New Apartment Checklist: Things to Buy for Your Future Home

November 13, 2021Moving Tips
Milly Andrews

Born and raised in Portland, Milly has had a lot of experience moving and writing about the relocation process.

In the middle of all that chaos called relocation, a little of your time must be spent on making a new apartment checklist. It may seem redundant at first, but that little extra step in planning the move is bound to keep some of your stress and worries at bay. Determining what exactly you’ll purchase will make the transition faster, smoother, and anxiousness-free. And we have all the tips for doing it properly!

When you decide where to live and finally start to organize a move, there will be many demanding tasks ahead of you. You have to choose the moving company, pack all your life and say goodbye to family and friends. Making many decisions on the go will also be expected of you. Do you need additional services? Will you hire a car shipping company, too? And even though choosing between door-to-door auto transport or terminal-to-terminal car shipping can seem unimportant at first, know that every small detail can affect your transition. No pressure, right? That is why it’s desirable, amongst everything else, to predetermine all the things you need for a new apartment. Don’t worry – we will pitch in and help you.

Before You Start Making a New Apartment Shopping List, Define the Budget

No matter how exciting shopping for your future place can be, you shouldn’t jump into it without any plan at all. The first thing on your to-do list should be determining a budget for this kind of project. You have to ensure that the sum you’ll spend on buying is in accordance with the moving budget you’ve previously set.

Keep in mind that you’ll have to pay for movers, then hire a USA auto transport company, if you want to move a car to another state, get storage services and alike. Decisions seemingly unrelated to your future place, such as whether you’ll pick enclosed auto transport over a more affordable open trailer option, can be crucial for forming a shopping budget. They can affect the final amount you’ll be able to spend on items for the condo. That is why you should try determining all of the other costs you’ll meet during the relocation before you start making your shopping list.



Initial Things to Buy for a New Apartment –  A Room by Room System

After you arrive at your flat, meet the landlord, and sign the lease, the first thing you should do is relax and let yourself breathe. However, it will last only for a second or two because there is just so much work ahead of you. One of the first things to do after moving is to examine your current space. Is it already furnished, semi-furnished, or completely empty? What is the layout? Will the belongings you bright with you fit in? After the initial assessment of the situation, you’ll get a better picture of your new apartment essentials.

Bedroom Essentials Checklist

What does a new apartment need when it comes to the bedroom space? First of all, you can’t have a bedroom without a bed. After the tiring relocation day, you’ll have, you deserve a good night’s sleep – and you can’t get one if your only option is the floor. That is why the mattress is the first thing you should consider purchasing for the flat’s bedroom. If you are not moving to another state alone, it goes without saying that each family member should have a comfortable surface to lie down. Keep in mind that you can live without a bed frame for a while, so don’t look at it as necessary. If the money is an issue in your case, wait to financially recover before you buy it. However, items o alongside the bed, like pillows, blankets, blankets, and alike, have to be purchased as soon as possible.

If you want to avoid clutter and mess on chairs and bed, you should think about storage spaces inside of your bedroom, primarily dressers and closest. And while you’re at it, don’t forget the clothing hangers, if ironing clothes every day is your personal vision of hell. And so you have your privacy when changing the said clothes, don’t forget to get curtains. Some blankest can be a suitable replacement initially, but they will never make a homey atmosphere like a nice pair of curtains can.

A nightstand is a handy thing to have, but in some small flats, there is just not enough space for it. If you are moving from house to apartment, you may take some time to adjust to a change. As for the mentioned nightstand, if you lack space, use some creative small apartment ideas. Buy a small hanging shelf – it will provide you with enough space for your phone and a glass of water.

Kitchen Fundamentals

If you want to move efficiently, you should pack a bag with moving essentials prior to your move. Alongside toiletries and electronics, it should also contain some basic kitchen utensils you’ll use in the first few days. A plate, a glass, a bowl, and cutlery combined with essential cooking dishes like a pot and a pan should do the work. Of course, if you don’t have them, those should be the first items on your purchase. And after everything else is settled, and you can dedicate more time to use a kitchen for many meal preparations, consider getting:

  • Salad plates and bowls,
  • Cups and mugs,
  • Different types of glassware,
  • Serving dishes,
  • Tableware,
  • Sets of regular plates and cutlery,
  • Different sized pots and pans,
  • Casserole dish,
  • Baking dishes.

Don’t forget about the appliances either. Even if the condo is equipped with large appliances like a fridge and oven, it will probably be up to you to get small ones. Buy only those you intend to use. Coffer makers, blenders, toasters, microwaves are worth their price only if they don’t collect dust on the counter.

