5 Tips on How to Choose a Moving Company

August 22, 2021Moving Tips
Blake Shaw

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In the digital age, when targeted ads are stalking you, how to choose a moving company may appear as one of the most challenging questions. Mainly because you’re never really sure what’s the right choice. With so much information, picking the best relocation team seems like the truly most significant task you’ll encounter during the entire relocation process. But with our professional tips, you’ll know exactly what to look for.

#1 Check What Kind of Services Your Movers Provide

When planning on relocating to a new state, especially when relocating alone, it’s vital to know how to move efficiently. An efficient move is essential because you can easily overlook something when there are many things to be taken care of. That’s precisely why there are many relocation tips out there to help you avoid some of the most common relocation mistakes people make.

Whatever your reasons to move, fitting moving services are those that enable you to have a stress-free relocation. Sure, the effort you put into it will also play an important role. However, keep in mind there are different types of moving companies that could save so much of your time and energy, depending on what they are specialized in.

If you’re relocating only a few blocks away, local professional movers will do just fine. On the other hand, if your dream home is waiting for you in an entirely different state, experts in interstate relocations are what you should be looking for. Also, if you’re wondering what’s the safest way to have your four-wheeler with you on the other side, a reliable car shipping company is what you need.

Think of All the Specialty Items You Have at Home, Such as Appliances and Other Heavy Objects

Before hiring professionals, make sure you have all the necessary information on their experience with more demanding items. Figure out for example, how they handle objects such as the valuable heirloom, bulky pieces of furniture, and appliances you have no idea how to handle on your own.

Top-rated movers will offer you different services for the most challenging items. Highly trained crews have both the knowledge and the relocation hacks needed to deliver your belongings intact from one place to another.

Checking this off will allow you to dedicate more time to other important aspects of the move, as well as to all the things you should do after relocation. And we’re sure you’d rather think about how to keep in touch with your friends once you leave than how to pack that antique figurine collection or that shed tool rack you love so much.

If You Have Expensive Cars Parked in Front of Your House, Finding a Trustworthy Auto Transport Company Is a Must

According to Experian, an average American family owns two vehicles, whereas 35% have three cars or even more. It’s easy to assume that not all of them are equally expensive, but the fact is people get attached to their four-wheeler companions, no matter the price. This is only one of the many reasons people ship cars with auto shipping companies to their new home.

If you need car shipping advice (before deciding to relocate to a new home), such as how much does it cost to ship a car or if you’d like to know more about an open trailer and enclosed auto transport now is the right time to check with companies you’re interested in.

They are the ones who can explain best the benefits of car shipping and give you additional information on the services.

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Do They Have Their Storage Units Available?

When thinking about your relocation budget, you’ll be happy to know that some long-distance moving companies provide their storage facilities for free. However, this is only once you hire them for other moving services you need. Considering that you can hardly find some time to think about creative storage ideas for your new home, having all of your items fully protected in storage units will undoubtedly give you peace of mind.

Mover lifting an expensive looking sofa
Use professional services to make the transition easier for yourself

#2 Avoid Moving Companies That Are Not Fully Licensed

What is the best moving company to use? How do I choose a reputable moving company? Will I be able to recognize the scammers? How do you find a mover you can trust? What are the red flags? All of these are the usual questions, no matter if you’re relocating for the first time or you already have some previous experience. Whatever the case might be and no matter how odd it may sound, things people forget to do are sometimes the essential ones, like checking movers’ credentials.

Thanks to modern technology, there’s a pretty simple way when it comes to how to select a moving company and find out if it operates legally. For starters, go into the USDOT and MC numbers with FMCSA. Obtaining this unique intestate identifier will give you access to their license and insurance status and all the updated information on the company. You know what people say – better be safe than sorry, right? This is the best moment for you to check if their name, address, and phone number match the ones you read on their site.

Team from the car shipping company carrying belongings
Hiring fully licensed and insured companies is vital when relocating interstate

#3 Request in-Home Estimates

If you’ve read anything about relocating your belongings safely, then you’re probably already aware that the more accurate estimates are, the more trustful you are regarding your future move. Just imagine the scenario where a relocation representative gives you the quote without insight into a detailed inventory, additional services you may need, or other critical factors like access to your home. A bit weird, right? So, be certain you have the right people by your side who take their job seriously.

