What You Can Do When You Ship a Car From Miami to Los Angeles

June 22, 2022Car Shipping Essentials
Gemma Collins

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Before you ask how much does it cost to transport a car from Miami to California, focus on its benefits. If you ship a car from Miami to Los Angeles, you’ll have many new experiences in California. Take a look at the trips you can take in LA when you send your car with professionals.

Why deliver your car to LA? Firstly, you’ll never need to worry about how to open a frozen car door there. Also, when you send your vehicle to LA with professional services, you’ll learn how to move efficiently and take the opportunity to visit some of the most beautiful places in and around town.

Ship a Car From Miami to Los Angeles With an Auto Transport Company and Enjoy Every Picture-Perfect Scenic Route

The reasons for transporting your vehicle with pros are simple – when you opt for professional moving services to deliver your precious four-wheeler to LA, you’ll have plenty more things to do after moving; driving is the primary transportation mode in this busy Californian metropolis.

Of course, you wouldn’t let just any company transport your cars from state to state, especially one that won’t give you a straight answer to the question like, “how much does it cost to ship a car from Florida to Los Angeles?”

The prices of professional moving and transportation services need to be disclosed before leaving your old home, and nowadays, companies offer a free quote on their websites. You can learn about car shipping costs fast through such a quote and calculate your relocation budget in peace.



How Long Does It Take to Ship a Car From Miami to Los Angeles With Professional Auto Transport?

You must be wondering many things, from how much does it cost to transport a car from Miami to Los Angeles to how to avoid relocation scams and safely and efficiently deliver your vehicle to the West Coast. Good news – we can tell you a bit about both.

Firstly – how long does it take to ship a car from Florida to California? These states are separated by approximately 2,700 miles, so a non-stop drive would be around two days. However, professional companies don’t allow their movers to drive non-stop. There are specific regulations that every certified moving company must follow that protect both the driver and the cargo.

Your car would be intact, but the driver mustn’t be reckless or irresponsible during shipment. On average, auto shipments from coast to coast last for ten to fourteen days. That’s just enough time for you to plan your road trip schedule and get settled into your new home.

As far as relocation scams go, you can verify the legitimacy of your mover by looking at the reviews on their website (the more, the better) and looking them up on the FMCSA website. Each motor carrier company must register their business at a federal level; you can look up the USDOT number they receive upon registration.

How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Car From Florida to California?

You probably wonder what is the cost to ship a car from Miami to Los Angeles. Well, this will depend on several factors, and they’ll all be presented to you by your transportation company of choice. Generally, companies that do moving and car transportation base their prices on these factors:

  • The date and time of shipment (if it’s last-minute, it costs more),
  • Whether you choose open carrier transportation or the more protected enclosed carrier shipping method,
  • If you wish to deliver your car to a terminal and pick it up at the destination,
  • If you prefer door-to-door auto transport,
  • The number of vehicles you want to be shipped.

What You Get When You Book a Car Shipping Company to Take Care of Your Vehicle

Many USA auto transport companies do exotic auto transport in enclosed trailers; these are less affordable but protect vehicles from the outside factors better. Still, they’re not overly superior compared to an open carrier. On your moving company’s website, you can always look at the differences between open and enclosed auto transport.

Terminal-To-Terminal Car Shipping Will Help You Start Your LA Tour

Finally, if we can add a bit more car shipping advice, that’d be to choose wisely between door-to-door and terminal-to-terminal pickup and delivery. They’re both great and secure, but this choice will also impact your expenses.

Additionally, if you pick your car up at a company’s LA terminal, your driving tour will begin immediately. In that case, you don’t need to take your car straight home, but take advantage of seeing one of the places below.

Where to Take Your Car Once It’s Delivered? Start by Driving Around Mulholland Drive

Driving in LA seems to be the talk of the town whenever a newcomer arrives. There are stories of road rage, heavy traffic jams, and pollution due to the vast number of cars circling daily. Still, the well-known phrase “If you can’t beat them, join them” applies in LA more than everywhere else.

In NY, it’s cool to be different. Places great for millennials, like Minneapolis or Denver, have miles and miles of bike lanes that offer alternatives to car driving. Yet, in LA, you need to fit a mold before breaking it, and nothing’s more applicable in that situation than driving.

Don’t resist it because when you get behind the wheel, you should first head to Mulholland Drive. Yes, like the David Lynch movie, but (probably) not as weird. When you take in the scenery of the road carved into the Santa Monica Mountains, you’ll see why it inspired a feature film and why it’s one of LA’s most appealing driving roads.

We often see Mulholland Drive in pop culture, but when you’re out in LA, you’ll also be able to see it with your own eyes. If you start at Mulholland Drive, precisely at the Hollywood Bowl,  type the San Vicente Mountain Park as your GPS destination; this 14-mile, 50-minute drive will take you through some of the most beautiful scenery and popular overlooks.