Kitchen utensils transported during long-distance moving and car shipping
Fill your kitchen with utensils gradually

List of Bathroom Necessities

Although considered bathroom necessities, you probably won’t have to purchase toiletries right away – you’ll probably bring them with you after the move. Toothbrushes, toothpaste, hairbrushes, perfumes, deodorants, razors, shampoo, shower gels – all you have to do when it comes to them is unpack after moving. Of course, unless you make one of the most common relocation mistakes and let packing them be one of the things you forget to do.

However, there are some bathroom-related belongings you shouldn’t bring with you from your old place. No matter how nice and pretty your shower curtains and rugs are, don’t be tempted to pack them. Keep in mind that they are constantly exposed to water and humidity, which makes them the perfect habitat for bacterias and different microorganisms. Yuk! Relocation is an excellent excuse for replacing the old ones. And while looking for what else to put inside your shopping cart for bathroom space, don’t forget about a toothbrush holder, air freshening spray, and toilet brush.

Living Room Basics

And finally, we made it to the heart of most of the homes – a living room. A sofa is a focal point of the space in many places, so it should be the first thing to buy. And what is a pretty sofa without a coffee table that matches it? Add some strategically set lighting, and your place will soon have that cozy and intimate feel. As for electronics, think thoroughly about how often you use them. If having a TV is more of a habit than a necessity, there is no need to purchase one yet. After all, if you want to watch movies and TV series, Netflix is available on many other devices you probably already possess.

A living room will probably be the center storage space, which can be a problem if you’re renting a studio. But have no worries, there are ways to get pretty-looking space and a lot of storage options. We have two words for you – multifunctional furniture. Look for furniture pieces that have more than one purpose and lots of hidden compartments. Also, don’t forget about the shelves – numerous shelves plus some creative storage ideas will ensure that all your belongings have their place.

Remodeling living room will become one of task after long-distance moving and auto transport
Even the tiniest of apartments can look pretty if you put your effort into it

Additional Supplies and Essentials

When you are relocating to another state, you must not forget about essentials that will keep you safe. What do I need to do when moving into a new apartment to keep me safe, you ask? Preferably on your first day, search the place for smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and a fire extinguisher. If you can’t find non, talk with your landlord and get some as soon as possible.

Don’t Forget About Cleaning Necessities

What is the first thing to do in a new apartment? Even if you are not relocating during coronavirus, the first few days of your stay should be filled with deep cleaning tasks. Cleaning every possible surface is a must, which means that cleaning supplies have also become a part of relocation necessities. After you move to another city, you should get:

  • Multi-purpose cleaner,
  • Vacuum & broom & dustpan,
  • Trash bags,
  • Buckets,
  • Cleaning gloves,
  • Dish soap, and alike.

If you prefer natural products over chemicals, watch the video below. It will provide you with tips on excellent cleaning ingredients and products that are good for you as well as for the environment.

YouTube video

Things You Need for an Apartment to Make It Feel Like Home

Unpacking and purchasing necessities will hardly make an apartment feel like home. There needs to be some personal touch so that a condo can go from impersonal space to a statement about you. According to it, consider buying the following:

  • Decorative pillows – an excellent way to bring some color in,
  • Clocks,
  • Table lamps,
  • Side tables,
  • Art pieces,
  • Rugs,
  • Framed photos and other sentimental items,
  • Candles – remember that certain scents can trigger positive emotions,
  • Plants – just be careful because plants are among the items movers won’t move cross-country.

Apartment Move-in Checklist for Those Who Want to Redecorate

Don’t be disappointed if your lease forbids you from changing the wall and tile appearance. Sadly, it’s always possible when you opt for renting. Fortunately, there is a solution! Liking how your current place looks is important, and there is a way of improving it if you are not quite satisfied with the current situation. Removable wallpapers and peel and stick tiles are excellent alternatives to painting and tile changing – and more affordable ones.

A Well-Created New Apartment Checklist Will Help You With a Successful Start After Moving

A good checklist will help you turn completely unfamiliar surroundings into a cozy and comfortable space you’ll soon start seeing as your home. No matter your reasons to move, we guarantee that the better your list is formed, the faster you’ll adjust to different surroundings. So, when moving out of state, invest time into making a detailed list regarding your needs and preferences. After all, seeing your condo as a home is one step away from doing the same with a different city – and that’s the ultimate goal of every move.

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