Believe us. You don’t want to forget to ask about moving insurance they provide, either, since you’re entrusting your possessions to someone you know nothing about. And having their representative at your place is the best opportunity to find out about all those things you’re not sure about. However, a trustworthy relocation company will also have experienced customer service ready to answer any questions you may have.

Check What the Prices Are Based On

Do you know how Mr. Sherlock Holmes used to say that the small details are the most important? Well, guess what? He was right about that one, even when talking about how to pick a moving company.

You may be thinking that the pricing structure has nothing to do with reliability, but the truth is quite different. Keep in mind that not all professionals will charge you based on the inventory list you gave them a day before the pickup; some might provide you with a quote based on square or cubic footage. Prices formed based on the inventory list are way more reliable, so if you run into professionals that charge by the volume, you’re not done with your search.

Compare Quotes When Moving House To Know What Amount of Money To Set Aside

Is it cheaper to hire a moving company is unarguably one of the most frequently asked questions we hear. And although a nod may appear as the logical answer, what people tend to neglect is that costs go far beyond money only. So, the next time before you embark on a DIY journey, it may be a good idea to think about all the equipment required, time and energy spent, stress experienced, damages done. It’s only then when you’ll get the whole picture about the actual costs of such a demanding endeavor. And then you will understand how cost-effective the professionals are.

When wondering how to find a good moving company, it’s vital to remember not to accept the first offer right away. Our best recommendation and a crucial relocation tip is to give yourself time to compare at least three moving quotes. That’s how you’ll figure out if there are some extra hidden charges. They can come in the form of fees for heavy lifting, assembling and disassembling your furniture, or something else entirely.

Calculating the prices of car shipping
Never sign a contract before your movers perform an in-home estimate

#4 Dig Into Online Reviews and Ask For Recommendations

Another step you should take when wondering how to find a moving company is to go over the things customers wrote after using services. However, it’s no wonder that anxiety about relocation will hit you once you see all those auto transport reviews and reviews on the other services your company is providing.

Nevertheless, reading through reviews will bring you a better understanding of the way relocation professionals conduct business. That’s why before you invest some big bucks into uprooting your whole life, ensure you have a clear idea of how previous customers feel.

On top of that, it’s important to ask the ones you trust the most for recommendations. Also, do not neglect your neighbors. Some of them probably moved recently and have good advice for you.

Don’t Skip Complaint History on Popular Relocation Sites

Now that you have an idea of what it was like for other people to work with your company, go even further. There’s a consumer complaint history that can tell what was wrong:

  • unauthorized movers,
  • deceptive practices,
  • Overcharges,
  • damage,
  • delay or loss of shipment, etc.

Go online and with BBB and FMCSA’s Protect your move program, you’ll be able to dig into an entire complaint history, as well as consumers’ rights and responsibilities. To hear more about why reviews are important and how they can help you while searching for a reputable company, check out our video below.

YouTube video

#5 Don’t Fall Victim To Fraudulent Movers

When trying to cope with the upheaval of the move, it doesn’t come as a surprise you overlook some of the most common red flags while juggling between tasks:

  • Abnormally low estimates – Although it might seem appealing at first, this is one of the usual dealbreakers. You’re either dealing with amateurs or with scammers. Be smart and avoid both.
  • Huge deposit upfront – In most cases, a reliable moving company will never ask you to pay in advance. Even if it happens, the figure goes no more than 20% of the pre-agreed final price.
  • Unprofessional behavior – All you need here is common sense. If your team is not at the location on time, or they are rude, or they lack their uniforms, it’s the best indicator you should say buy-buy to them.
A motivational quote
Learning how to differentiate honest companies from fraudulent ones is essential when choosing them

Although Now You Know How To Choose a Moving Company, Always Listen to Your Gut

There are facts, and there is gut, and – believe it or not – when choosing your favorite company, you can’t do it without listening to your gut feel. Your better judgment is the only detector you can trust. So, don’t forget to use it because – combined with our tips – it’s the most potent selection tool you can get.

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