11 Long Distance Moving Tips You Can’t Do Without

April 12, 2022Moving Tips
Blake Shaw

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The following long-distance moving tips will help a lot if you have decided to move to another state. Relocation is not an easy task. There are a lot of things that will have to be done. Through these tips, you will be able to see the outline of the entire process. Thus, it will be much easier to organize your schedule, which is vital for a successful relocation.

If You Don’t Have Experience, Long-Distance Moving Tips Can Help a Lot

When moving to a new state, you are going to be occupied with numerous different things. We don’t mean to scare you, but it can seem overwhelming, especially if this is your first relocation. Luckily, you are not the first person going through this situation. People will happily share their experiences, and this is exactly the source of information for this blog. Without further ado, let’s start.


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Tip #1 – First, Make a Relocation Plan

As we have said above, there are plenty of sources where you can find information about this issue. The organization is the key to a successful and smooth relocation. Therefore, read as much about the experience as you can, take a sheet of paper, and start making a list of things that will need to be performed. This list will be your guiding star through this entire experience.

Woman writing a to-do list
Making a to-do list is the first step thing to do when deciding to relocate

Tip #2 – Do Your Research Before Making Any Decisions

There are many beautiful reasons to move, but you have to be certain that a particular location will be suitable. Many aspects affect the general happiness and quality of life. True, a person can benefit a lot from relocation, but this is not necessarily always the case. Therefore doing research on the following topics is important:

  • First of all, you have to be sure that the cost of living will be suitable. Relocating somewhere and finding out that your monthly income cannot support rent and utilities can be a disquieting situation, to say the least.
  • When moving without employment, you have to get a job in the new state. This means that a lot of searching will have to be performed. The same applies to schools if you are relocating because of educational pursuit.
  • You have to examine the neighborhoods as well. When moving with kids, it’s important to see whether a neighborhood is safe, whether it has playgrounds, and where the schools are located. The same applies when moving with pets. You have to be sure that the area will be suitable for your dogs or cats.

Research should definitely be at the top of your relocating to-do checklist. Fortunately, this task is nowadays easy to perform, and we have the internet to thank for that.

Open Carrier Auto Transport

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Tip #3 – Decide What Home Possessions Will Be On Your Packing List

Creating a new apartment checklist is important if you want to move everything efficiently. Packing entails a lot of protective materials and equipment. However, boxes and bubble wrap are usually not free, so if you want to save on relocating costs, you might want to look for alternatives. Often during long-distance moves, storage services are required as well. Therefore, downsizing for a move is an important step.

It Is Best to Dispose of All Belongings That You Won’t Pack for Moving

It is hard to let go of some home possessions. However, when making the inventory list, you will see that many items are of no use anymore. You can always organize a garage sale if you have the time. Additional income is always needed when relocating. But, there is always the option of donating all belongings in a decent condition, which is a beautiful gesture.

Cardboard containers lying on a bed
By deciding what will be relocated, you will make the relocation much more efficient

Tip #4 – Determine Whether You Need Professional Assistance or Not

While it is possible to organize the move by yourself, having the assistance of professional movers is extremely convenient. Cross-country moving companies will provide all the necessary services and ensure that the possessions are secured for transport. This means that there will be much more time for other relocation issues rather than looking for boxes. Therefore, if you have the means, consider hiring a professional relocating crew.

Home Items Are Not the Only Thing That Needs to Be Relocated – Don’t Forget About Your Vehicle

If you are a car owner, there is no point in relocating without your vehicle. There is always an option of hiring a reliable USA auto transport company that will take care of this issue. Whether you choose open trailer transport or go for enclosed auto transport, your vehicle will arrive intact. Furthermore, a car shipping company will offer two different ways of delivery – terminal-to-terminal car shipping and door-to-door auto transport. Therefore you’ll be able to choose what is most convenient for you.

When Deciding on Relocating Without Professional Assistance, You Have to Know How to Pack Belongings

You can just throw your items into boxes. Different types of items require different packing techniques, and in order to ensure a safe move, you have to know them. Therefore research has to be done on how to pack fragile items, clothes, electronics, pots and pans, and all other possessions. Again, luckily, such information is available on the internet.