Open Carrier Auto Transport

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Enclosed Auto Transport

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If You Want the Quintessential LA Trip, Drive Around Windsor Boulevard

You know how every time LA is depicted in movies or TV shows, there must be a drive through the iconic palm tree road with a view of the Hollywood sign? Well, that’s Windsor Boulevard. If you have one of the best cars for city driving, you can take a tour around Windsor at least once a week to remind yourself – “hey, I’m in LA.”

When you drive through Windsor Boulevard, you’ll find getting a professional car delivery service and saving on relocation costs worth it. If you want to take in the view of the Hollywood sign, stop near Hancock Park, which is between 4th and 5th street.

You Can Get Your Surfs up With a Trip From Playa Del Rey to Manhattan Beach

Driving stress will melt away on the scenic drive from El Segundo’s Playa del Rey to Manhattan Beach. You can take the Vista del Mar lane, which will take you on a cruise with several curves and many breathtaking ocean views.

You can relax, put on some music, and when you arrive at Manhattan Beach, take advantage of its covert surfing areas. Observe the surfers before you start a career of your own; ask them for help or mentoring, and you’ll see how easy it is to make friends in a new city.

Artsy LA Is Waiting for You All Across Wilshire Boulevard

What would a metropolis be if it didn’t have a route that could make you love the place more than you already do? Relocating to a new state with lots of traffic, especially from Florida, where things are generally laid back, can be difficult. That’s why getting to know the city matters more than anything else; when you investigate the place you live in, you relax more.

The quickest way to get to know LA is by driving along Wilshire Boulevard. If you’ve ever played the Grand Theft Auto games, especially the fifth installment, going through Wilshire will be the closest thing to cruising in a video game world. You’ll feel like you’re in GTA (minus the violence) and yet, see LA’s entire art scene and lifestyle in a nutshell.

The video below is a 50-minute drive along Wilshire Boulevard. Take a look at it before you decide to step in your car and put your foot on the gas.

YouTube video

Take a Road Trip to Legoland in Carlsbad, California

Relocating alone doesn’t mean you can’t have any fun on your own. The best way to combine taking a fun road trip with an exciting outing is by driving to Carlsbad, CA, to none other than Legoland.

This theme park is so huge that they have zones for people of all ages – which means there’s something for you, too. You may be able to make friends in Legoland, but be wary of the zone you’re in (you don’t want to be misunderstood in your intentions, chief.) Still, you’ll likely see more people your age than children since Lego has been around for ages; we’ve all played with them and wouldn’t mind a ride or two in the Carlsbad-based theme park.

This is a drive of just under two hours, and the best part is that between Irvine and Carlsbad, you’ll be driving along the coastline; it’s a great way to soak in the views and get excited for the day ahead.

If You’re Not a Fan of Lego, Head to Anaheim’s Own Disneyland

One of the biggest relocation mistakes a person can make when moving to LA is not taking time to visit Disneyland. It’s one of the most wonderful places on Earth, as they advertise it. Some folks prefer Legos, while others want to ride on one of the famous theme park attractions beside their favorite Disney character.

OK, if you come from Florida, you must have ticked the Disneyland box in Orlando at least once. However, if you haven’t, its Anaheim-based counterpart will hopefully motivate you to get to know California’s routes and visit Mickey Mouse in his home. We all deserve to pamper our inner child once in a while. Why not do it at Disneyland?

A view of a Ferris wheel in Disneyland in Anaheim, CA
Go ahead, drive to Disneyland. We won't judge. In fact, is there room in your car for some companions?

Joshua Tree Is One of the Most Beautiful Parks in California and Deserves a Visit

You’ll see even more benefits of car shipping once you take a ride to one of the most famous national parks in the US – Joshua Tree. Around 130 miles from LA, just a two-and-a-half-hour drive, you’ll find a hiking paradise with fascinating scenery and the most famous trees in the world.

It’s also the closest national park to LA, so coming here will be like a test trip for what’s to come. If you’re not a big fan of theme parks and crowds or prefer a weekend getaway to be as far from the city as possible, this is the place for you. You can get a camping pass and pitch a tent in the area, but avoid doing it in the summer. It’s a desert, after all, and they’re notoriously scorching in hot weather.

While driving there, why not crank U2’s most famous 1987 album, “The Joshua Tree,” on your car stereo? The drive from LA to Joshua Tree will take you through some well-populated areas like West Covina and San Bernardino. Don’t wait too long – get shipping and move your car to another state, or better yet, move your car to CA.

Aerial view of San Bernardino, California
You'll drive past San Bernardino on your way to Joshua Tree

Shipping Your Car With Professional Services Means More Opportunities for Getting to Know LA

You can worry about the cost to ship a car from Miami to Los Angeles, how to prepare your vehicle for delivery, and every other step to ensure a safe move. However, remember this – when you opt for a professional service, your car will be in ideal shape for the future, and that’s precisely what you want. Those road trips won’t take themselves, so think about your vehicle, its safety, and your budget, and make the right decision. LA’s scenic routes are just around the corner.

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