is Having Car and Being Entirely Mobile

The ability to travel independently is of utmost importance when adapting to new surroundings and one of the first things to do after moving. Having a car means you can organize visits to major sights in the vicinity of the city you live in, drive all the famous routes in the USA, or visit your family more often if they are close enough you can drive. So, if you want to attain this kind of freedom, transporting cars from state to state is something you should definitely consider.

The main benefit of car shipping is that you won’t have to sell the vehicle because you’re relocating and then buying another. Instead of that, you can ship your car to your new home address, and there is no better way to do it than hiring a reliable auto transport company to provide you with all needed assistance once you book some of their car shipping services.

Don’t Entrust Your Four-Wheeler to the First Company You Run Into.

Another useful moving tip we would like to share with you, and which is car shipping advice at the same time is – find a trustworthy car shipping company to deliver your vehicle in the safest way.

One of the most common things you forget to do when you move is to check the USDOT number of the company you plan to hire and explore if they are legal, fully registered, and licensed. Only by avoiding this moving mistake of entrusting your vehicle to the first company you find on the internet or in your neighborhood, you’ll stay away from any potential moving scams and unnecessary stress.

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Once you confirm the quote, you can enlist it in your moving budget and start preparing your car for shipping. Of course, our agents will provide you with all necessary information, starting from how to organize important documents related to your vehicle and register your car in a new state to presenting you with all packing tips for moving your garage. Friendly and professional at the same time, we will help you organize your relocation smoothly and try to decrease your stress level by providing you with impeccable service.

find the right solution for your auto transport
Being mobile means you can easily explore the surroundings and easier adjust to the environment

Ready to Fight Back and Enjoy Sweet Dreams in a New Home?

Now you’ve learned what is an adjustment disorder, what the consequences are, and what possible solutions, we are sure you’ll be able to deal with it easier. If you’re stuck in perpetual insomnolence, then learning the real reason why you feel so restless and finding a way to deal with it is definitely the first step to undertake. Since you know yourself best, you will also feel what approach will suit you, and we are sure that soon you’ll be able to enjoy sweet dreams in your new home seamlessly.

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