A man carrying two containers
Professional movers can make a huge difference

Tip #5 – Decide What the Order of Packing Will Be

There are many different methods that can be used to pack possessions. According to your needs, boxes can be arranged in various ways. Some people like to pack clothes according to the season. Others prefer to pack one type of material in a single box, for example. There are packing tips for all types of possessions, and you should definitely check them before starting to fill up the boxes.

Label Each and Every Box

If you want to ensure that unpacking goes smoothly, every crate needs to be labeled appropriately. When relocating possessions, there will be at least a dozen stuffed boxes in the back of the trailer, and not labeling can create a lot of confusion. Again, there are many methods of labeling that you can look into and choose the most suitable one.

Tip #6 – Measure the Space Before Relocating Heavy Objects

You mustn’t forget about objects that can’t go into boxes. Furniture and appliances will have to be relocated as well, and when dealing with such heavy objects, you need to know exactly where everything will pass during packing and be placed during unpacking. Relocating furniture entails heavy lifting, and it is important to know that all entries are accessible and locations where these objects will be placed.

Be Extremely Careful When Relocating Heavier Items

Although there are many tips for a long-distance move of furniture and other heavy objects, this task is daunting, to say the least. You have to be aware that there is a high risk of injuries when carrying something large, especially if there is a staircase along the path. This is where professional assistance truly shows its importance.

Man lifting a sofa
Lifting heavy pieces of furniture can be quite dangerous

Tip#7 – Sort Your Documents on Time

When changing your home address, there will be a lot of bureaucracy involved. Therefore, organizing important documents is something you will have to do, and it is best to start at least a month before relocation. You will also have to know who to notify and how to transfer utilities and be prepared to invest time in this.

A man leafing through documents
Start sorting your documents right away

Tip #8 – Prepare a Box of Essentials When Relocating

When relocating, you have to prepare a box of essentials containing hygiene supplies, clothes, bed linen, kitchenware, and medication for at least two days while the arranging of the new place is under way. And remember, this doesn’t have to be just one container. If you are relocating with your family, each member will need a container of essentials. The same applies to pets. Here is a useful video on what possessions should be included in your essentials

YouTube video

Tip#9 – Clean Everything Before the Relocation Starts

First of all, dusty sofas, filled fridges and such are items movers won’t move. Nonetheless, whether you hire movers or not, it does not matter. First of all, let’s say you forget to take something out of the refrigerator. It can become stale, even putrid, and wreak havoc on all your other possessions. The smell can permeate all other containers. Moreover, all sorts of insects and rodents can be attracted. This is especially dangerous if you have to place your belongings in a storage facility.

vacuum cleaner
Clean everything that will be relocated

Tip #10 – Consider an Off-Season Move

It is true that warmer seasons like spring and summer are the most convenient times for relocation. But, at the same time, relocation is most expensive during these seasons. Therefore, if you have a tight relocation budget, consider an off-season move. It may be a bit inconvenient in some respects, but it is nothing too considerable. Most importantly, a lot of money can be saved.

Water on window glass
Don't be afraid to move during a rainy season

Tip #11 – Make Relocation as Comfortable as Possible for Your Children

Relocation by itself can be quite stressful, but it can be even worse for younger members of your family. Therefore, look to make the transition as comfortable as possible. It is good to take kids somewhere on relocation day. Movers circulating through the house and all the dismantling that will have to take place can really make your kids feel anxious.

When you arrive at the new location, it is best to unpack your children’s possessions first. Hopefully, you have already established which will be the children’s room, and it is best to furnish that room first. Toys can provide much comfort for your kids, and it is best to include them in the crates of essentials.

The Same Applies to Pets

Pets also feel a lot of anxiety during relocation, and it is best to separate them from the process as much as you can. Dog owners often take their pets to rooms that have already been emptied until the loading is done. It is best to travel together and, of course, don’t forget about essentials for your pet as well.

Don’t Forget About Yourself

Finally, take care of your well-being. You will be under a lot of stress and look to alleviate the pressure whenever possible. Therefore, take a book or two that have been on your reading list, create a music playlist, or install some video games on your laptop. Anything that can take your mind off relocation for a short period will help immensely.

Family sitting in a room
Everyone is affected equally by relocation

With the Right Information, Relocation Can Be a Breeze

At first, this may seem overwhelming. However, take your time and process all the long-distance move tips from this article. Relocation can be a major change in one’s life, and it is natural that the process is challenging. Nonetheless, there are many benefits of changing your home address, and you will see that everything will be worth it once you have gone through this experience.

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